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Portrayed by
Known Aliases: Frank Costa
Affiliations: Maggia
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Sons of Mutancy

I am Olivier! The Hellord of Corruption! The manifestation of original sin! And you are all now mine, body and soul.

A Hellord banished from his home dimension, Olivier was reborn as Maggia boss Frank Costa but his aims remain the same - corruption and power.


Name: Olivier

Aliases: Frank Costa

Affiliation: Costa Family, branch of the Maggia

First appearance: July 31, 2021



Olivier is one of the Hell Lords; ancient masters of a netherrealm of horror and suffering. Olivier's particular realm was that of corruption, twisting bodies, minds and souls to fulfill their worst urges. Olivier made a failed attempt to overthrow his fellow demon lords years ago but due to his traitorous actions, he was given the worst punishment a demon could receive: he was banished to earth as a human.

Olivier was reborn on earth as Frank Costa, head of the Costa crime family, a West Coast arm of the Maggia. His mother, a powerful bruja with ties to Aztec blood magic recognized his true nature immediately, but hid it from him, instead nurturing his cruelty and magical talent. He led a more or less normal life and when he came of age he joined the family business to become a made man. However, upon killing for the family his true memories returned and from that moment he planned his revenge on the Lords of Hell. As the owner of the club AZTECA, he's created a portal back to his home realm to act as a bridge while he builds up resources and power on Earth to eventually return and challenge the other lords.

An attempted sting by Agent Brand of SWORD to arrest Costa for trafficking weapons infused with demon magic, he took his demon shape to defeat Brand and her team of 'agents' - members of X-Force and the X-Men. Four escaped his hell dimension - Brand, Gabriel Cohuelo, Kyle Gibney and Jean Grey - but the fifth, Garrison Kane, was left behind and trapped. Nor did they escape unscathed - Brand, having been infected by his magic when he had clawed her, fell under his thrall, while the others were traumatised both by the coerced sexual acts Olivier had forced them into and by the apparent death of a teammate.

Contrary to expectations, Kane had in fact survived, and was presumed to be another thrall to Olivier as he had also been clawed. Olivier did not realise that Kane's omni-skin had protected him and put the Canadian X-Men through months of abuse while having him join the Brotherhood of Mutants to act as a double agent, with the goal of weakening both the Brotherhood and the X-Men in battles against each other. Kane's plan to take down Olivier, the Sentinel program and the Brotherhood culminated in January 2022, when Kane and his co-conspirator Amanda Sefton executed the plan they'd been developing for months. Magneto battled Olivier into a retreat, and then the mutants who had previously escaped - Jean, Gabriel and Kyle - returned to Oliver's hell dimension and destroyed the masks which anchored his dimension to Earth. Brand's sudden appearance, in defence of her 'master', threw a spanner in the works which led to Kane giving her the amulet which would have allowed him to use the portal out of Olivier's realm and attempting to use an alternative exit. Olivier caught up with him and blasted him with hellfire, intent on destroying the mortal who had destroyed his plans for Earth. Only Kane's healing factor allowed him to survive, his omni-skin burned away permanently.

Olivier is currently trapped in his hell dimension, unable to return to Earth until he heals and amasses the power required to rebuild the bridge.


Olivier is extremely powerful: like all demon lords, he is tremendously resistant to physical damage and capable of great feats of strength. As the Lord of Corruption, he can manipulate people, overriding their will in order to make them commit acts they'd normally be incapable of and making their subsievent to his will if he draws their blood with his claws. Through his mother, he's master of Mesoamerica death majicks making him doubly dangerous. Finally, when in his own realm, Olivier has total control over the environment, capable of summoning flames, manipulating the landscape, and cannot be killed.


Sons of Mutancy

Exorcism Robotica


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Socked by: Dex