Maximus Boltagon

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Maximus Boltagon
Portrayed by Harry Lloyd
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Attilan
Socked By: Socker Required
Introduction: Sound of Silence

"It would seem that the Boltagon family's chronically late bloomer has at last..." He bowed slightly, spreading his hands theatrically. "Blossomed."

Youngest son to the King and Queen of Attilan, Maximus proved himself unwilling to accept his 'lesser' role, masterminding a plan to seize the throne. He is currently in custody on Attilan, awaiting trial for treason and the murder of the royal family.


Name: Maximus Boltagon

Aliases: None

Affiliation: None

First appearance: June 12, 2007

Family: Agon (father - deceased), Rynda (mother - deceased), Blackagar (brother), Medusa Amaquelin (sister in law), Crystal Amaquelin (cousin)


The youngest son of King Agon and Queen Rynda, Maximus was something of an odd-man-out in the Attilan family, being the only one to apparently not have mutant powers. This burden made him withdrawn and a little strange, although he doted on his youngest cousin, Crystal. What no-one had realised, however, was that Maximus was manifesting telepathy over a period of time, and the pressures of his life combined with the whispers of other minds in his subconscious effectively drove him mad - he saw himself as Attilan's salvation, and the only rightful ruler.

Falling into a 'business' partnership with Fabian Cortez - Phase 1, who had come to the island to investigate the workings of a pro-mutant nation, Maximus was able to formulate his paranoid ramblings into a specific plan, using Crystal's powers to kill the royal family. When the plan only partially succeeeded and it became clear his hated older brother had survived, Maximus fled, using the confusion generated by the nation's abrupt disappearance as cover. He was eventually tracked down by the furious Crystal, who essentially tortured him for several days until he cooperated.

Maximus is now being detained on Attilan, awaiting trial.


Maximus is a telepath, although not very strong. His powers boosted by Cortez and with the element of surprise, he was able to overcome Crystal's mental defences, but later, when she was prepared for him and without the augmentation, he was not powerful enough. Maximus seems inclined towards the more harmful aspects of telepathy, preferring to use it to control the behaviour of others.


Sound of Silence


Socked by:

Formerly socked by Alan

PB: Harry Lloyd