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Julio Richter arrived at the mansion and quickly made himself part of the community. There were two returnees to the mansion as well - Warren Worthington and Bobbi Morse came back to New York after Warren started planning their wedding - without letting Bobbi know first. July was also a big month for gossip - particularly gossip about David Haller's love life. There was speculation that he was wooing Sooraya Qadir as the two friends spent a lot of time together. There was then speculation he was either dating Jean Grey or cheating on Sooraya with Jean after Jean stayed the night in his room. Maya Lincoln-Lopez also revealed to Darcy Lewis she had a man she was seeing. Clint Barton became invested in a bartender for Kirby's named Sam Guthrie.

Arthur Centino investigated developments with his new psychometry with both Marie-Ange Colbert and David Haller. Felicia Hardy became a board member of the Green Future Foundation. Darcy began sniper training with Kevin Sydney and also had Forge create her an anti-telepath Faraday Page after the previous month’s journal incident. There was emotional fallout from the journal incident for Kyle Gibney and Madin as well.

In Kenya, the Marsabit National Park closed unexpectedly and flights were suspended, leading a mixed team including X-Force and others to investigate an A.I.M. site located there. The team was attacked by zombie-like creatures, but managed to bring the one survivor back to Muir Island. Kevin suspected that the outbreak was purposefully caused by magic or mutant powers.

The month ended with a departure. Forge returned to Montana for the sake of his magical training and his health.


Jul 1 - Doug makes a journal entry about a funny image he found. Darcy and Haller finally meet in person and have a discussion about the blow-up on the journals, and afterwards she provides a little tech support. Arthur goes to see Wanda about his new powers development and winds up talking it over with Marie-Ange instead.

Jul 2 - Clint and Darcy discuss the journal drama and work through their issues, as they have in the past. Haller continues his nosy streak by checking in with Quentin, who is unusually upfront this time around. Inez texts Darcy to check in on how she’s doing. Terry texts Kyle to check in and asks if she’ll see him at therapy. Darcy texts Kyle to apologize and to check in on him as well. Amanda picks up Julio to bring him to the mansion and let him know about the place he'll be living.

Jul 3 - Julio introduces himself on the journals and asks for a ride to a gardening center. Terry texts Darcy asking if she should make a cake for her grandmother. Forge posts a political cartoon to represent his views on the 4th of July. Julio and Shatterstar meet each other. Julio meets Matt, who offers to help with his visa.

Jul 4 - Darcy sends a group text to Terry and Kyle about booking Kyle a flight. Nica emails the Grad Girl group about seeing Sooraya and Haller on what seems to be a date. Shatterstar texts Terry asking her to take him to the grocery store. Inez and Darcy have sex for Inez’s birthday picnic.

Jul 5 - Terry texts Angelo asking if he’s noticed Sooraya has been eating lunch out of the office. Forge posts another political cartoon. Felicia Hardy is announced to be a new board member of the Green Future Foundation.

Jul 6 - Clint texts Felicia to congratulate her on the board position. Alani texts Arthur to see what he knows about Haller. Behold a White Horse: The Kenyan government announces the Marsabit National Park closed to visitors and flights in and out of Marsabit are suspended; Terry makes a journal post to ask if anyone has any information on the situation in Marsabit; X-Force decides to investigate the Marsabit situation and determine if it is related to A.I.M.; Kevin e-mails Jean to ask her to come on the mission to Marsabit; Darcy e-mails Kitty to ask her to join the mission to Marsabit; Amanda emails Angelo to ask if he has any contacts that can get X-Force into the area; Gabriel texts Felicia saying it will be a long flight; On the flight over the mixed group (not just X-Force) discuss their plans for approach.

