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Xavier's is home to all things that fly, bite, gnaw and shed. And their pets as well.

Phase 2

Mansion Animals

Horses and Other Large Mammals

Horses: Several who live in the stables, none specifically named at this point.
Moose: Daisy the Moose, brought to the mansion by Wade Wilson in March 2011 as a gift for Molly Hayes. She now lives in the state forest adjoining the mansion property.


Triscuit -- Cavalier King Charles/Golden Retriever cross
Arrived: December 2007
Owned by Kurt Sefton
Joyita -- Chocolate Labrador
Arrived: July 2004
Owned by Angelo Espinosa
Pizza Dog (2.0) -- Black Lab
Arrived: May 2015
Owned by Clinton Barton
Felix -- Golden Retriever
Arrived: ??
Owned by Arthur Centino
Magnus --
Arrived: May 2017
Owned by Lorna Dane and Alex Summers
Boris -- fluffy terrier mix
Arrived: May 2022
Joint-Owned by April Parker & Illyana Rasputin


Shamu, Jr. -- Small Black and White mutt
Arrived: February 2007
Owned by Kyle Gibney
Desdemona -- black cat
Arrived: August 2006
Owned by Scott Summers
Midnight -- black cat given to Topaz as a gift from Amanda Sefton when a kitten.
Arrived: January 2016
Owned by: Topaz
Crookshanks -- "old man cat" rescued from a local shelter by Laurie; adopted by Darcy after Laurie abandoned him (and the mansion).
Arrived: ??
Currently owned by Darcy Lewis; formerly owned by Laurie Collins. Eris -- winged demon cat
Arrived: October 2023
Owned by: Illyana Rasputin
Toothless and Lightning McQueen --- grey kittens rescued during the flooding of District X by Sharon Smith. Named by Match.
Arrived: October 2023
Currently fostered by Darcy Lewis after a house ruling that Sharon Smith couldn't keep them.


Bunnicula - rabbit
Arrived: June 19, 2014
Originally owned by Matt Murdock and Tandy Bowen
Now owned by Tandy Bowen

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos -- Mice (3) (Not the original three - they are periodically replaced when necessary)
Arrived: Some time in 2004
Owned by Marie-Ange (used for myomancy)

Fuckwad - chinchilla
Arrived: April 2015
Owned by Quentin Quire


Cupid and Cupid Jr. - Deep Sea Fish
Arrived: August 2015
Owned by Angelica Jones (Given to her by Clinton Barton after they were released from an Atlantian artifact). Status unknown following her departure.

Various Hens and chicks
Arrived: April 2022
Owned by Alani Ryan and Kyle Gibney

Wolf - Wolf
Arrived: March 2023
Owned by no one, but follows around Garrison Kane after saving him from drowning

Milton - lizard
Arrived: January 2024
Owned by Match


Rooney -- orange stray that adopted Adrienne Frost and Garrison Kane. Adrienne took him with her when she left the mansion
Owned By: Garrison Kane (sort of)
Doughnut -- Grey tabby; Angelica took her with her when she left the mansion.
Arrived: November 2014
Owned by Angelica Jones
Harley and Nick -- German Shepherds
Arrived: October 2015
Owned by Tandy Bowen and Julian Keller.
Slinky and Twinkie - ferrets
Arrived: December 2012; died in 2017
Owned by Angelica Jones (a birthday gift from Lorna Dane and Wade Wilson)


Lucky (formerly Pizza Dog (1.0)) -- Golden Retriever

Arrived: August 2013
Originally owned by Clinton Barton
Adopted by Cecilia Reyes, who started calling him Lucky because he made it through the Dark Phoenix plot.

Phase 1

These pets were part of X-Project Phase 1 and never made it to the new universe!

Pablo Maurice Pigerston the 3rd - pot-bellied pig. Arrived: January 2008. Owned by: Laurie

Lili -- Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Arrived: December 2005. Owned by Lorna Dane

Mallesan -- Horse Manuel bought for Valentia.

Hana, Ginger, "Lardbutt" (may be a nickname), Nemesis and Banjo. - Horses mentioned as living in the stables during phase 1

Thunder and Gorgeous -- Horses (from Asgard (location)). Owned by ( Alison).

Oscar -- Sarah and Shinobi's pup.

Lockjaw -- Bulldog. Owned by Crystal/ Medusa.

Crush -- Golden Retriever. Arrived: December 2005. Owned by Alex.

Mao -- Calico (Cain Marko |Cain).

London -- black kitten given to Jono by Paige.

Leah -- white kitten -- given to Kevin Ford by Wade Wilson in February 2011.

Lockheed -- Dragon, owned by Kitty Pryde.

Horatio -- Turtle. Arrived: January 2005. Owned by Scott, relocated with him to California.

Little Jennie and Little Marius - hamsters, owned by Crystal and given to Angel upon Crystal's return to Attilan in 2007.

Jenner and Nicodemus - rats. Arrived: December 2008 and January 2009. Owned by Jean-Paul Beaubier

Chama - rat. Arrived: December 2010. Given to Amara Aquilla by John Allerdyce who called it 'Stinky'.

Deceased Phase 1 Pets

These pets passed away at some point during Phase 1.

Delphine -- Jean-Paul's vegan cat (02/2005)

Eddie - fiddler crab Arrived: October 12, 2007 Owned by Kevin. Went to the West Coast Annex with him in December 2008 and never came back.

Algernon -- Rat, owned by Kitty

Bella - Parrot. Arrived: July 2004. Died: December 2009. Owned by Nathan

Frank - Iguana, owned by Amanda, died during Amanda's energy siphoning.

Monkey Joe - squirrel - Arrived: April 3, 2009 Owned by Doreen Green -- died heroically in Jan 2015 during the Dark Phoenix plot