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The lull in blood bank attacks didn't last long - shortly after an uneasy Sooraya Qadir suggested patrolling certain hospitals and blood banks, Barbara Morse provided information from her police contacts about an upcoming target. The X-Men attended, only to discover the Brotherhood of Mutants - with a noticeably absent Magneto and a more vicious attitude - were behind some of the attacks. Sooraya was almost choked to death by Toad during the fight and later revealed to Angel that she had a near-death visitation of their departed friend Yvette Petrovic.

Coming out of hiding briefly, Kevin Sydney arranged to say goodbye to Nina Thurman, who was deeply angry about the abandonment. Kitty Pryde, working in Chicago, posted to the journals to let folks know she missed New York and Rahne Sinclair asked Kyle Gibney to provide her with extra self-defence training, in light of her recent escapades with Generation X and in Limbo. Jean Grey and Garrison Kane found themselves on an all-night escapade as they tried to retrieve a bowling trophy stolen by frat boys from Harry's Hideaway.

Much of the month, however, was disrupted by a series of mysterious illnesses impacted various people associated with the mansion. It turned out to be the work of Adam Destine, still seeking to revenge himself on Topaz and her adopted father for the deaths of his siblings. After ambushing and defeating foster siblinf Amanda Sefton in London, Adam sent Topaz a message with her phone telling her he would stop hurting everyone else if she came to him, which she did. X-Force plus a group of magically inclined students - Clea Lake, Stephen Strange and Illyana Rasputin - came to the rescue after a message from Adam's sister Jasmine, but not before Topaz had undergone days of mental and physical torture. In the process of the rescue, Doug Ramsey and Wanda Maximoff were contaminated by Grace Destine's blood magic when she overloaded and exploded, while Nina and Marie-Ange Colbert were both seriously injured battling Adam, with Marie-Ange finally losing the eye her precognition had long predicted since her high school days. With Adam forced to flee with his own injuries, the curses were ended, with recovery for various individuals taking some time. Topaz herself realised that isolating herself had only made her miserable and didn't 'save' her friends, and she slowly began to reach out to others again.


Jul 1 -

Jul 2 - Type X Negative : Sooraya is concerned about how quiet it’s been; she suggests patrolling some hospitals and blood banks for activity.

Jul 3 - Type X Negative : Bobbi lets all the teams know that she’s heard another attack is upcoming. Wanda drops by to see Clint and winds up catching Miles in his underwear due to new Spidey-suit testing.

Jul 4 - Type X Negative : Angel asks the teams if they want to do a stakeout with her; shortly afterwards, there’s media reports regarding multiple attacks on hospitals; Clarice lets the teams know that Sooraya had a run-in with Toad and is suffering from moderate asphyxiation.

Jul 5 - Type X Negative : Rachel emails the teams with an encrypted list detailing all the attacks in New York; Logan puts out the call for action to deal with ongoing attacks in New York; Angel sits with Sooraya in the medlab while Sooraya talks about her near-death experience.

Jul 6 - Hope A. wins a series of naughty bets at the HFC, giving her a new apartment. A drink at Harry's turns into an all-night adventure for Garrison and Jean as they look for a stolen bowling trophy.

Jul 7 - Hope A. emails several of her friends, asking about real estate management.

Jul 8 - Matt posts about his horrible/amazing date night with Foggy. Sins of the Father : Hope A. goes to the medlab with unexplained pain.

Jul 9 - Miles posts a selfie to show off his new earrings. Reed sends Sue a cheesy text.

Jul 10 - Alison posts a picture of roller skate heels. Sins of the Father: Bobbi goes to meet Callisto for help with a case, but Cal starts coughing up blood.

Jul 11 - Marie-Ange apologizes for a loud visitor. Rogue and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's brush with death.

Jul 12 -

July 13 - Sins of the Father: Tandy's powers go out of control, and Topaz feels a kick of magic right before it happens; she talks to Amanda, and they agree it's time to hit the books; Amanda emails the rest of the magic crew for research help; Laurie posts about the three curse victims, and tells everyone to keep an eye out. Kitty posts about missing New York.

Jul 14 -

Jul 15 - Laurie asks Kyle about propositioning him. Maya asks Clea and Stephen why they stood her up for the movies. Sins of the Father: Molly goes to the med lab for a small cut, and returns a few hours with deep gouges being cut into her skin; Natasha wonders why there is a trail of blood in the mansion. Darcy posts about a blur of blue paint, which was actually Jean-Phillipe celebrating France winning the world cup. Type X Negative: A news article goes up about the July 4 attacks.

Jul 16 - Sins of the Father: Amanda asks X-Force for help researching her past for connections to Adam Destine.

Jul 17 - Sins of the Father: Marie-Ange gets in touch with one of Amanda’s old social workers with some contradictory information on Amanda’s past; Amanda texts Jubilee and Felicia to ask them to steal her old child services files; Topaz asks Kyle to give her something to punch. Kevin reappears briefly to say his goodbye to Domino in person and she takes it hard.

