Thomas Glorian

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Thomas Glorian
Portrayed by Willem Dafoe
Known Aliases: Timothy Gideon, Rey Mysterioso
Affiliations: Independant
Socked By: Tapestry
Introduction: January 26, 2007

Thomas Glorian is a small time petty thief and con artist who ran afoul of Xavier's one January morning. As an X-Force informant, life did not improve.


Name: Thomas Richard Glorian

Aliases: Timothy Gideon, Rey Mysterioso

Occupation: Street Artist

First appearance: January 26, 2007


Born the son of two carnies, James Glorian and his wife Peggy, Thomas grew up on the carnival circuit where he learned to shill with the best of them. His power manifested when he was sixteen, a low-level telepathy that he's honed over the years. He continued in the carnival after his parent's death, but eventually struck out on his own out of boredom. He's criss-crossed the U.S., finally learning how to use his telepathy to manipulate dreams and use it to steal credit card information. It was during one such typical stunts outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art that he picked David Haller as his target, leading to a number of students and staff of Xavier's (along with Glorian himself) becoming trapped in one of his dream scenarios. This lead to his coming to the attention of Charles Xavier, who instilled a healthy Fear in the man should he ever use his abilities irresponsibly again.

He has since been released back to New York, where Pete Wisdom recruited him as an informant. When Pete left to recover from Mechanisms of Revenge, Amanda Sefton took over as Glorian's handler. Things went fine, until Glorian ran afoul of some Kick and wound up making most of X-Force think they were teenagers. Glorian himself had to be rescued from the Kick dealers and once things were fixed, X-Force arranged for a less prone to disaster job for him.


Low-level telepathy activated by touch. He's learned to use it to "mark" a target in the day and then return later that night, sneaking in when his victim is dreaming. He then has the person conjure up his fondest wish, and during the dream, steals any personal info that might be of use.


When It All Goes Wrong Again

Operation: Teenage Wasteland


PB: Willem Dafoe

Socked by: Tapestry

Formerly socked by Azzy