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Jonathan Storm announced he was going back to college in California, while Kitty Pryde returned from her Chicago trip and Adrienne Frost was brought out of her medically-induced coma thanks to a protective suit which helped regulate her over-sensitive psychometry.

Warren Worthington seemed to be making personal progress, actually telling Barbara Morse that he loved her, only for everything to go to hell as he abandoned Bobbi in Japan, insulted Lorna Dane enough to be suspended from X-Factor, was captured being a misogynist jerk by the media and fired by his father from Worthington Industries. As Warren tried desperately to remove whatever it was driving him to this behaviour, he ran into Kevin Sydney who wound up being dragged along to a deal with shady magic dealer Mr Jip and from there to the succubus Satana. Kevin called for help from Warren's friends and a last minute identity swap led to Satana and the demon who had infected Warren in Limbo being returned there and Warren freed. Of course, he had a lot of work to do to rebuild his life. Kevin also returned to the mansion from his self-imposed exile, with his own relationships to rebuild.

In other relationships, Quentin Quire invited Hank McCoy to a family wedding, which resulted in them solving a murder.

Sooraya Qadir and Alani Ryan talked about more involvement with mutant activism and Callisto found herself reaching out, realising that a second winter without their Healer was going to be too tough for the Morlocks and asking Sharon Friedlander for help.


Nov 1 - Reed makes a journal entry inquiring about people’s perfect and favourite dates.

Nov 2 - Kitty makes a journal entry talking about a long-time favourite book series of hers and pining for a dragon of her own.

Nov 3 - Johnny makes a journal entry telling everyone he’s heading back to college.

Nov 4 - Bobby makes a journal entry wondering how it’s November already and pining for a turkey of his own.

Nov 5 - Morningstar: Warren apologizes to Bobbi for vanishing as things got busy at work.

Nov 6 - Morningstar: Warren and Bobbi finally take that trip to Japan that they’ve been talking about.

Nov 7 - Logan and Rogue make plans to head into the city to attend a beer and cheese event.

Nov 8 - Morningstar:Warren finally says “I love you” to Bobbi while they’re on their trip away.

Nov 9 - Kitty asks the mansion how to deep fry a turkey.

Nov 10 -

Nov 11 - Jean-Paul texts Kitty about welcoming her home.

Nov 12 - Callisto is staring down the barrel of the Morlocks' second winter without Healer and asks Sharon for help. Maya posts about people not knowing how to people.

Nov 13 - Jubilee posts about food. Laurie posts about volunteering in a soup kitchen during Thanksgiving.

Nov 14 - Garrison posts about Adrienne coming home. Adrienne and Garrison make a quiet return to the mansion. Clarice asks what people would do if they weren’t mutants.

Nov 15 - Murder They Tweeted: Quentin asks Hank to come along to a family wedding. Hank asks Sue to help him find a proper suit. Morningstar: Bobbi texts Sue about Warren abandoning her in Japan.

Nov 16 - Matt posts a new photo of himself with beard. Morningstar: Warren manages to insult Lorna and she suspends him; there's also an article on the society pages about him insulting a journalist; Felicia contacts Kevin for help with Warren. Lorna comes home to Alex, who is rightfully furious about Warren's verbal attack.

Nov 17 - Gabriel posts about being a bartender no longer. Jubilee posts about her birthday. Morningstar: Warren is summoned by his father and fired from Worthington Industries; Lorna notifies X-Factor of Warren’s suspension.

Nov 18 - Morningstar: Kevin finds Warren and manages to get them in further trouble; they end up at a magical dealer Mr Jip who gives them information in exchange for Warren's life force and get attacked by the demon Satanna; Kevin calls on Gabe for help and he and Miles rescue Kevin; Felicia asks Illyana for information on Limbo; the team then hatches a plan to save Warren; Mr Jip is forced to give information and returns the life force; Warren is rescued. Gabriel lets Domino know Kevin has returned.

Nov 19 - Miles emails Clint to see if his suit could be repaired. Miles texts Bobby to inform him that he would fight a demon for him and win. Amanda returns from Finland and asks if she missed anything. Gabriel texts Felicia for drinks.

Nov 20 - Sooraya and Alani talk about activism possibilities.

Nov 21 - Artie posts about going to Thailand for Thanksgiving. Amanda emails Warren requesting to make sure he's clear of Limbo magic. Hope takes Betsy out shopping and they talk.

Nov 22 -

Nov 23 -

Nov 24 -

Nov 25 - Clarice posts some beautiful maritime inspired heels that she wants.

Nov 26 - Betsy makes a post offering up some clothes her brother got for her.

Nov. 27

Nov. 28

Nov. 29

Nov. 30 Murder They Tweeted: Quentin takes Hank to a family wedding, introducing him to the Quires; the groom and the groomsman get into a fist fight; a dead body is found, and Quentin's cousin is suspected; Quentin and Hank set out to investigate; Quentin's uncle provides an interesting twist; Quentin almost gives up until a couple of last clues put everything together; the dynamic duo save the day.



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