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Powers: Teleportation
First Seen: N/A

Teleportation is the ability to move an object from one location to another without traversing the physical distance in between. There are a number of methods to accomplish this.

Extradimensional movement

Teleportation via extradimensional movement involves the object or person teleported actually leaving the physical plane and entering an adjacent dimension where time and distance may not necessarily correspond to those in the physical dimension. Illyana Rasputin's dimension of Limbo fits this criteria, as someone can enter Limbo, spend an undefined amount of time there, and exit into a real-world location miles away, with only seconds having passed. A similar effect is used when Kurt Wagner teleports, traveling only a split-second in an alternate dimension dubbed "Between", yet able to traverse long distances in the real world.


Other teleporters create "gates" that connect two points in three-dimensional space. Similar to the concept of "wormholes" or "folding space", an object intersecting or entering one gate will suddenly find itself located at the other. Clarice Ferguson uses this method of teleportation, creating disclike gates to cross space. Some variations of this power can be dangerous, as an object partially intersecting a gate may find part of itself teleported while the rest remains stationary. For a living being, this can be traumatic at the least, and fatal at the worst.

Teleporters in X-Project

Phase 1

Phase 2