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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Jessica Jones
Portrayed by Eliza Dushku
Affiliations: X-Factor
Birthdate: September 9th, 1993
Journal: Jessica Jones
Player: Available for Applications

"That girl's special. A diamond in the rough. A real Jewel."


Character Journal: xp_alias

Real Name: Jessica Campbell-Jones

Codename: Currently none, eventually Jewel

Aliases: Jessica Jones

First Appearance: August 16, 2014

Date of Birth: September 9th, 1993

Place of Birth: New York City, New York (Specifically Midtown, Manhattan)

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Mr. Campbell (Father, deceased), Mrs. Campbell (Mother, deceased), John Campbell (Brother, deceased), Mr. Jones (Adoptive Father), Mrs. Jones (Adoptive Mother)

Education: Earned a G.E.D.

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: P.I. Apprentice

Team Affiliation: X-Factor


Childhood & Early Teens (1993-2006)

Jessica Campbell Jones was born Jessica Campbell in New York City, New York (specifically Midtown, Manhattan) on September 9th, 1993. Her father, Mr. Campbell was a factory worker and her mother was a waitress. Jessica also had a younger brother who was born in 1997. The family occasionally struggled to get by, but Jessica was a happy and all around normal young girl. When Jessica was thirteen years old her family had gone on vacation in New Jersey. On their way back, Jessica was arguing with her brother. The two distracted her father and the family was caught up in a massive pileup that involved a semi-truck and several other vehicles. When the dust settled Jessica was the only survivor, though the stress and physical trauma of the situation had put her into a coma. Initially, her survival was attributed to a miracle of God, but Jessica would later discover that she had in fact survived due to the activation of her mutant powers. She would awaken from her coma a year later a changed young woman. She suffered from survivor's guilt, developed an incredible affinity for profanity, and was all around unpleasant. Since she had no living relatives, Jessica was sent to live in a group home. There, she was teased mercilessly by the other children for being a "coma girl." This abuse and later rejection by several prospective parents led to her running away from the home many times. While running from the police officers that had come to collect her, Jessica discovered her ability to fly when she suddenly found herself airborne. However, she would be unable to remain in the air and would crash down atop a metal dumpster. It was in this moment that she discovered that she had also become tougher than an ordinary person, since the fall did not harm her in the least. Upon her inevitable return to the group home, Jessica discovered that her strength had also increased when she pushed over a firmly rooted tree.

Teen Years (2006-2011)

Jessica would remain in the group home for another year and, at the age of fifteen, was finally adopted by the elderly Jones couple. While she was still withdrawn and somewhat sullen, Jessica took this as a new beginning and grew to love her adoptive parents very much. As she grew up, she would continue to practice with her abilities while attending high school, often smashing into buildings while flying and breaking objects with her strength in the process. During her senior year, an eighteen year old Jessica decided to use her abilities for the greater good and become a street-level hero.

Phase 1

Living At The X-Mansion

Jessica's arrival at the mansion was quiet. She was greeted by Lorna Dane and Matt Murdock, who showed her around, and she moved in with Namor Mazur. Her easy-going personality allowed her to fit in with the mansion population, making friends with many of the residents - including the newly returned Rogue, who hired her to help track down her adoptive parents. Jessica succeeded, and in November she joined Rogue on a road trip to see Rogue's parents along with Julian Keller and Tandy Bowen. Jessica would continue to live and interact with others at Mansion. She became best friends with Rogue and, after getting a job offer from Adrienne Frost, Jessica became a member of the abandoned X-Factor Investigations. Jessica would later participate in the battle against the Dark Phoenix, working with Angelo Espinosa and others to secure information. She would later fight against the Imperial Guard, helping to defeat Blacklight before being taken out herself by Gladiator. Upon arriving at the Mansion, Jessica would face off against the Dark Phoenix herself alongside Garrison Kane and Gabriel Cohuelo. In the aftermath, Jessica was witness to Xorn's recreation of the Universe and retained her memories of the incident upon moving into the new world.

Phase 2

Upon entering the new Universe, Jessica would continue her work with X-Factor Investigations under the direction of Adrienne. She would become involved in a friends with benefits relationship with Warren Worthington and would attempt to assist Rogue through her memory loss. Jessica would also partner with Angelica Jones and Julian Keller as mentors to the newest batch of trainees, young and old, known as Generation X.

She also experienced her first and second cases as a member of X-Factor, first helping to investigate when Susan Storm's apartment was blown up, and then helping Garrison Kane to track down a leak when some files were stolen from the Triskelion building. She continued to work - and play - with X-Factor until August 2016, when she abruptly left to take care of her aged adoptive parents.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7

Weight: 124 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Jessica has the lobes of her ears pierced. She also has a tattoo of a diamond above her navel.


Jessica is a self-described "flying brick." Jessica possesses incredible strength for a woman of her size and build and she is ultimately able to lift around 10 tons at her peak. However, as she does not possess superhuman levels of stamina, she is unable to do this for extended periods of time. Jessica also possesses a limited form of invulnerability. While learning to fly, she withstood falls from great heights, and she was later able to withstand punches from beings as strong as Rogue with little to no injury as well as the Imperial Guard's Gladiator, though she suffered moderate injuries as a result. Jessica is also somewhat resistant to temperature extremes. She has suffered only body wide soreness after being lit on fire and would suffer similar soreness after being in extreme cold. If Jessica were to be shocked by an electrical discharge equal to that of a live power line, the normally lethal jolt would only cause Jessica to suffer a bloody nose and a brief loss of muscle control. That said, a second jolt would likely render her unconscious for a brief period. Jessica has proven that bullets and bladed weapons forged of conventional materials are unable to pierce her skin, though she isn't totally impervious to them and typically suffers mild injuries in the form of bruises. Jessica is also able to levitate and propel herself through the air at speeds up to around 200 mph. Despite her invulnerability, Jessica is not immune to diseases or poisons and she still has to breathe. If she is injured, Jessica recovers only as fast as a healthy, normal human being would.


Nothing too fantastic. Jessica does, however, carry a small notepad and pencil around at all times in order to write down things that she thinks need further investigation or study.


Saying that Jessica swears like a sailor would be an understatement.

Jessica is distrusting of mutants with telepathic or empathic abilities.

Jessica was trained in the use of her abilities by Rogue, making her a dangerous fighter in close quarters.

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Player: Available for applications



Player Icon Base: Eliza Dushku

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Kale joined X-Project with Jessica in August 2014 and remained until August 2016.