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Amanda Sefton finally discovered the meaning behind the mysteriously-appearing pebbles - they were an 'invitation' to join the The Winding Way, a cabal which all magic users were expected to be part of and which has two 'sides', the light and the dark. Angry about yet more interference in the lives of her students, Amanda warned the magic users of the mansion to be alert for 'tests' to determine their allegiance and usefulness, as well as alerting the various teams to the potential risk posted by proponents of the Way trying to influence the students in particular. And the very next day her warnings were justified, when Clea Lake and Stephen Strange brought home a cursed card game that resulted in an invasion of giant spiders to the mansion. While no-one was injured and the spell eventually broken, it was not a fun time for those with spider issues. The Winding Way continued to be a problem, however, with Amanda having to reassess X-Force's occult resources with the potential split loyalties in mind.

One upside of the attack was that Alex Summers discovered a new powers development, which he told his brother and finacee about. And speaking of engagements, the invitations for Alex and Lorna's wedding in October were sent to the mansion dwellers.

Sooraya Qadir continued to deal with the emotions of anger and loss caused by the murder of two Mutant Underground members the month before, with Rogue helping her to talk it through. Laurie Collins had her own crisis of faith, when, after a Danger Room session with Garrison Kane and some rather pointed commentary, she realised she needed to decide if she truly was an X-Man or not. She decided that yes, she wanted to get back to active status and remain on the team and asked Garrison to help her achieve that; the result was more difficult Danger Room and sparring scenarios and a lot of bruises. Hope Abbott 'graduated' from her apprenticeship with Doug Ramsey with her first assignment from Emma Frost as White Herald of the HFC. As part of the slowly-growing unnamed science team, Everett Thomas offered Reed Richards a position, seeing the potential in the scientist's giant brain.

Finally, in a moment of contemplation, Jubilation Lee asked for stories of people's worst screwups, resulting in a thought-provoking discussion.


Jul 1 - Amanda emails the magical people about the meaning of the stones and the existence of the Winding Way. She also alerts the various teams. Cecilia posts about going on vacation.

Jul 2 - Jubilee asks about what people are up to that weekend. How To Kill A Spider: Clea and Stephen are out for a day on the town when they find a game shop and decide to check it out; the kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game and things get a little… creepy. And crawly. Clea texts Topaz and Amanda about the appearance of the spiders. Rahne and Nica go on a spider hunt. The kids fight off spiders, and Amanda and Topaz arrive to help. Alex comes home to find spiders, and only has a helmet to defend himself. Thankfully, he lives in a house of superheroes and Garrison is close by. Marie-Ange and two of the Stepford sisters fight spiders in the garage, with some interesting aspects of the Stepfords' powers revealed. When Molly and Sooraya are accosted by a giant spider, Molly ends up trying to tame it. The spiders are finally defeated with a bang. Topaz posts about what happened. Hope A. texts Topaz about enjoying whacking Namor with a frying pan. Amanda and Topaz head into town to try and find the shop where the kids got the game. And find precisely nothing. Molly posts about being disappointed about not having a tamed pet spider. Clarice posts about missing the spider fun. Topaz posts about the library needing cleaning up yet again. Alex emails his brother and Lorna about a new powers development.

Jul 3 - Emma delicately changes the subject from spiders to apartment decor. Maya changes it back to spiders. Cecilia, still on vacation, checks in with the medlab staff post-infestation.

Jul 4 - Topaz is grumpy about Independence Day. Laurie is grumpy about Independence Day in the ER.

Jul 5 - Rogue helps Sooraya work through some emotions related to the lynching incident of the previous month.

Jul 6 - Nica posts a name game meme.

Jul 7 - Miles shares his college class schedule.

Jul 8 -

Jul 9 - Kitty wishes for colder weather.

Jul 10 - Everett offers Reed a job.

Jul 11 - Laurie shares a music video of Laura Marling’s “Rambling Man”. Marie-Ange shares information on how to get random art sent via text. Clarice shares an article regarding teleportation. Molly lets everyone know she had a good birthday celebration.

Jul 12 - Lorna sends out her wedding invitations.

Jul 13 - Hope A. shares her plans for the summer. While recovering from food poisoning, Rogue and Jean communicate via a walkie-talkie. Gabriel and Domino get to know each other better while working a job. Wanda and Kyle hang out in his suite. Warren offers to pay for Lorna’s wedding.

Jul 14 - Garrison and Laurie have an intense discussion during a training session in the Danger Room. Jean-Philippe quotes the national anthem of France in a post. Bobbi expresses her need to drink this weekend.

Jul 15 - Bobby is excited for Christmas. Laurie sends a text to Garrison about wanting to remain an X-Man.

Jul 16 - Angelo shares some good news with Amanda. Tandy can’t seem to stop watching Moana. Quentin poses in the nude for Marie-Ange to sketch.

Jul 17 - Clea realises she hasn’t left herself much time to make her costume for New York Comic Con.

Jul 18 -

Jul 19 - Natasha shares an article about a traffic accident and hagfish

Jul 20 - Emma gives Hope A. her first assignment as Hellfire’s White Herald.

Jul 21 - Hank is disappointed by Salk Institute’s issues with sexual discrimination.

Jul 22 - Maya is excited about the first UK sign language poetry slam. Amanda emails X-Force about the Winding Way causing problems with the reliability of the occult network.

Jul 23 -

Jul 24 - Amanda makes a journal entry wishing Angelo a happy 31st birthday.

Jul 25 - Lorna makes a journal entry inquiring if anyone’s interested in a camping trip. Hope A. completes her first mission as the White Herald. Amanda makes a journal post to inform Doug about a translation employment opportunity in China.

Jul 26 - Laurie texts Doug, Marie-Ange, and Wade seeking company while she recovers from her recent injuries. Marie-Ange goes to talk to Angelo, having found out about his engagement to her cousin from outside sources.

Jul 27 - Gabriel sends Kevin an encrypted email about, well, old-fashioned encrypted messages.

Jul 28 -

Jul 29 - Jubilee makes a journal post asking people to discuss their biggest screw-ups. Jubilee and Kevin discuss burn-out and their respective solutions to curing same.

Jul 30 -

Jul 31 - Darcy posts a You Tube video that gives her all the feels.


How To Kill A Spider

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