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Alex Summers and Lorna Dane, with a number of "voluntold" adults, took a group hiking on the Appalachian Trail for several days, during which Doreen Green made her return to the mansion owing to a Pokemon Go related injury. With Kyle Gibney on the hike, he didn't find out about this until his return several days later. At the same time, Susan Storm's younger brother Johnny Storm had a powers mishap at college and decided to take up his sister's idea of coming to the mansion.

After the hike, Olympic Fever gripped the mansion, which much ogling, speculation and bragging about the prowess of athletes. Alex and Lorna got engaged - again- and decided to move into the same suite, while Jessica Jones left to take care of her aging adopted parents. Tandy Bowen announced she was thinking of buying another castle and reacted to badly to incredulous discussion from Maya Lincoln-Lopez and Monica Rambeau about the weirdness of living in a place where people had the money to buy castles, plural. Tandy also stepped down from her position with Meridian Enterprises, the fashion company she co-ran with Adrienne Frost. Gabriel Cohuelo and Quentin Quire went on a not-date, and discussed going on a not-together vacation. But they totally weren't a couple.

Finally, Alison Blaire and Sue teamed up to see about whether Alison's light powers might be able to be applied as a form of invisibility.


Aug 1 - Maya and Kyle talk civilly and get some insight into her rage issues.

Aug 2 - Quentin and Gabriel go on a not date in the city and discuss a revelation about Gabriel before deciding to go on a vacation together, but it’s not a date. Lorna contacts the hikers to let them know about the gear they will need to bring to the trip. Everett texts Clint expressing his disbelief that he was roped into the trip. Alex reminds Scott that he’s supposed to drop Maya off at cheerleader camp after the camping trip. Natasha texts Clint asking why he thought her mixing with kids is a good Idea. Natasha also texts Everett to plan their revenge on Clint.

Aug 3 - Tandy announces that she’s thinking about buying another castle and going into the hotel business. Tabitha tells Alison she might not be able to make the camping trip and asks if they could hang out instead.

Aug 4 - After an accident at college Johnny finds himself lost and calls the one person who could help him, his big sister.

Aug 5 Maya notes how weird it is to live in a places where people can just mention offhandedly that they’re thinking about buying a castle or two.

Aug 6 - Gabriel invites the adults of the mansion to join him watching the Olympics and getting drunk on cachaça and eating pizza. Alison posts to say that she’s in front of a huge TV watching the games and people should join her. Darcy lets people know that women’s Rugby 7s might be her new favorite sport ever.

Aug 7 - Miles thinks he can do better than the Olympic athletes, to mansionwide consternation. Jean-Paul posts to let people know that he’s in Rio for the Games. Gabriel texts Jean-Paul to let him know he’d like to sleep with an Olympic athlete. Jubilee posts to let people know she’ll be staying at the mansion for the next few weeks to geek out over the gymnastics.

Aug 8 - Sharon posts about a workout she’d like to try sometimes. Tandy posts about the reactions to her wanting to buy another castle.

Aug 9 - Topaz posts a lot of kitty pics. Alison texts Tabitha about some music she is currently listening to. Marie-Ange posts about having found her internet home.

Aug 10 - Darcy posts a squad of kittens. Maya posts about a passive aggressive callout.

Aug 11

Aug 12 - Kitty posts about the types of YA books she has been reading. Meggan posts about finishing her bachelor's in Marine Biology. Lorna wishes Alex a happy birthday.

Aug 13 - Dori posts about being back. Clarice posts about her new theme song. Bobbi posts about missing track and field during the Olympics. Bobby posts about hockey team names. Angelo and John have lunch at the airport. Lorna and Maya go on a hike, where Lorna imparts some advice on the younger girl.

Aug 14 - Alex asks Lorna to marry him (again).

Aug 15 - Marie-Ange "accidentally" snoops through Quentin's mail and offers him some makeup tips.

Aug 16 - Kyle posts a youtube video of a woman making a galaxy cake and in the process discovers Dori is back.

Aug 17 - Molly posts about going to see Suicide Squad; she was not impressed with the movie.

Aug 18

Aug 19 - Maya posts about life after the group camping trip; she is also disappointed with Ryan Lochte’s Olympic lie due to its unoriginality.

Aug 20 - Bobbi posts about Jessica needing to take a leave of absence to take care of her elderly parents.

Aug 21 - Topaz posts about the appalling price of textbooks.

Aug 22

Aug 23 - Maya makes a post about cheerleader camp being kind of awesome.

Aug 24 - Clint shares a video about tie-dye body painting.

Aug 25 - Darcy announces that the new Star Trek makeup collection by MAC is out. Doug sends an email to Laurie, Wade and Marie-Ange regarding a weekend getaway and forgotten birthdays. Alison asks for some powers help via the journal to see if she can make herself invisible and Susan offers to help with practice.

Aug 26 - Gabriel and Billy take a dip in the lake to beat the summer heat.

Aug 27

Aug 28 - Tandy announces that she will be stepping down from her position at Meridian Enterprises in mid-October. Clea and Stephen decide to start dating. John texts Marie-Ange to play catch-up.

Aug 29 - Clea is not ready to be a junior when school restarts and asks for someone to take her shopping. Darcy hints that someone should buy her an eevee plushie for the winter holidays.

Aug 30 -

Aug 31 - Amanda tells people it’s John’s birthday and they should shower him with love, once they’ve worked out which one he is.


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