Jul 7 - Shatterstar and Haller have a second round of psychic shielding training and an uncomfortable conversation. Behold a White Horse: Upon landing Felicia, Kevin, and Kitty target a AIM site and find everyone is dead; Darcy, Angelo and Sarah try to access the CCTV records in the city, finding surveillance of what seems to be zombies; Amanda, Gabriel, and Jean discover bodies that look to be pulled apart at the hospital as well as a survivor; Kitty confirms a zombie situation happened in the city at the AIM location; Angelo, Darcy, Sarah, and Kevin get attacked by creatures while retreating; Gabriel, Jean, and Amanda fight through monsters to get their survivor out of the hospital; While retreating to the plane they are descended on by zombies and they just managed to get on the plane and head to Muir; Kevin emails those involved with the mission to Marsabit saying their survivor is under observation at Muir and he suspects this was done on purpose and confirming the outbreak doesn’t go beyond Marsabit, possibly through magical or mutant means; Darcy texts Terry to ask her not to make her food; Darcy emails Doug to say she was looking at the feeds from Marsabit and that she will be booking a hotel room. Clint texts Doug asking how Darcy is and to say the situation in Marsabit probably was zombies. Gabriel asks on the journals how the mansion has no coconut water, needing the electrolytes after Marsabit.

Jul 8 - Haller gets dragged into Jean’s nightmare and finds out a memory she wants to keep hidden; they talk about processing trauma. In the morning, Darcy asks Jean about the nightmare-induced fire in Jean's suite and offers her room as an alternative until the damage is fixed. Haller and Garrison have a needlessly confrontational interaction at Harry’s.

Jul 9 - Haller texts to thank Quentin for the edible he sent over for Jean. Haller emails Garrison to apologize for the confrontation the day before. Jean confides in Quentin, which he surprisingly reciprocates.

Jul 10 - Warren surprises everyone by announcing himself on the journals again and things get messy with talk of succubi, sexual assault and what constitutes fair game for jokes; Gabriel complains to Kevin they should have left Warren with Satana; Illyana is also less than pleased, considering the succubus incident and announces no-one should let Warren near the Wormhole; Terry asks Kyle about the newcomer and how to get donations for the Underground out of him; Shatterstar thanks Marie-Ange for the ice-cream she rewarded him with after a rather amusing comment on Warren’s journal; Gabriel texts Felicia, unhappy at the lack of warning and she denies all knowledge of Warren’s return; Inez texts Darcy about Warren, wanting to know his deal; Gabe clarifies the demon-fucking comments to Kyle which are not about Olivier; Clint emails Warren, concerned about Felicia’s comments about the demon incident being sexual assault.

Jul 11 - Amanda wakes up post-Marsabit and her magic overload to the confusion of Warren’s return (and to apologise to whoever she threw up on during the trip home). In Europe, Warren slips up when he starts wedding planning without letting Bobbi know first. Bobbi posts to the journals as well, announcing their return to New York. Terry is gleeful at Angelo about Haller buying flowers for Sooraya at the community center. April gives Molly a cute clothing patch for her birthday.

Jul 12 - While watching a movie, Rictor accidentally meets the newest reclusive mutant of the mansion, Match.

Jul 13 - Match and Shatterstar explore Ben's Bygone Belongings in District X.

Jul 14 - Jubilee reflects on her going no tech has meant she’s out of the loop on mansion gossip and asks someone to fill her in. Quentin accidentally posts a text to Cyndi on the journals as a whole and mentions Jean having stayed with Haller overnight; Nica picks up on the slip and texts the Grad Girl Squad, unhappy at Haller for two-timing Sooraya. Inez goes to visit Darcy at the X-Force office, before their discussion takes a bit of an unexpected turn.

Jul 15 - Arthur consults with Haller on his new psychometry and things get messy. Kevin visits Darcy at Helga’s to talk about the incident with Quentin. Sooraya texts Alani about feeling like people are watching her. Scott gives Sooraya her Blackbird test flight results.

Jul 16 - Haller invites Sooraya out to dinner to celebrate her test results and as an early birthday treat. Gabriel is practicing at the shooting range and winds up getting advice - and questions - from Amanda.

Jul 17 - Warren texts Jean about her "relationship" with Haller and to offer advice if needed. Following this Warren texts Darcy to learn more about Haller and what makes him so desirable. Darcy meets with Forge for coffee and to make a request. Sooraya excitedly texts Kyle with the news that she has passed her training. Gabe and Darcy do edibles and clear the air between them.

