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Angelo Espinosa posted with the news that Rachel Kinross-Dayspring wouldn't be returning to the mansion for the foreseeable future, continuing her own studies and travels. John Allerdyce also posted - to let everyone know that he'd locked himself out of his journal for several months.

Molly Hayes joined Sharon Friedlander on a medical supplies run and the pair found themselves stopping a gang who were trying to hijack the supplies. They beat the would-be thieves with little difficulty and left them, in true superhero fashion, tied up for the police to handle. Hope Abbott talked with Marie-Ange Colbert about the possibility of consulting for X-Force and was left thinking about the potential ethical issues such work might entail. Alex Summers and Lorna Dane celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Halloween again proved to be a jinx on the mansionites - those who attended a local haunted house found themselves trapped in their deepest fears. The frat who were running the house had inadvertently summoned the fear demons associated with the buildings and the 'guests' were forced to collect several items in order for magical backup in the form of Clea Lake to exorcise the demons. The impact of facing their - and their peers' - fears had long-lasting repercussions.


Oct. 1 -

Oct. 2 - Molly and Angelo discuss Halloween, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and family after Muir.

Oct. 3 - Nica asks the mansion if anyone will be dressing up for Halloween.

Oct. 4 - Matt shares his favorite October things and asks the mansion goers what theirs is.

Oct. 5 -

Oct. 6 -

Oct. 7 -

Oct. 8 -

Oct. 9 - Alani emails Angelo and Sooraya to tell them she'll be busy for a while. Clarice posts about the perks of having lunch with medical supply representatives. Angelo informs the mansion that Rachel has moved out of the mansion.

Oct. 10 -

Oct. 11 - Lorna texts Alex to inform him they have the 12th to the 18th off for their anniversary. Tandy is looking for volunteers for the food bank for the holiday season.

Oct. 12 -

Oct. 13 - Hope poses for Marie-Ange, they discuss the possibility of X-Force work in Hope's future.

Oct. 14 -

Oct. 15 -

Oct. 16 - Nica and Jean train in the Danger Room together.

Oct. 17 -

Oct. 18 -

Oct. 19 -

Oct. 20 - While picking up medical supplies, Molly and Sharon stop a crime in progress. Kyle shares a YouTube video of The World's 10 Scariest Rides.

Oct. 21 - Lorna sends a text to Amanda asking for help regarding ritual circles.

Oct. 22 -

Oct. 23 - Topaz posts some friendly reminders for the Halloween season.

Oct. 24 -

Oct. 25 -

Oct. 26 -

Oct. 27 - Jubilee’s back and wants to party.

Oct 28 - John posts about finally regaining access to his journal after losing the password.

Oct 29 -

Oct 30 -

Oct 31 - House of Horrors: Four groups of mansionites visit a haunted house run by a local fraternity, only to discover themselves facing their worst fears; after being separated from the others, Stephen and Jean discover the cause of the problem, a demon known as a Fear Eater; Clea and Darcy get involved to exorcise the demon and make sure the house is clean. Following the party, Alex and Lorna talk about Alex's fears.


House of Horrors

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