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Clint Barton's studies of the wormhole continued, resulting in his frustration that he couldn't publish his findings. However, with the arrival of Daniel Lone Eagle, aka Forge, he found a fellow tech-geek with whom to discuss things. Forge also reconnected with Maya Lincoln-Lopez, whom he'd known at the reservation, and made himself known to various residents of the mansion. An impromptu pool party added to the social scene, although Darcy Lewis and Theresa Cassidy had some serious chat arising from Kyle Gibney's unusual body modesty.

X-Force got involved in a Maggia turf war, assisting Sarah Rushman in clearing her father and brother of a set-up orchestrated by her aunt.

Finally, an upgrade to the mansion's power system turned into a 48 hour blackout, thanks to the interference of a squirrel called Joe.


Aug 1 - Clint announces he’s written a scientific paper on the wormhole, although he can’t publish it.

Aug 2 -

Aug 3 -

Aug 4 -

Aug 5 -

Aug 6 - Maya shares some music she likes.

Aug 7 - Terry announces an impromptu pool party; Terry emails Darcy, wondering why Kyle is wearing a shirt at the pool party, which was unlike him.

Aug 8 - Molly texts Clint about her work on the portal drones. Darcy and Terry share a poolside conversation that dips into personal issues. Neither Garrison or Jean is feeling up for groups, so they both end up on the dock of the boat house, chatting and occasionally singing. Operation: Black Hand: Sarah approaches Kevin for help when her brother is set up and jailed; Kevin announces the new case; Felicia and Gabriel, tailing Margaret Farris, Sarah’s aunt, discover she is meeting other Maggia family members. Gabe texts Felicia about finding a man he noticed while tailing Margaret.

Aug 9 - Operation: Black Hand: Darcy and Artie stake out the Karnelli Family, Margaret’s new friends, and look for potential mimics for Kevin to use; Amanda tails the chosen target while Kevin doubles back mimicking him and scopes out Margaret Farris' offices; Amanda ‘ports in with Sarah and they seize evidence that Margaret set-up Sarah’s brother and father.

Aug 10 - Forge arrives at the mansion for a meeting and meets Clint. Doug shares a comic about Eldritch vowels. After learning of Forge, Marie-Ange texts Doug. Operation: Black Hand: X-Force discusses what they found in Margaret’s office and it appears Margaret has made an alliance with Madame Masque and the Nefaria Family; Sarah’s father and brother go into deeper hiding and Sarah and Felicia are tasked with keeping an eye on the Maggia power struggles; later, Amanda thanks whoever picked her up (literally) after teleporting with a passenger and swears she’s not doing that again.

Aug 11 - Terry texts Alison asking to switch up their voice lessons. Forge emails Maya asking to catch up. Forge comes across April working with her hands and they discuss science.

Aug 12 - Forge brings Maya fry bread and they catch up on how they've been going since they last saw each other.

Aug 13 - Kyle takes Maya dancing for a little public power training. Marie-Ange and Pyotr share art time and talk about the life-work balance involved with being the head of X-Force.

Aug 14 - Sooraya emails Angelo asking about a couple of humanitarians who she'd come into contact with. Clint texts Scott asking his thoughts on letting Forge take a swing through the Danger Room.

Aug 15 - Jean-Phillipe emails Marie-Ange concerning her birthday weekend dinner plans. Namor emails Quentin and Terry about publicity. Arthur asks for good vibes memes. Clarice posts a journal requesting a sparring partner. Forge finds Matt in the Chapel basement and the possibility to expand upon accessibility occurs.

Aug 16 - Terry and Forge chat powers over Terry's disassembled mixer. Clint stumbles on Felicia while going for coffee and finds himself taken into the city.

Aug 17 - At the District X Community Centre, Alani and Sooraya talk about the future and family.

Aug 18 - Gabe texts Clint to compliment his new look. Felicia shares her good deed makeover. April asks who made Clint up and offers them something for their service. Following their Danger Room session, Clint and Forge talk the mansion, other agencies, and a little science.

Aug 19 - Clint shows Forge to the Chapel - along the way, they discuss eXcalibur's particular security requirements.

Aug 20 - Monica laments the coming of graduate school.

Aug 21 - Operation: Kefauver: News breaks of a shootout in Queens that resulted in two dead; X-Force discusses the event and the information they have so far before dispersing to learn more.

Aug. 22 - Operation: Kefauver: Felicia and Sarah discuss the Maggia wedding and hatch a plan; X-Force decides to use the opportunity to infiltrate and get info.

Aug. 23 - Kyle askswhy.

Aug. 24 - Amanda and Forge meet, and find common ground in music.

Aug. 25 - Operation: Kefauver: The party crashers set their plan into action - Doug and Emma get in with HFC invitation; Marie-Ange and Topaz pull some shenanigans to get access to the back room and plant a tap; Kevin uses the tap to compromise security, and give Felicia and Sarah a way in; a meeting between the Maggia family heads go poorly. Kyle posts about NEEDING a new game.

Aug. 26 - Operation: Kefauver: X-Force goes over the information they recovered; Felicia emails Kevin about Hammerhead killing her father. Matt emails eXcalibur about emergency contingency plans. Clint texts Matt to complain about a conference he's at. Gabe and Clint meet at the hotel bar afterwards.

Aug. 27 - Maya wonders if she can get some Navajo peach seeds. Gabe asks Clint for a ride home. April thanks Forge for the new sound filters.

Aug. 28 - Blackout: Clint posts about upgrading some mansion wiring and equipment.

Aug. 29 - Blackout: Clint, Forge, and Molly begin the announced upgrades; it goes much worse than one would expect. Forge texts Molly and Clint about the problem, and Clint posts an all-call for help; Alex posts about a cookout and camping; Molly, Forge, and Clint try to turn everything back on - it doesn't work; Forge ends up in the med lab with damage to his prosthetic; Matt and Doug wake up to the blackout and Matt is amused; Doug mocks Clint; Matt mocks everyone; Marie-Ange tells X-Force she will not expense their hotel rooms to get away from the mansion; Kyle posts about grilling; Alani closes the library, not wanting to be responsible for anything happening. Maya meets Kevin, and it doesn't go terribly.

Aug. 30 - April and Forge eat lunch together and talk science.

Aug. 31 - Blackout: Alani checks in with Clint post-power outage (and fixing).


Operation: Black Hand

Operation: Kefauver

Event: Blackout

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