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With the announcement that Amara Aquilla would not be returning for the new school year, Tabitha Smith and Alison Blaire became roommates. Other newcomer, Everett Thomas decided to make himself known and offered his services as a powers trainer. Clint Barton, Kyle Gibney, Matt Murdock and Topaz likewise pledged to offer their services to the mansion, tired of feeling like moochers.

Gabriel Cohuelo discovered Miles Morales was having regular sex with his townie girlfriend, and Miles discovered Gabriel was considering college. Hope Abbott, along with her new role at X-Factor Investigations as a researcher, also approached the White Court of the Hellfire Club about becoming a member, and the proposal was considered favourably. Bobbi Morse went for a trip to Japan with Warren and Gabriel hosted an 'end of summer' BBQ, which in reality was his 21st birthday party.

Finally, with the news that an anti-mutant bill was being pushed by members of the former Foundation for Genetic Harmony - now known as GenetiX United - Hope, along with Doug Ramsey and Darcy Lewis who had discovered her mutant powers of persuasion, went to Washington to quietly undo their machinations and capture the culprits. The mission was a success, however Garrulous and Scanner escaped from SHIELD custody.


Sep 1 - At a local comic convention, Stephen animates a Lego Harry Potter figure at Molly’s request. Miles finds Gabriel thinking about taking his GED and Gabriel finds out about Miles and his girlfriend having sex.

Sep 2 - Laurie emails Wade, Marie-Ange and Doug to apologise for being at a medical conference during Wade’s birthday and suggesting they all have a weekend away.

Sep 3 - Bobbi discloses that there is a reality TV show about naked speed dating. Cecilia and Bobbi talk about books and biology.

Sep 4 - Jubilee complains about having to work at night. Gabriel suggests an end-of-summer party.

Sep 5 - Sue sends Hank a birthday card. Gabriel texts Wade to ask for help with a drunken 21st birthday celebration. Clea makes a journal entry stating that she is ready to take on the new school year. Wade texts Marie-Ange regarding Gabriel’s earlier request. Everett, Clint, Kyle, Matt, and Topaz decide to volunteer their services to the school instead of sitting around on their lazy butts, mooching off Xavier all day. Quentin makes a journal entry describing in graphic detail what he’d like to do to Phyllis Schlafly’s grave. Garrison and Rogue visit the local Labour Day Fair, where Rogue once again deals with his one track mind.

Sep 6 - Maya makes a journal entry about the US government banning a Native American tribe from protesting on their own land. Jean makes a journal entry announcing she’s still alive and recounting recent shenanigans at the hospital where she works. Everett announces his presence on the journals, offering help with powers issues.

Sep 7 - Everett works with Sooraya on her powers. Rahne makes a journal entry about her triumphs and downfalls from the first two days back to school. Warren posts to the XFI journal asking the team to take advantage of Hope’s research skills, and also reinstating Taco Tuesdays. Xavin continues some post-second-day-of-school revelry with Quentin, and they both decide to explore more about themselves. Lorna texts Alex about her missing law books and a potential midnight taco run.

Sep 8 - Maya makes a journal entry asking whether she should join the drama club. Reed comes to get a physical, and Cecilia tries to be patient. Sooraya emails Rogue to see if she’ll accompany her to a spiritual group she may join.

Sep 9 - Laurie makes a journal entry looking for others potentially interested in archery. Clea makes a journal entry about her birthday. Hope talks with Emma, Doug, and Julian about taking a position in the White Court.

Sep 10 - Molly and Garrison bump into each other while visiting Daisy in the barn, and he agrees to give her some advanced training. Kitty texts Scott to see what he’s doing.

Sep 11 - Hope posts an amusing RSVP card fail.

Sep 12 -

Sep 13 -

Sep 14 - Gabriel asks for taste testers to help him try out different combinations of liquor before his party.

Sep 15 - Sharon approaches the medbay staff asking them to consider running an advanced first aid course for a interested parties at the mansion. Warren sends Bobbi a text to remind her that their trip to Japan is tomorrow and she needs to double check all the dinner reservations. Reed sends Sue a text letting her know his phone works again after just paying his bill, he is met with exasperation. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Hope’s friend, CJ Ward, contacts her with some important news about an upcoming law, and some old acquaintances who are driving it; Hope goes to talk to Doug about her news to come up with a plan; Doug kicks the news up the chain to Emma, who decides that this might be a good opportunity to test Hope; Hope and Doug recruit Darcy to help them with their trip.

