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Topaz had an uncomfortable start to the month, when her trip to India ended with nearly being burned at the stake by her potential bio-father, and a rescue from X-Force. Another new face appeared at the mansion, this time a political staffer (and friend of Jane Foster) named Darcy Lewis, who suffered extreme harassment and threats after her mutant status was revealed. Rogue finally asked Emma Frost to put her fractured mind back together and set about repairing her relationships with Garrison Kane and Logan once it was done.

Kevin Sydney and Domino had a side mission in Africa for Christian Kane, which was only marginally successful. Quentin Quire experienced even more weirdness from his roommate, Amadeus Cho. A new drug called Rave appeared on the streets, replacing Kick, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens fever broke out with tickets going on sale and movie marathons being planned by the younger residents to catch up on things.

Finally, nothing untoward happened on Halloween.


Oct 1 -

Oct 2 - Tandy posts to Instagram from Paris Fashion week.

Oct 3 - Wade asks Haller to talk to Maya about her behavioral issues. Gabriel posts to his journal noting he no longer is in touch with the latest trends in drugs and living at the mansion has made him soft.

Oct 4 - Amara asks for help setting up an instagram account and learning to use it. Angel emails Doug asking for his help setting up an untraceable email and Twitter account.

Oct 5 - Burn The Witch: Topaz calls Amanda for her weekly check-in and tells her about something maybe strange. Amanda posts a notice about the news she received from Topaz and asks for people to go check it out; Topaz, however, goes and investigates alone; X-Force gets to India; Amanda is horribly unamused to find that Topaz isn't answering her phone; Topaz first wakes up in a cell, then wakes up tied to a stake and is finally rescued by X-Force.

Oct 6 - Hank meets another mansion resident and they discuss privilege, obligation, and really cute girls. Or maybe he just thinks that last part. Natasha has several bottle of Kraken Rum delivered to Clint. Clint teases her about this on text. Burn The Witch: Amanda and Topaz talk about Topaz's latest bout of horrible decision making; and Topaz makes a choice.

Oct 7 - Domino posts about why men are the worst. Topaz wakes up in Marie-Ange's and Amanda's suite to find Kurt waiting for her. Topaz posts about being back and reintroduces herself.

Oct 8 - Felicia texts North about needing him to come back. Tabitha posts asking about who was making the explosions. Kevin texts Dom about making Grindr stop.

Oct 9 Rachel posts, apologizing about all the explosions that may have been heard. Clint posts about hosting a game night with rum and Skittles. Dial My Number: Darcy posts to Facebook about needing more help in dealing with her situation; she calls Dr. Jane Foster to ask for that help; after Darcy leaves Jane a voicemail, Jane contacts Clint to see if he has somewhere safe for Darcy to crash.

Oct 10 - Sooraya talks with Angelo about a new thing she wants to explore. The local news reports about lots of winter coats being donated. Dial My Number: Clint emails Doug about getting things about Darcy erased from the web.

Oct 11 - Clint texts Felicia about having good revenge. Warren posts about game night. Jubilee posts about her and Cookie Monster being friends. Maya emails Wade about wanting to attend a mutant rights rally. Dial My Number: Darcy posts on Facebook about being doxxed; Darcy contacts Clint after stalkerish photos of herself and her family land in her inbox; Clarice and Clint bring Darcy to the mansion.

Oct. 12 - While out for a jog, Bobbi runs into Sharon, and the two get to know each other (and their abilities) while making future plans. Topaz talks to Matt and it isn't a disaster.

Oct. 13 - Clint texts Darcy to see how she's settling in. Darcy posts introducing herself. Alison texts Tabitha for help with a Halloween costume. Ausente sin Culpa: The Daily Bugle publishes an article about a new recreational drug called Rave which is replacing Kick.

Oct. 14 - Amadeus posts a picture of himself throwing a pot. Adrienne posts asking for help because Garrison is celebrating the Blue Jays winning. Wade texts Arthur about camping. Arthur posts about being in a Lifetime movie.

Oct. 15 - Gabriel posts saying he'll be enjoying free drinks at a bar.

Oct. 16 - Quentin wakes up to find Amadeus doing something strange. Jean-Paul and Xavin have a hard conversation. Several packages are delivered to Clint from Nat. Clint texts Nat about his lonely weekend plans. Clarice and Hank meet.

Oct. 17 - Wade texts Laurie teasing her with information. Maya posts asking if anyone is watching The Enfield Haunting. The Zodiac: Leo - Kevin texts Domino saying Christian Kane wants to see them in Baltimore; Kevin and Dom meet with Christian and get a job.

