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Still considering a consulting position with X-Force, Hope Abbott talked with Kurt Sefton about the team's less-than-ethical operations and his own experience working with the team. She also discussed further steps with the Hellfire Club with Emma Frost.

A number of mansion residents caught up in the haunted house incident reflected on what had happened: Betsy Braddock wondered why she'd encountered ninjas, Emma Frost wondered if her "marriage" to Logan was actually legal and Laurie Collins shared the details of her imprisonment by Baron von Hapsberg and her fears of having not actually having physically escaped sometimes. Maya Lincoln-Lopez returned from her exchange in France and Jubilation Lee from her extended job in Australia.

Two of the 'junior' Trenchcoats - Artie Maddicks and Clea Lake - with Topaz as consulting witch, made a trip to Chicago to steal a spellbook that was being translated by the Chicago Library. The job, Clea's first without a 'handler' went without a hitch.

And Doug Ramsey continued to feel the effects of the blood curse, realising that he needed a new set of clothes with the weight and muscle mass he had lost and turning to Marie-Ange Colbert for help.


Nov 1 - House of Horrors: Betsy reflects on her Halloween ninja experience.

Nov 2 - Alani posts about turning 22, and helping mutant kids have a safe Halloween. Alex questions time.

Nov 3 -

Nov 4 -

Nov 5 - Hope and Kurt discuss her current career path.

Nov 6 -

Nov 7 -

Nov 8 - Marie-Ange makes a post offering drawings based on tea and coffee stains.

Nov 9 - Clea threatens to curse whoever made her sick.

Nov 10 -

Nov 11 - Darcy announces she has caught Clea's cold... and Topaz' cat.

Nov 12 - House of Horrors: Emma asks about the legal ramifications of getting married to Logan under demonic influence. Maya posts from her exchange in France. Alex nearly crashes into Sooraya on his skateboard and they talk about taking life in both hands.

Nov 13 - Topaz wonders about the wisdom of the Chicago Library transcribing spellbooks. Clea posts a link to a new band, heavily featuring hammers and spaceships.

Nov 14 - House of Horrors: Laurie posts about her Halloween nightmare and her history with being kidnapped and tortured. Jubilee returns from Australia.

Nov 15 - Topaz emails Marie-Ange about still being followed by ridiculous birds. Artie posts to xp_teams with plans to take Clea to Chicago to investigate the spellbooks being translated.

Nov 16 - Sharon emails the rest of the medical staff about the issues with deliveries. Matt reflects on the difficulties in not being able to talk freely about his life at social events. Topaz takes Ty out to a Brazilian steakhouse and he asks about London.

Nov 17 - Artie and Clea make a trip to Chicago to rob a library to steal a spellbook with Topaz as a consulting witch.

Nov 18 - Lorna posts about Disney+ being her life now.

Nov 19 -

Nov 20 - Tandy talks about her plans for holiday charities at her uncle’s church. Marie-Ange takes Doug out to replace his wardrobe since his clothes no longer fit due to the blood curse.

Nov 21 -

Nov 22 -

Nov 23 -

Nov 24 - Maya asks where she’s staying now she’s back from France.

Nov 25 - Maya shares a link to some creative cursing. Emma and Hope have dinner and discuss further steps for the HFC.

Nov 26 - Kitty posts about magical portals in Chicago, how her mom wants her to hang around for Hanukkah, how her mom is good at encouraging guilt, and the reason Friendsgiving is a thing.

Nov 27 -

Nov 28 -

Nov 29 - Kitty is debating on doing a radical thing to her looks upon her return to the mansion and wonders if the Danger Room can be turned into an ice rink.

Nov 30 - Maya posts about her new friends took her mountain biking in the French Alps and wonders if she should start her own Youtube channel about her adventures of her trip. Jean asks if anyone is up for Secret Santa this year.


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