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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Lorna Dane (disambiguation).

Lorna Summers
Portrayed by Lily Collins
Codename: Polaris
Affiliations: X-Factor Former Brotherhood Member
Birthdate: November 18, 1993
Journal: xp_olaris
Player: Rei

Lorna betrayed the Brotherhood of Mutants when she started to give sensitive information to her sister and soon found herself looking for sanctuary at the Xavier School.


Character Journal: xp_olaris

Real Name: Lorna Eileen Summers (nee Lehnsherr)

Codename: Polaris

Aliases: Lorna Eileen Dane

First Appearance: January 21 2015

Date of Birth: November 18, 1993

Place of Birth: Pescadero, California

Citizenship: United States

Relatives: Alex Summers (Husband), Susanna Dane (Mother - Deceased), Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Father), Wanda Maximoff (Half-Sister), Pietro Maximoff (Half-Brother), Scott Summers (Brother-in-Law), Kara and Alison Ross (Mother-in-Laws), Megan Ross (Sister-in-Law)

Education: Graduate of Oxford Academy (2010), University of California, Berkeley - Bachelor's Degree in Geophysics (2015), University of Phoenix - Forensic Science in Criminal Justice (2018)

Relationship Status: Married to Alex Summers as of October 14 2017

Occupation: Boss Lady and Investigator at X-Factor (holds a genuine license since April 2018)

Team Affiliation: X-Factor. Former Brotherhood Member.



Susanna Dane was a young woman who was a research assistant that focused on genetic mutation. She met the handsome Erik Lehnsherr during one of the open seminars and was right away taken by his charm. The relationship was short-lived but it would forever change her life when she found out she was pregnant two months later. She was able to get in contact with him and told him that she was expecting and that she was going to keep the child regardless if he wanted to be involved or not. Susanna never knew of Erik’s activities or that he was even mutant, so when Lorna was born with green hair it was a complete shock. When it came to light that Erik was indeed a mutant, Susanna came to the conclusion that her green haired babe would possible be the same.

Despite it all, Erik supported the mother and daughter, hoping that Lorna would show more signs of being a mutant than the green hair. His patience was rewarded when her powers manifested, during the Great Headache on May 14th, when she was nine almost ten. When Lorna awoke from passing out, she learned that her powers had killed her mother but had saved her. Distraught Lorna withdrew and Erik came for her and took her to live with him.

She was mostly kept in the dark about the Brotherhood activities but knew that her father was into some bad things. He treated her well enough, giving her a place to live, food, education, also he started to train her personally as her powers were almost identical to his. She was placed into a prestige High School for the wealthy and Lorna started to dye her hair brown – mostly to fit in and to stop the gossip about her. Later in life, Lorna realized that Erik had placed her in that particular school to gain the trust of certain politician’s kids and possible entry into their homes.

Lorna graduated high school and was accepted into the Geology program at UC Berkeley. However, before she left for college she confronted her father about the Brotherhood and the only way she was allowed knowledge was to fully accept the membership. Against her better judgment, she agreed. Lorna was allowed access to files within the Brotherhood and that is when her father told her about the world he envisioned for all mutant kind. It was also about the time when she stumbled upon knowledge of her half-sister, Wanda.

One of the more recent missions did not sit well with Lorna and she finally reached out to her sister, Wanda. She wanted to know how her sister was able to stay away from the Brotherhood and them not bothering her. It was not easy at first, as neither trusted each other fully until they met each other in real life. Lorna was obvious not Brotherhood material as her guilt about being involved started to mount. Lorna began to feed Wanda Brotherhood missions and where they would be, until the Brotherhood found out that there was a mole within their order. Lorna fearing the worst reached out to Wanda to help her get out.

Entering Xavier's

Lorna arrived at the mansion after Wanda re-routed her trip to pick her up at one of the safe houses. She was at first, a little weary of meeting other people but opened up when she meet Adrienne Frost. After a few more meetings, Adrienne offered Lorna a job at X-Factor as a junior investigator. Lorna also started to form a close bond with Warren Worthington. She joined X-Factor on a couple of investigations, making a home for herself, and was overjoyed when her fiance finally returned from his extended school trip, although his return needed a bit of help as he was kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Mutants at her father's direction, wanting to bring her 'home'. With the help of X-Factor and the X-Men, Alex was retrieved, but not before he blew himself - and the building - up.

That fall she started online classes to get a degree to get a Investigator License which she does part time while working. She ended the year with getting seriously hurt during a mission, which left her nearly blind and incapacitated for a few weeks.

2016 & 2017

2016, thankfully, went a little smoother. Lorna and Alex continued to repair their relationship, working at X-Factor together. In January, she worked a case to help prove that Hope Abbott was innocent of espionage. In August, she and Alex organized a trip Appalachian Trail, which ended with them getting re-engaged. In October, Lorna made it clear that Halloween is not her time of year as the kids can be brats. When December came by, Lorna wanted was reminded once again why she hated living on the East Coast, snow.

