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X-Factor's investigation into the Church of Humanity continued to have repercussions, with media reports and proposed responses from various mansion residents. Those members of X-Factor who had been involved in the mansion were traumatised by the events and a team vacation happened in order to give them some recovery time. Angelo Espinosa and Jean-Phillipe Colbert received Mama Lupe's blessing on their marriage with a celebration at her restaurant, and Hope Abbott introduced Betsy Braddock to the White Queen of the Hellfire Club as a probationary member.

Reed Richards left the mansion, taking up a research opportunity in Paris with friend and former Worthy Paul Duval. Jean-Paul Beaubier let Topaz know that he was going to take some time off school, continuing to explore and photograph the Canadian wilderness.

At the end of the month, the feud between Topaz' family and the Destine Clan finally ended, with the abduction of Topaz by Adam Destine during a mission in Denver (where X-Force battled cultists looking for a page of the Darkhold). Amanda Sefton and Marie-Ange Colbert were ready for such an action and had placed location and protection spells on Topaz without her knowledge some weeks before. In London, Adam confronted Topaz, but the demon with whom he had bargained for his extra power arrived and demanded payment, dealing Adam a death blow when Adam refused to hand over Topaz' soul before he was done with her. Amanda teleported in at that moment; Adam's last action was to give his former childhood friend his memories, giving her insight into the 'new' version of their shared history with Rack.


Aug. 1 -

Aug. 2 -

Aug. 3 -

Aug. 4 - Alex emails XFI about a vacation.

Aug. 5 -

Aug. 6 -

Aug. 7 -

Aug. 8 - Nica posts about finally getting her power levels back up and asks Molly if she’s okay.

Aug. 9 - Case File: Take Me to Church: The media reports on the closure of the Salem Center branch of the Church of Humanity as a result of a murder investigation; Alex posts about raising funds for a scholarship in the name of the mutant victim. Sooraya and Scott have an email discussion about when and how a leader should intervene in a situation. Kitty posts a story about a friend whose funeral was picketed by the Church of Humanity.

Aug. 10 -

Aug. 11 - Topaz mentions Jean-Paul had a tough summer and is taking some time off before returning to school.

Aug. 12 -

Aug. 13 - Matt posts a Voltaire quote to his journal.

Aug. 14 - Sooraya e-mails Doug to ask for help with anonymously posting information on social media. Bobby makes a journal entry bemoaning the lack of ice hockey.

Aug. 15 - Nat makes a journal entry reminding people, especially Clint, that it’s Shark Week. Kyle texts Terry about sneaking out for her gala. Kyle also makes a journal post seeking help with his suit game.

Aug. 16 -

Aug. 17 - Sue makes a journal entry to let people know Reed has accepted a job opportunity in France.

Aug. 18 -

Aug. 19 - Felicia makes an Instagram post letting people know she’s not dead, just summering.

Aug. 20 - Jean-Phillipe and Angelo ask Mama Lupe for her blessing on their marriage and flashback to their vows.

Aug. 21 -

Aug. 22 -

Aug. 23 -

Aug. 24 - Hope A. introduces Betsy to Emma, with the mansion's newest telepath being offered a probationary period with the illustrious Hellfire Club. Kevin and Emma are both working late and wind up talking over cognac.

Aug. 25 - Alex texts the X-Factor team to get an update on their packing for the team vacation.

Aug. 26 -

Aug. 27 -

Aug. 28 -

Aug. 29 -

Aug. 30 -

Aug. 31 - An Eye For An Eye: The Denver Airport weirdness seems to have come to a head when the entire place goes dark, prompting Topaz to share the news with Amanda and Marie-Ange; A team of magic users and nearly-magic users arrive at the airport and determine there is definitely some magical shenanigans at work when they find cultists; Things quickly take a turn when Topaz disappears and the team fights the cultists waiting for them; Something much worse greets Topaz as she is brought back to London and face-to-face with Adam Destine, who has plans for her; News following the DIA's three hour block finally breaks, with no possible leads to the cause; Topaz and Amanda talk over what happened and why Amanda didn't tell Topaz about the ward protecting her.


An Eye for an Eye

Case File: Take Me to Church

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