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In the aftermath of Halloween, Illyana Rasputin quietly returned to the mansion, and Amanda Sefton discovered Forge's PTSD was suppressing his natural magical talents and causing him damage, news he was not happy to receive. Amanda also made the connection between the Clan Akkaba coven and Nathaniel Essex - both were looking for information on "En-Sabeh-Nur" and both went on X-Force's watchlist. Alani Ryan offered to help Namor with Atlantis-related research and the two actually managed a conversation. And David North awoke from the coma he had been in since his drowning experience.


Nov 1 - Very early in the morning, Alani asks Felicia for a ride home, or at least come on the bus with her. Forge emails Maya talking about ghosts and demons and the Adversary; Maya texts Amanda, freaked out and asking for help; Amanda checks in on Forge and discovers his trauma is suppressing his natural magical talents. Arthur posts a thank you to those who attended the District X Halloween celebrations, noting there was a lady with a sword there.

Nov 2

Nov 3 - April checks in on Forge and they wind up talking nuclear physics.

Nov 4 - Amanda posts to X-Force, noting that the lady with the sword Arthur saw at Halloween could be Illyana and that Essex and Clan Akkaba seem to be looking for the same person - En-Sabeh-Nur or “Son of the Morning Fire”, although with different intentions.

Nov 5 - Hope A. runs into Kyle at his swing dance club following a meeting and joins in.

Nov 6

Nov 7

Nov 8 - Garrison posts about a dream he had involving hockey teams.

Nov 9 - Kyle and Sooraya make breakfast and talk plans for learning to fly the Blackbird.

Nov 10 - Forge buys a vending machine for the eXcalibur chapel. Hope A. asks Sue about going dancing for their next date.

Nov 11 - Nica emails Garrison about hostage negotiation training.

Nov 12 - Molly shares that there is now Fruitcake Mountain Dew and offers a tasting party for those brave/foolish enough to try it.

Nov 13

Nov 14 - Scott makes a journal entry about cleaning up the Blackbird, and asking if anyone needs to be refamiliarized with it.

Nov 15 - Maya raises a very valid point about why does this exist? Alani meets with Namor over coffee to discuss Atlantis and, after an awkward start, a conversation is had.

Nov 16 - Clint posts in the eXcalibur team journal to ask Forge about the new vending machine and its contents.

Nov 17 - Pyotr has a surprising reunion with his sister, and Illyana gets hugs and Pop-Tarts. Nica asks about Illyana’s return on the journals. Topaz messages Marie-Ange to see if she wants her to track down Illyana.

Nov 18 - Illyana posts to her journal about her return and her new status in Limbo. Matt texts Darcy to ask if she can drive him to Mass tomorrow. Garrison e-mails Illyana to inquire about a Hell Lord named Olivier and his status. April texts Pyotr about Illyana’s return.

Nov 19 - Darcy makes a journal post about the World Cup starting tomorrow and having snacks available in one of the TV rooms for watching same if anyone’s interested.

Nov 20 - Forge gives April a big surprise, and the two of them head into town for appropriate gear and snacks. Garrison makes a post in support of the Boatmen, apparently. Jean and Garrison go shopping for Thanksgiving food.

Nov 21 - April wants to have a viewing party for the “Good Night, Oppy” special.

Nov 22 - Artie meets Illyana in the kitchen and they make a deal - money and ID for Illyana in exchange for a favour in the future.

Nov 23 - Artie emails X-Force to inform them of the deal he's made.

Nov 24 - Darcy tells Clint to come out so she can feed him.

Nov 25 -

Nov 26 - Kyle is confused by a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book by Chuck Tingle that Doug keeps sending him links to. Matt posts about his fathers’ holiday decorations multiplying.

Nov 27 - Jubilee and Felicia are watching over North when he wakes up. Felicia posts to let people know he’s awake.

Nov 28 -

Nov 29 - Alani posts about feeling under the weather and blames the eruption of Mauna Loa. Illyana and Pyotr sit down, share memories, and hug.

Nov 30 - Matt meets Illyana and they talk about demons, Mean Girls and Illyana's Soulsword.


Event - FIFA World Cup

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