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A head's up to Logan from an old friend in Madripoor resulted in a team rescuing a group of mutant children and encouraging their protector, an inter-dimensional refugee called America Chavez, to come back to the mansion. Ironically, on the 4th of July. America made herself known to the mansion residents and was instantly smitten upon meeting Topaz in the library.

Laurie Collins continued her therapy and formed a close friendship with Darcy Lewis, who felt responsible for Laurie's plight. Her second experience of disability was much more difficult for Laurie to cope with, leading her to be bitter on the journals and also to approach Doug Ramsey to ask for help, given his experience of arm replacement, care of the nanites he liberated from the Fixer. He was forced to deny her, given only his powers had prevented him from being consumed by the nanites and Laurie had no such protection.

Hope Abbott had a powers breakthrough while training with Jean Grey, and accidentally hitched a ride in Quentin Quire's brain.

A day of volunteering at Claremont Hospital went awry for Monica Rambeau and Maya Lincoln-Lopez when the Purifiers took the hospital hostage and the two girls helped Jean Grey protect a mutant woman they were targeting, as well as find a way to escape. When Jean was injured, Quentin Quire came to "save" the day by keeping her alive long enough for Nica to call the cavalry and Maya to disarm a bomb.

Finally, at the end of the month, Abigail Brand resurfaced with another request for manpower, this time to stop a Maggia smuggling ring dealing in demon magic-infused weapons. The Secret Empire Motorcycle Club rode again, taking down the motorbike gang that was being used to transport the weapons, but when Agent Brand, Garrison Kane, Jean Grey, Kyle Gibney and Gabriel Cohuelo went to make a 'deal' with Frank Costa, the Maggia boss, they found he had the upper hand by means of corruption magic, leaving them to reveal their deepest secrets.


Jul 1 - Jubilee posts about a song she identifies with. Emma talks about dealing with renovations and ponders someone buying her an appropriate mug. Marie-Ange thanks Fourteen for a belated Christmas gift.

Jul 2 - Clea asks how it’s July already.

Jul 3 -

Jul 4 - Gabriel invites everyone to a BBQ . Coming to America: Wolverine asks for volunteers for a trip to Madripoor, Logan meets with an informant in Madripoor, Darcy and Sooraya scour the warehouse district for lost kids, meanwhile, Kyle finds the leader of the gang, Kyle and America find Logan and Jean; Information is exchanged, Logan, Jean, Clarice and Jean-Phillipe fight thugs, Kyle and America talk about the Xavier Institute.

Jul 5 -

Jul 6 - Terry and Sooraya meet for lunch in the mansion gardens. Terry emails Maya about starting that internship she offered.

Jul 7 - Coming to America: Sooraya emails Terry and Angelo about the children they found in Madripoor. America introduces herself on the journals.

Jul 8 - Terry texts Kyle about food restrictions

Jul 9 -

Jul 10 -

Jul 11 -

Jul 12 - Maya posts about Richard Branson reaching the edge of space. Terry asks for volunteers for food tasting and suggestions for meals.

Jul 13 - Arise, X-Man: Darcy helps Laurie attend physical therapy and they have a difficult conversation in the car. Matt posts about being old and creaky. Jubilee brings Kyle to a nightclub, where she fills him in on their status in a fake dimension.

Jul 14 - Emma celebrates Bastille Day (and her birthday) with a post about setting government institutions on fire. Matt wants to change his team codename to Batman due to his echolocation. Kitty joins in with a request for “Mega-Destroyer” and a mecha to match.

Jul 15 - Scott announces it’s time to start rebuilding the Blackbird after the nanite incident and asks for suggestions for improvements. Sue gives Hope A. a graduation gift; Hope A. shares photos of her gift with Topaz, Betsy, Molly and Tandy.

Jul 16 - America runs into Topaz and is instantly smitten; Doug happens by and is amused.