Oct. 18 - Garrison meets Maya and gives her some life advice. Jubilee posts to make plans once she returns from the mansion. The Zodiac: Leo: Kevin contacts Dom about a data tap at a bank.

Oct. 19 - Alex interviews with Adrienne about a job with X-Factor. Lorna texts Alex asking how his interview went. Alison texts Tabitha to stop ignoring her or she is going to hide a speaker in the room that blasts Bieber music at 3am. Topaz and Maya meet for the first time and it goes well.

Oct. 20 - Miles texts Warren about needing a favor in the form of Star Wars tickets. Gabriel texts Miles asking if that sound was him. Wade posts about returning from the woods and in need of tacos and if he should be concerned about the noise coming from the second floor. Miles texts Ganke Lee saying mission accomplished and that they have opening night tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Oct. 21 - Nica posts that this weekend they are going to do a marathon of the entire Star Wars series. Amadeus posts that people have been asking him to make Back to the Future hoverboards, self lacing speakers, holographic jaws, and rehydrated pizzas and to pay no mind to the copper wiring he just installed in the carpets. Alison texts Miles asking if he is okay as she heard him from down the hall. Gabriel posts that life’s a bitch sometimes.

Oct. 22 - The Zodiac: Leo: Kevin and Nina follow the banking trail and make a deal with a panicked mercenary for a meeting in Africa; Kevin and Nina follow the phone to the airfield, and find a very puzzling surprise. Hope comments about reading one of her favorite blogs when she came across a guide to pick out jewelry as a gift.

Oct. 23 - Rogue emails Emma saying she will take up her offer from April and emails Adrienne saying she will need tomorrow off but will promise to make it up. Clea posts about homecoming week and asking if anyone else is looking forward to it. Clint texts Natasha and asks if she is awake. Clint texts Jennie and asks if she could help transport his stuff tomorrow with promises of breakfast and caffeine.

Oct. 24 - Jennie and Clint finish moving out of Clint’s old place with a toast. Emma helps pieces Rogue’s fractured brain back together again.

Oct. 25 -

Oct. 26 - Felicia posts commenting on her all-weekend birthday party. Angelica emails Jean-Phillipe and John asking if they will help write her pro-mutant newspaper. Clea talks to Topaz after magic class, asking questions about her past and aspirations for the future. Xavin seeks out Rogue to discuss the issues they're having with their roommates.

Oct. 27 - Jean posts a picture of herself holding a birthday cupcake given to her by her nurses. Tandy invites all legal-age mansion residents to a surprise party for Julian’s birthday in two days. Tandy texts Sue telling her she got Julian two puppies for his birthday. Clint texts Jean Jennie, Felicia, Wanda, Natasha, and Matt with various questions and comments about getting lost on the way to Jean’s birthday dinner.

Oct. 28 - Jean texts Wanda and Kitty asking them to help her keep an eye on her sister since more people are coming to her party than she planned. Jean texts Warren asking if he invited the majority of the mansion to her birthday. Amanda and Angelo hang out together and Amanda suggests Angelo involve himself more with the students. Wade posts to remind people of the Hallowe’en party on Saturday.

Oct. 29 - Rogue meets with Adrienne to let her know that Emma helped repair her brain. Tandy texts Julian to tell him she’s coming to pick him up at 6:00 p.m. and that he’d better be ready. Warren posts suggesting that he go as himself for Hallowe’en. Lorna sends a picture to Alex lamenting that she forgot to dye her hair for a month and has green roots. Gabriel texts Jean-Paul telling him Jean-Paul’s skipping the mansion Hallowe’en party. Jean and Rogue go grocery shopping for various goodies before the Halloween party.

Oct. 30 - Rogue and Garrison work on repairing their friendship now that her brain has been repaired. Hope emails Tandy about going on a shopping trip. Monica and Sharon meet and bond over their military backgrounds. Amadeus posts asking if people would be interested in adopting three gerbils after he finished experimenting on them. Jubilee posts suggesting the adults go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror to celebrate Jennie’s birthday. Tandy takes Julian to the countryside to pick up two German Shepherd puppies for his birthday. Now both back in their right minds, Rogue and Logan decide to attempt a relationship again.

Oct. 31 - John posts to inform people that he’s going to spend the weekend in a dilapidated cabin in the woods. Alex leaves candy buckets outside the apartment of himself and Scott. Gabriel, Felicia, and Jean all post pictures of their Hallowe’en costumes.


Burn The Witch

Dial My Number

Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa

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