Jul 18 - Maya wants to show a short film about trans teens at the next movie night.

Jul 19 - Sins of the Father: Xavin is the next victim of the curse, showing up to Sharon Friedlander in medlab with no control over their powers and a melting face; Topaz posts on xp_journal to let people know there’s a magic “thing” happening. Darcy is amused by the idea of Guy Fieri getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Jul 20 - Sins of the Father: Quentin texts Xavin to ask if they’re okay and finds out they’re being heavily sedated to help them cope; Jubilee texts Felicia from her job stealing Amanda’s files, complaining about the filing system and is promised cocktails at Harrods. Rahne emails Kyle to ask him to train her beyond the usual Generation X levels.

Jul 21 - Sins of the Father: Laurie is relieved that she was able to get a week off from her internship by saying she had a death in the family; instead, she is working in the medlab on the various patients. Felicia makes an Instagram post from Harrods.

Jul 22 - Sins of the Father: Jubilee texts Amanda to let her know the information she asked for is at a drop point waiting for her; Bobby is the next victim of the curse; Miles is sick with worry when Bobby doesn’t answer his texts; Jean posts an update on the situation on xp_journal.

Jul 23 - Sins of the Father: Maya offers to run interference for Miles to sneak into medlab to see Bobby but Jean’s on the lookout for him.

Jul 24 -

Jul 25 - Jubilee shares a link to the trailer of Occupation. Sins of the Father: Amanda emails Marie-Ange, Jubilee, Doug, Kurt, and Angelo about her ‘new’ past with Adam Destine thanks to Xorn; Amanda goes to London to meet with a contact, and finds herself facing Adam Destine instead and only just manages to teleport home, landing in Maya's lap; Wade gets ambushed by a blood-covered Maya; Wanda texts Topaz to tell her Amanda is hurt badly and in the medlab; Topaz goes to the medlab after hearing about Amanda; Adam texts Topaz from Amanda’s cellphone; Cecilia makes a journal entry to medlab staff only about how she hates magic; Topaz goes to meet Adam, which to her is the only option left, if the worst one; Topaz leaves Midnight with a note attached to her carrier and a note for Amanda with her cellphone in Marie-Ange and Amanda’s suite; Wanda makes a journal post about Amanda’s injuries. Cecilia makes a journal entry about help making sure the medlab staff are eating and sleeping properly.

Jul 26 - Sins of the Father: Angelo emails Wanda to tell her it was Adam Destine who hurt Amanda; sleep doesn’t fix all problems, and, in Amanda’s case, sleep might have made everything worse; Marie-Ange posts to all teams minus Gen-X inquiring about Topaz’s disappearance; It's been all of five-ish hours since the news of Topaz' departure before Amanda tries to get up, and Cecilia isn't having any of it; Topaz barely has time to start adjusting before rescue comes, only to discover it's an illusion; still reeling from the encounter with “Amanda”, Topaz isn’t particularly prepared for what the Destines have in store for her next; the torture and isolation continue, until Jasmine comes to heal her.

Jul 27 - Sins of the Father: Maya sneaks into medlab to make sure Amanda isn't dead yet, not when they have unfinished business; Grace decides to pay a visit to Topaz; Topaz is tortured again and this time gives up the names they want; her usefulness over, they prepare her for sale and Jasmine makes the decision to betray her family.

Jul 28 - Sins of the Father: A message is left on the mansion answering machine giving Topaz’s location along with a warning; Doug makes an all teams post minus Gen-X inquiring what to do about the message; Team Magic - Clea, Stephen, and Illyana - plus Ty take out the demon guards and the warding around the Destines hideout; Doug and Wanda take on Grace and her blood magic while Domino and Marie-Ange tackle Adam; Marie-Ange and Domino are both seriously injured, but Adam is forced to flee when Marie-Ange stabs him in the eye; Wanda and Doug defeat Grace, but she overloads on magic and explodes, her blood contaminating Wanda's powers and infecting Doug with anemia; Team Magic finds Topaz, and to say she’s not in good shape is an understatement; Ty returns to a very bloody scene, and four very beat up people and teleports them home.

Jul 29 - Sins of the Father: Topaz wakes up; Tandy emails Julian letting him know she’s awake; Topaz and Amanda talk, and finally some progress is made; Topaz apologizes to Kurt and he is far too kind. Jubilee makes a journal entry letting people know she’ll be at Harry’s drinking heavily if needed; Cecilia makes a journal entry advising everyone that curse is broken, and visitors are allowed if they can keep quiet. Wade checks up on a very stoned Molly.

Jul 30 - In the medlab Topaz is climbing the walls and Cecilia tries to calm her down. Doug posts about how much his body hurts, Quentin chimes in suggesting he get a fake one. Sins of the Father: Amanda posts asking the rest of X-Force how bad the situation with Topaz really was.

Jul 31 - Topaz posts an apology to the journals, letting everyone know she’s sorry for everything that had happened because of her. Darcy posts a little rhyme about witches and quidditch.


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