Blackagar Boltagon

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Blackagar Boltagon
Portrayed by Jason Behr
Known Aliases: Black Bolt
Affiliations: Attilan
Socked By: Assorted
Introduction: August 27, 2006

Medusa is married to Blackagar. Despite his affectionate feelings for her, he supported her parents’ directive that she temporarily move to New York and experience life outside of Attilan, at least until the time came when duty and country came before her personal wishes.


Name: Blackagar Boltagon

Aliases: Black Bolt

Occupation: King of Attilan

First appearance: August 27, 2006

Family: Agon (father - deceased), Rynda (mother - deceased), Maximus (brother), Medusa Amaquelin (wife), Ahura Boltagon (son), Crystal Amaquelin (sister in law).


Blackagar was the first child born to King Agon and Queen Rynda of Attilan. The timing of his manifestation was rather unfortunate as it occurred while touring a local military base, resulting in the destruction of the entire facility and the death of nearly everyone in the immediate vicinity. The destruction was blamed on a faulty gas line, though the deaths of the soldiers and their families haunts Blackagar to this day

Since his manifestation, Blackagar has not uttered a word. Despite his high level of control, he fears the destructive potential of his voice and has developed into a loner. The only exception to this rule is Medusa, who stuck by his side after his manifestation, learning sign language along with him. While the two often use sign language to communicate, they are able to understand each other’s very subtle body language due to the amount of time they have spent together.

In 2007, the pair became engaged, and after the deaths of the royal family and the disappearance of Attilan, were married and became the rulers of the country. He and Medusa had their first child, a son, in October 2008.


Destructive and uncontrollable sonic voice, concussive blasts and flight


Sound of Silence


PB: Jason Behr

Socked by: assorted