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November was a month of comings and goings. Clinton Barton and Maya Lincoln-Lopez returned from their individual times away, while Everett Thomas and Quentin Quire both took leaves of absence for personal missions. It was also a time of meetings, with Jonathan Storm meeting Reed Richards for the first time.

Relationships also came and went, with Clint revealing to Gabriel Cohuelo that he and Angelica Jones had parted amicably, while Matt Murdock revealed that he and Franklin Nelson had resolved their dispute over Matt’s secrecy over his powers.

Namor, nettled by reports in the media about the search for Atlantis, challenged those who had offered to help him to do more; Gabriel ran the New York Marathon successfully, without using his powers. And Thanksgiving was celebrated.


Nov 1 -

Nov 2 - Johnny and Reed meet in the waiting room of Storm Tech.

Nov 3 -

Nov 4 -

Nov 5 - Bobby posts about having finished his Halloween candy in record time. Gabriel posts about running the New York Marathon without his powers. Namor posts about people looking for Atlantis and issues a challenge for people to find the real thing.

Nov 6 -

Nov 7 - Alex and Dom go skateboarding.

Nov 8 -

Nov 9 - Amanda posts a comic about the lack of supernatural knowledge in kids these days.

Nov 10 - Jean and Haller train on the astral plane.

Nov 11 - Logan posts a thank you to all the veterans, on Veteran’s Day. Johnny posts about Thanksgiving, inviting everyone with no plans to join him for Storm-apalooza. Angel and Kurt have a DR session, and talk about life.

Nov 12 - Clint emails Tasha, and lets her know he’s back. Clint also has a catch-up session with Quentin.

Nov 13 -

Nov 14 -

Nov 15 -

Nov 16 -

Nov 17 - Hope poses for Marie-Ange and they discuss tarot cards. Felicia texts North for some support.

Nov 18 - Ev and Matt train with Matt's powers again, this time a bit more successfully. Matt posts about a night at the theater with Clint, Angel and Foggy.

Nov 19 -

Nov. 20 - Ahead of Thanksgiving, 'Nica asks what everyone is thankful for.

Nov. 21 -

Nov. 22 - Laurie posts about being thankful for things. Maya posts about coming back to school soon. Ev posts about being away for a little while. While helping Gabriel with his GED studies, Clint reveals he and Angel have broken up.

Nov. 23 - Thanksgiving.

Nov. 24 - Kyle posts another horrifying octoturkey/turkeytopus. Nica posts about eating leftovers and reading Black Friday horror fiction. Reed posts about flat earthers. Quentin texts Xavin asking them to take care of his chinchilla. Tandy posts about the food bank she is trying to open.

Nov. 25 - Darcy wants someone to build a rifle (called DARCI) for her. Clarice posts about the wonders of online shopping.

Nov. 26 -

Nov. 27 - Quentin lets X-Factor know he’s going away for a while. Everett texts Wanda to let her know he’ll be away; Ev texts Natasha and Clint to let them know he’s following a lead.

Nov 28 - Jean-Phillipe alerts Marie-Ange to the Miss Universe pagent and their traditional wine and snark night.

Nov 29 - Laurie discovers Joe Cocker.

Nov 30 - Topaz lets everyone know she’s entering mid-year exam and essay hibernation and threatens doom if the library is damaged in any way while she’s occupied.



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