Jul 17 -

Jul 18 -

Jul 19 - America goes to Topaz for some insight into magic and dimension hopping. And promptly forgets how to control her mouth.

Jul 20 - Terry updates her request for mutant-owned and mutant-friendly restaurants in the area.

Jul 21 - In mansion tradition, Matt and Terry meet in the main kitchen and discuss their jobs and goals.

Jul 22 - Arise, X-Man: Laurie is rather bitter after a physiotherapy session and posts a poem, Icarus Laughed When He Fell. For Angelo’s birthday, Amanda suggests a dinner at Mama Lupe’s for the ‘old timers’. Darcy is perplexed by Southern recipes involving gelatin. A new aspect of Hope A.'s powers emerges during a training session with Jean and Quentin gets dragged into it.

Jul 23 -

Jul 24 - Terry invites the mansion to share in stuffed pasta shells and salad, stemming from the conversation on Darcy’s journal about food.

Jul 25 -

Jul 26 -

Jul 27 - Breakdown: Maya and Nica join Jean at the Claremont Hospital; in the ER, Jean treats a mysterious gunshot wound patient, Esme; Purifiers arrive at the hospital, claiming to be looking for a woman; Maya, Nica, and Jean find each other while the hospital goes into lockdown; the group's attempt to get out is thwarted by Purifiers; Quentin arrives at the hospital just in time to help Jean; Nica is able to access the CB radio in the ambulance bay and alert the X-Men; when faced with a pair of Purifiers, Quentin witnesses a strange power in Jean; the X-Men - featuring Betsy, Clarice, Garrison, Kurt, Logan and Sooraya - are able to track down Esme's daughter; at the hospital, the combined forces of Jean, Maya, Nica, and Quentin push the Purifiers into enacting their next steps; Jean and Maya learn more about the plan; the team inside the hospital is finally able to get a call out; Jean and Maya team up to disable the bomb; Nica works on making sure everything isn't blown sky high by Esme; with the bomb situation handled, Maya and Nica take a different turn to deal with the shield surrounding the hospital; the arrival of the X-Men leads to the mansionites who'd been in the hospital leaving unseen, and a surprising proclamation from Esme; Garrison informs the remainder of the mansion residents to what happened, as well as alerting them the lack of footage by outside sources.

Jul 28 - Following the prior day's events, Jean texts Terry to update her on her condition. Jean makes a notice of her out of office condition.

Jul 29 - Marie-Ange divines Darcy's future from a can of pasta, probably.

Jul 30 - Arise, X-Man: Laurie goes to Doug to ask for some help. Marie-Ange emails Darcy about the pasta divining and asks for her CV. Jean emails Maya, Nica, and Quentin to thank them. Sons of Mutancy: Brand reaches out to Garrison, offering an open-information relationship with SWORD; Garrison gathers Betsy, Callisto, Gabriel, Jean, Kyle, Matt, Maya, Nica, Sooraya and Wanda to get the details for Brand's mission; Kyle gives Maya the downlow on Brand and why the X-Men agreed.

Jul 31 - Marie-Ange emails Kevin to inform him of the interview she'd scheduled for him with Darcy. Marie-Ange texts Doug to find out who Hedy Lamarr is. Sons of Mutancy: The revived Secret Empire Motorcycle Club - Callisto, Matt, Maya, Nica, and Wanda - surprise the Huns on the road; Callisto and Maya get into the thick of the bikers on the road; Matt and Wanda work together to get the shipment in their hands; with some help from Callisto, Nica dispatches the pickup truck; the Leader of the Huns delivers a threat to the Secret Empire; with Brand leading point, Garrison and the remainder of the X-Men, sans Betsy and Sooraya, go to the meet-up; outside, Betsy and Sooraya are shocked to find their connection to the team is lost; the meeting with Frank Costa goes sideways when he reveals he has more control over the team than they'd expected.


X-Men Mission: Coming to America


Sons of Mutancy

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