Sep 16 - Gabriel announces the party is on and announces the S’moretini. Warren shows up to the party with a gift for Gabriel, who is left speechless though not necessarily in a good way; a drunk Quentin lets Maya know exactly what he thinks of her; Sharon talks to Xavin about taking a swim; Miles and Bobby sneak alcohol at Gabe's party and are caught by Angel; Alex and Marie-Ange meet at the party and talk. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Hope meets CJ and introduces her to Doug and Darcy.

Sep 17 - Quentin and Gabriel sneak out of the party early for a date in a hotel room where neither of them plan to get much sleep. Doug emails Laurie, Wade and Marie-Ange to let them know that he’s going to be out of town with Hope for a few days. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Doug and Cara (a mutant friend of CJ's) work to figure out the identities which Scanner and Garrulous are using; CJ and Hope try to brainstorm out the most likely targets for the villains to have talked to; Hope and Darcy then search through the media for a likely candidate; after that Darcy and CJ check the backgrounds of the politicians to see who would make a viable target; Doug and Hope hack a phone looking for confirmation; Doug then hacks into the appointment books of the politicians under suspicion; Hope convinces Cara to access her own resources to check into staff members who might have been approached; Darcy and Cara prepare some footwork for a honeytrap, but end up just talking about their favorite restaurant; Doug teaches Darcy to connect phones.

Sep 18 - Sooraya connects with Maya over their mutual love of horses. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Ghosting into a building Hope observes Garrulous and Scanner working their magic on a delegate; Hope requests the mansions scientists figure out a way to restrain Scanner and Hank, Reed and Sue come to the rescue.

Sep 19 Alex posts about officially being a college graduate. Tandy posts about Fashion Week. - The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Hope goes to a sex shop to buy the means to silence Garrulous; Hope distracts Scanner, while Doug and Darcy find her body and contain her; Darcy takes out Garrulous by slipping something in his drink; Darcy then contacts Clint to arrange for SHIELD to take custody of them.

Sep 20 - Alex injures himself and Cecilia responds with her characteristic bedside manner. Darcy posts about what she is getting for Christmas. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Plans are made to undo the damage Garrulous has done; Hope and Doug manufacture fake evidence to break up the ring of staffers.

Sep 21 - Everett emails Sooraya to ask how the training is going. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Cara helps Darcy to get to a major lobbyist; Darcy undoes the damage to Delegate Hooper caused by Garrulous.

Sep 22 - The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: A meeting is held on how how to deal with the sponsors of the bill; Hope does some spying to find out the weakness of one of the sponsors.

Sep 23 - The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Hope reports what she observed on her spying mission and a plan is made; Hope makes arrangements for the other sponsor to be dealt with by Emma; Doug prepares for the honey trap and executes the plan.

Sep 24 Jubilee posts about a new crochet pattern. Maya posts about how she feels about homework. Laurie sends Doug an email with a sexy pic of herself. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Hope and Doug distribute the footage they made the night before. Hope makes plans to form an information network with Cara, CJ and Ian, then ends up sleeping with Ian and Cara.

Sep 25 - Doug posts about him looking different after returning from his mission. Adrienne congratulates Garrison about winning fantasy baseball. Alison texts Tabitha about rooming together now that Amara has left.

Sep 26

Sep 27 - Wade explains a little bit about his religion by posting a religious text by the Tacopope. Domino posts a pool, wondering about people’s thoughts about a convolutional neural network. Sharon posts to offer an advanced first aid course to anyone who is interested. Sharon emails Julian, Angel and Kyle to see if the mentors can convince Amadeus to sign up for first aid. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Hope posts on xp_teams regarding the resurgence of Foundation for Genetic Harmony (now named GenetiX United) and that she’s captured two key members with assistance from others. Clarice posts about wanting to live in a tiny house with a TARDIS closet.

Sep 28

Sep 29 - The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Clint texts Darcy and lets her know Garrulous and Scanner got away; Darcy, in turn, emails Hope and Doug to let them know.

Sep 30


The Dulcet Sound of My Voice

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