Jul 18 - Felicia finds Garrison (and the wolf) at Harry's.

Jul 19 - Kevin takes Darcy out to begin her sniper training. Sooraya and Alani work to put together maternity boxes. Terry texts Kyle to ask if he's on the roof.

Jul 20 - Terry texts 'Star to check in on him to make sure he has everything he needs. Garrison and Jean meet at Harry’s and begin talking about her traumatic week, but decide on shots instead.

Jul 21 - Sooraya emails Pyotr to ask if he might know of any outsider art exhibits. Garrison runs a Malice program in the Danger Room for Darcy to work through, but it’s too much for her emotionally. Alani runs into Madin in District X and gets a bit more of a look into them. Maya texts Darcy to check on her. Jubilee posts about wanting to run an agility program in the DR for a race. Pyotr makes a journal about Tony Bennett's passing. MA texts Darcy to let her know she's been informed of the situation, and emails XF to let them know that Darcy shouldn't be expected in the office. Clint texts Darcy to prepare her for a get well basket. Terry texts Alison to check up on her. Maya approaches Darcy with dinner and asks about the session before sharing information about the guy she's dating.

Jul 22 - Terry texts Darcy to let her know she's left food for her. April messages the Grad Girls of the mansion to clue them into the places Sooraya's been asking about. Jean-Phillipe announces that it is Angelo's birthday and people are welcome to join the celebration.

Jul 23 - Haller and Namor find themselves library buddies to Alani's amusement. Darcy sends Madin an email to apologize for the journal incident.

Jul 24 - Haller finds Warren at his door bearing scones. Haller is confused. Warren is Warren. Warren messages Jean after, who leaves him on read. Haller also messages Jean, still deeply confused.

Jul 25 - Warren posts to his journal about granting Christmas in July wishes

Jul 26 - Madin, still largely avoiding everyone, runs into Haller. Gabe sends Warren a card, noting he hasn’t called in the favor for saving his life. Terry emails Hope A. about Warren donating money to District-X’s community centre programs. Hope A. messages Warren about not making promises he can’t immediately keep. Alani messages Sooraya a happy birthday

Jul 27 - Hope A. messages Sue about Warren’s promises. Clarice asks people if they want to go to the beach or Dairy Queen. Clint asks about holding a weekend long pool party. Haller wishes Sooraya a happy birthday. Forge reaches the testing phase for Darcy’s new Faraday Cage.

Jul 28 - Nica asks the mansion what sort of cinnamon bun they are. Darcy posts a Simlish cover of "Country Girl". Sam texts Clint asking if he meant to leave his number. Kyle posts an apology and talks a little about how he’s been unraveling lately and notes that he’s getting help for it, and stepping back where he needs to. Quentin tries to help an unreceptive Madin.

Jul 29 - Clint sends a text to Darcy, Kyle, Alani, Doug, and Topaz about the Sam situation. Darcy texts Clint about Quentin. Alani texts Fi about checking in on Sam. Garrison and Bobbi catch up in the city. After a group Danger Room session, the X-Men team hit the pub; Monica and Haller do a little off-campus powers training; April, Haller and Pyotr take some time to speak; Sooraya and April talk shop; Maya rescues Haller from Garrison’s wolf; Jean-Phillipe and April get to know each other over darts; Nica, April & Maya comment on people’s karaoke skills. Kyle and Darcy talk about the unfairness of the Quentin threat response - or non-response.

Jul 30 - Darcy and Warren meet for brunch. Rictor has a mild freakout during his Danger Room session with Garrison. He later asks Shatterstar if they’re still up for movie night.

Jul 31 - Forge emails to let Clint and then April and Maya know that he is leaving for Montana to work on his magical block for the sake of his health. Julio and Shatterstar talk about their powers at the quarry and Julio’s loss of control freaks out Shatterstar; Shatterstar asks Hope A. if they’re still meeting, as he has something he wants to talk to her about.


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