The Beginning of the year was a slow start but she spent the time focusing on her upcoming wedding at the end of the year. She found a dress to die for and shared it with the rest of the mansion. A few weeks later she saw a post by Amanda about mysterious rocks and reached out to her to let her see it, as she has a degree in Geology. After several days or researching all that Lorna and Alex could find out that it wasn't anything they had seen on Earth.

In May, while running errands with Alex, Lorna was part of a group of hostages at a bank. She was able to talk the guy down to learn that he just wanted the law enforcement to look for his mutant son. XFI ended up taking the case and found Collin in Center Park. After discussion with the mother, they decided to help him move forward and helped him into a safe house that was part of the Underground Railroad. It was also during this time that was the anniversary of her mother's death, when Lorna's powers first emerged, and she needed to take a few days off because the last case and the memory of her mom. Later in the month, Alex brought home a puppy named Magnus. Lorna and Alex went to investigate a anti-mutant graffiti.

October approached quickly as she ready for the wedding. Despite her cool demeanor Lorna was freaking out. Thankfully Warren had hired a wedding planner to help her out and it was relatively stress free. After some people mentioned Friday the 13 and rehearsal dinner, Lorna hoped it wasn't jinxed. The next morning it seemed that the Friday the 13 gods heard and her father appeared at their wedding. He wanted to see her married and took hostages in order to do so. Though his appearance was changed, there were a select few that knew of his presence. It seemed he really wanted to see her married (and to try to get her to come back to the Brotherhood) as Lorna and Alex were officially husband and wife an hour later. They spent their honeymoon in Ireland, much to their delight.

New Chapter in 2018

The New Year brought in a busy time for Lorna as she focused on her studies and registered to take the PI exam in the Spring. She passed and became one of the two actual licensed PIs in X-Factor. However, her relationship with Warren was strained when he came into the office one night under what Lorna believed to be drugs and alcohol. The conversation turned violent when Warren dared to say that her father must had pimped her out to the Brotherhood Member. She ended up breaking his nose and dismissing him on leave until he sorts his shit out. When he refused to leave, Lorna tied him to the chair with metal objects and pushed the chair out of the back door.

In December she gave her husband, Alex, tickets to his favorite band playing in Las Vegas. They spent the last week of December and part of the New Year together in the desert.

2019 in a Nutshell

Lorna continued into the New Year with multiple people coming up to her saying that she should give Warren a chance. However, she stubborn nature wouldn't allow her to confront him first. If he was truly sorry, he would apologize to Alex and then come talk to her.

In April a series of missing people kept XFI busy until a visible mutant named Michelle said that her boyfriend Cain Marko had gone missing. Fearing it might be Brotherhood related, Lorna reached out to Kane and Scott letting them know the situation. A few days later, Cain made his way back to District X but he was dressed in Asgardian gear and calling himself Kuuth. XFI alerted the XMen and decided to help the people get away and distract Juggernaut aka Kuuth from causing more destruction. They succeeded but Lorna ended up with a sever dislocated shoulder. She stayed in the hospital for a short while and was in a sling for the better part of the rest of the year.

She was left behind during the battle of their world in Fear in the Dark as she was still injured from fighting Cain.

At the end of the Summer, Warren finally came to visit her and they made up. Lorna apologized for hurting him. But it turn a sharp right when Warren said he was leaving the country and leaving XFI in her hands.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Green. She used to dye her hair brown but started growing it out in the recent years.

Other Features: Has several earrings in each ear.


Lorna has the power over magnetism. She has the ability to conduct magnetic pulses as bolts, create force fields, fly, manipulate ferrous materials, and absorb electricity to charge her own electromagnetic fields. If she concentrates, she can see the world only as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. Lorna can also see the natural magnetic aura’s around living beings. She can even control the natural irons inside a person. Her sensitivity towards magnetic fields is very strong but she still has trouble blocking solar storms when they hit the earth. Even the faintest one can give her a little headache. She can still tell the different EM fields and could name the different metals.

Lorna can lift herself and fly and can move (throw) other people around. Because a lot of people have weak magnetic fields surrounding them, and to not overdo it, she’ll use whatever metal they have on them instead. Lorna can also lift mental objects with ease, but currently has the upper limit of a medium to large size airplane. She can also block anything metal thrown at her. Creating a shield will block most objects and she can leave it up for a while, but with constant things being thrown into the shield will cause it to weak with each hit.


Lorna always carries metal on her, no matter what.


  • Lorna is skilled at playing chess.
  • Lorna is a closeted cook.
  • Lorna is a gym rat, a yoga junkie, and meditation expert.
  • Likes to Surf.
  • Lorna has a large collection of rocks that she has with Alex.

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Player: Rei

Player Icon Base: Lily Collins

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This is Phase 2 - Lorna. Brought in in January 2015 after the effect of the Dark Phoenix Plot.