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In the face of an impending Maggia war, X-Force continued their investigation. In the process, Sarah Rushman settled things permanently with her aunt, Felicia Hardy discovered who had killed her father and David North was very nearly drowned, making one of his premonitions a reality. He survived, but remained in a coma with Jubilation Lee and Felicia watching over him. Sarah was also offered a full-time position with X-Force.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II raised various reactions from mansion dwellers, with Amanda Sefton feeling the brunt of London's combined emotions and needing many drinks to cope.


Sep 1 - Maya tells Darcy her boss doesn't suck.

Sep 2 - Terry recruits Pyotr for some bodyguard duty.

Sep 3 -

Sep 4 - Kevin grabs Darcy for some late night technology hunting. Terry texts Darcy, concerned for Kyle's well-being.

Sep 5 -

Sep 6 - Operation: Apalachin: X-Force calls a meeting to discuss an impending meeting between the Maggia; they decide disruption is key going forward. April and Pyotr talk after his meeting with Felicia and dog therapy is applied.

Sep 7 - Artie mentions seeing reports of a masked man shouting Shakespeare and Led Zepplin while slaughtering bad guys with a war axe. Operation: Apalachin: North, Nat and Jubilee take on Tombstone and his bikers but things do not go to plan and North is captured; meanwhile, Kevin picks up Wanda to help him deal with Silver Sable International; later, Nat and Jubilee hit the Karnelli stronghold in order to give Sarah a way through, after which Sarah confronts her aunt; North wakes up and meets Hammerhead and is drowned; Kevin and Wanda start an assault on Hammerhead’s base in order to get to North; Felicia confronts Hammerhead, who is the man who killed her father, but leaves with more questions than answers; North is finally rescued by Felicia, Kevin and Wanda.

Sep 8 - Operation: Apalachin: The Maggia War is over, and some surprising winners have emerged. Felicia sneaks into Wanda's room, following her return. Maya and Darcy catch up by the pool and talk about guys.

Sep 9 - Amanda mentions the downsides of being connected to London as a nation mourns the loss of their sovereign. Terry mentions the Queen’s passing with a phrase in Gaelic, Go Raibh Suaimhneas Síoraí Uirthi (May she rest in eternal peace). Wanda mentions having returned and thanks Clint for taking care of her books among other things. Topaz texts Amanda about buying alcohol. April talks about how she’ll miss the lady with the hats and delightful Corgies. Betsy reflects on the Queen’s death and how it makes her miss her parents.

Sep 10 - Maya texts Forge, Alani, Gabe, America and Angelo about going to the screaming room. Jubilee notes that she’ll be sitting with North for the foreseeable future as he is in a coma.

Sep 11 America texts Topaz asking her how upset she is re: death of sovereign. Terry messages Alison about new songs to practice.

Sep 12 -

Sep 13 - Darcy reflects on the date and how much things can change in a year.

Sep 14 -

Sep 15 - Hope talks about not working for exposure instead of being paid.

Sep 16 - Maya talks about watching GBBO and invites others along. Gabe texts Quentin about going out for drinks. Jean shares a patch she’ll stick on her med bag that says ‘Ouch Pouch’. Clint leaves a present outside Gabriel’s door. Amanda leaves two bottles of tequila on Gabriel’s desk with a Happy Birthday message. Gabe texts Clint a thank you and asks who told him about his birthday. Maya wishes Gabe a happy birthday and tells him he’s not allowed to laugh at her bad Spanish accent.

Sep 17 - Alani posts about her chickens laying way too many eggs. Kyle challenges everyone to a Battle Royale based on a meme of Stone Cold Jane Austen.

Sep 18 -

Sep 19 -

Sep 20 - Operation: Bat Country: Gabriel emails Marie-Ange about the job she has for him in Mexico and the Southern United States.

Sep 21 - Following the business with the Maggia, Kevin sounds out Sarah about joining X-Force. Clint emails Marie-Ange and Jubilee about research in China on an “invisibility cloak” that’s gone suddenly silent.

Sep 22 -

Sep 23 -

Sep 24 -

Sep 25 -

Sep 26 - Darcy ponders if Chip 'n' Dale have a luck mutation. Alani shares news of Hawai'i closing their last coal powered power plant.

Sep 27 -

Sep 28 -

Sep 29 -

Sep 30 - Jubilee wanders into Garrison’s room and joins him in watching random TV.


Operation: Apalachin

Operation: Bat Country

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