House of Horrors

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House of Horrors
Dates run: October 31, 2019
Run By: Mackinzie
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"Hell of an illusion with the disappearances. Somebody really put some money into this."

A local fraternity's haunted house gets a little too real for comfort.


Jean Grey, Garrison Kane, Stephen Strange, Natasha Romanoff, Monica Rambeau, Laurie Collins, Kyle Gibney, Alison Blaire, Betsy Braddock, Emma Frost, Megan Gwynn, Logan, Alex Summers, Angelo Espinosa, Lorna Dane, Jean-Phillipe Colbert


October 31, 2019

Plot Summary

In the tradition of mansion Halloweens, this year's celebration at a local haunted house became a true exercise in terror as everyone found themselves facing their worst fears.

The first group, Garrison, Jean, Natasha and Stephen, tried to stay together but were gradually scattered as they faced their individual fears - Natasha her history of the Red Room, Garrison losing everyone he cared about to a traitor in the mansion, Stephen a room full of spiders and Jean her fears of water and of the Shadow King.

The second group - Nica, Kyle, Laurie and Allison found themselves in a sudden blackout before being faced with their own fears - Nica's of failing as an X-Man resulting in the deaths of her teammates, Kyle losing his friends and students over again, Alison of being under water among submerged ruins and Laurie returning to her time as Baron von Habsburg's prisoner and conducting experiments on other mutants. Their nightmares became shared as they all found themselves in Laurie's "operating theatre", with Alison on the table and Nica and Kyle paralysed by Laurie's powers. Alison's unique sense of sound revealed the scenario was an illusion and she managed to break free of it with her light powers. As they recovered, they discovered several scaly slimy creatures that seemed to be connected to the weirdness going on.

The third group - Lorna, Jean-Phillipe, Angelo and Alex - encountered various scenarios. Lorna conquered her fear of losing control. Jean-Phillipe experienced another possible life, where he had betrayed the mansion to the Brotherhood of Mutants and had to choose between saving his husband or his cousin from Sabretooth. Angelo found himself trapped in a room on fire and Alex was lost and alone in the dark; both were pulled out of their illusions by Lorna and Jean-Phillipe.

The fourth group - Emma, Betsy, Molly, Megan and Logan - all had their own encounters with their fears. Logan relived his Weapon X experience, until Megan was able to talk him through the illusion. Betsy was beset by ninjas (who strangely had her own scent). Molly discovered she was 12 years old again. Megan found herself in a laboratory, illuminating her fear of being experimented on. And Emma... Emma found herself the recipient of a number of marriage proposals, highlighting her fear of commitment. In exasperation, she accepted Logan's proposal and the pair 'married', with Molly acting as celebrant.

As Stephen managed to save Jean from the well she was trapped in, they found an old diary belonging to the previous owner of the house, detailing a pact with a tribe of small demons called Fear Eaters and how he had trapped them within the walls of the house before killing himself. They hatched a plan to trap the demons again. The core of the spell required four items to be found, something which the various groups managed as part of or after their escapes from their fears. Clea and Darcy, summoned by Jean's text, arrived at the house to perform the exorcism, resealing the demon and wiping out the arcane symbol which had been painted on the floor of one of the rooms for Halloween atmosphere. Darcy then hustled Clea - who had a severe cold - back to the mansion and to bed.

The next day, things were back to normal. Only the question remained... was Emma and Logan's marriage legal?

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The events of Halloween prompted Laurie to post an explanation of what had happened to her in Ksavia and ask for patience in dealing with the trauma.


Plotrunner: Mackinzie