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July was very quiet. Jubilation Lee and Alison Blaire joined forces for the annual 4th of July BBQ lightshow, with much devouring of food afterwards and Alison being carried to bed. John Allerdyce announced he would be spending most of his time in Chicago, where he was bonding with his family, and Gabriel Cohuelo convinced Namor that he needed to learn about the modern world he'd found himself in. Alex Summers and Quentin Quire had a conflict of interest in an X-Factor job looking for a missing teen, and the Generation X mentors bounced ideas about a Ghostbusters themed Danger Room event. But mostly, everyone went crazy about Pokemon Go.


Jul 1 - Ev bumps into Cecilia on her morning run with Lucky, they get to know one another while discussing powers and their time at the mansion.

Jul 2 -

Jul 3 - Molly posts to the journals asking if anyone has any plans for Independence Day.

Jul 4 - Natasha emails Clint about Shark Week. Jubilee invites everyone to come watch a firework and lightshow by herself and Alison.

Jul 5 - Alison thanks people for carrying her to bed.

Jul 6 - Wade texts Logan and North about disciplining kids and having a good July.

Jul 7 - Miles posts about Pokemon Go. Sharon Friedlander and Everett run into each other.

Jul 8 -

Jul 9 - Miles posts about a Pokemon on the Empire State Building. Maya texts Miles to ask if he can get her up there.

Jul 10 - Maya posts about the stupidity of a pink Ouija board.

Jul 11 - Kitty posts about catching a squirtle. Tandy posts about flying to France. Darcy posts about finding an abra on her chest when she woke up. Topaz puts up a sign on the library door pointing out that the library is for books, not Pokemon catching. Quentin posts about how people's priorities are about Pokemon, and not civil justice. Sharon F.helps mend Nina’s sprained ankle. Later that day, Sharon F.and Garrison have a sparring session. Jean and Bobbi finally meet while they’re both out for a run.

Jul 12 - Bobby posts and reminds everyone that Christmas is only 5 months away. Quentin and Kyle have a great run together. Lorna posts about wanting to do a backpacking trip. Molly does an instagram post about her birthday.

Jul 13 - Maya posts about setting up a Pokemon Go trip to the woods. Laurie posts about a dementia vaccine that’s being developed. Cecilia posts about not tending any Pokemon Go related injuries. Jessica posts about going old school, and playing Pokemon on her 2DS.

Jul 14 - Emma posts an open invite to her suite to celebrate her birthday.

Jul 15 - Fourteen leaves Emma a present of a chess set with a note explaining the rules. Alison posts about not leaving her room until August. Alex and Ty go searching for Pokemon.

Jul 16 -

Jul 17 - Cecilia posts about going on vacation. Gabriel helps Namor realize he needs to learn about his new culture, and they discuss ways to help him.

Jul 18 -

Jul 19 - Miles posts his exam results and ponders the possibility of college. Nica is excited by Leslie Jones’ character in the new Ghostbusters movie and calls for a group viewing. Kyle emails the other Gen X mentors (Angel and Julian) about the possibility of a Ghostbusters-themed Danger Room training scenario.

Jul 20 -

Jul 21 - Maya is deeply unimpressed by the Republican Convention.

Jul 22 - Amanda wishes Angelo a happy birthday.

Jul 23 -

Jul 24 - Laurie posts, looking for her cat, Crookshanks.

Jul 25 - Maya makes a journal entry about how Montana should be ashamed. Alex makes a journal entry about a planned trip to the Appalachian Trail with Lorna, asking if anyone else is interested. Quentin and Alex are reluctantly on a case to track a wayward teen but find their job compromised when they discover just what the kid has been doing.

Jul 26 - Nina posts a poll about seeing the new Star Trek movie and which crew member is the real McCoy for Bones-ing. Lorna texts Alex about needing to get supplies. Tabitha makes a journal entry asking for help with changing a phone number.

Jul 27 - Maya emails Wade asking if she can go on a hiking trip. Quentin texts Kyle to say ‘yo.’ John makes a journal entry about going to Chicago and seeking help with paid cleaning services. Tandy makes a journal entry about fashion week coming up in a few months’ time, and passing all her classes. Rogue makes a journal entry seeking Netflix recommendations.

Jul 28 - Maya posts a link to a video from the DNC. Jubilee texts a picture to Doug, Marie-Ange, Nina, and Amanda.

Jul 29 - Sooraya emails Angel telling her she got an internship she really wanted. Darcy makes a journal post sharing a video of the original Pokémon theme singer. Nica makes an angry journal entry about an article in the NY Times.

Jul 30 - Maya makes a journal entry about a Twitter post about people appropriating and disrespecting a tribe’s culture. Adrienne makes a journal entry about the night before and her fuzzy memory of same. Cecila makes a journal entry about how she enjoyed her two weeks off. Alex and Lorna go shopping for their upcoming hike.

Jul 31 - Darcy makes a journal entry wondering where Clint is pre-Sharknado 4.



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