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Item: Psimitar
First Seen: March 2005

The psimitar is a tool to amplify and focus psionic energy, and resembles a medieval halberd. Used by the Askani in the 38th century, a modern-day equivalent was constructed by Forge for Nathan Dayspring. Keyed to Nathan's psionic imprint, it is useable only by him. He has used it to focus both his telekinesis and his telepathy on various X-Men missions. The psimitar was broken by John Lense, who applied gravitic shear to it. When he repaired it, Forge created a built-in safeguard that would cause the psimitar to self-destruct before Nathan could reach the point of burning himself out - this happened in San Diego, when Nathan was channeling Jean Grey and David Haller's telekinesis through the psimitar, as well as his own, in an attempt to stop the tsunami.