Sarah Ryall

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Sarah Ryall
Portrayed by Allison Mack
Known Aliases: Scanner
Affiliations: Rudolph von Habsburg
Socked By: Michael
Introduction: Tropic of Capricorn

Formerly the public face of the Foundation for Genetic Harmony, Sarah Ryall stills works with GenetiX United to create the dreams of a world ruled by mutants.


Name: Sarah Ryall

Aliases: Scanner

Affiliation: Rudolph von Habsburg

First appearance: Tropic of Capricorn



Not much is known about Sarah's past, as she prefers to keep not to speak of it. Known is that she grew up in a small, lower middle class family and that she had a fairly happy childhood. When she manifested her family accepted her and they found ways how she could control her powers and keep them hidden. She graduated high school and went to community college where she gained an Associate of Office Administration. Afterwards she went to work at a small local firm and that is how she met Tom Ryall. Tom was a visible mutant, but despite that they fell in love and were married half a year later. Though things were not always easy, Tom was accepted more or less and they were happy together.

Tragedy struck when they went to the big city to celebrate their one year marriage anniversary. On the way to the theater they were mugged and recognizing Tom was a visible mutant they beat him and he later died in the hospital. Sarah was also hit, but survived.

Looking for support after this drama she found support groups for mutants who had gone through a trauma, she met someone who believed mutants and humans would never be able to live together. That mutants would have to fight to survive. Seeing more and more discrimination of mutants around her, she began to agree. Slowly she got more involved in this world, losing contact with her family and friends. When offered the chance to come to Avalon, she jumped on it. After the loss of Avalon, she felt adrift once again. A chance encounter with The Archduke gave her a new purpose and she joined him as his executive assistant. She also serves as a public face for the organisation.

Phase 1

In September 2014, she went to Michigan in order to help Amy Wright and Hope Abbott convince Amy's mother to allow Amy to go to Europe for an internship with the Foundation. Unfortunately she was recognized from her time on Avalon by Laurie Collins, and with Azazel's help she kidnapped Hope, Amy, and Laurie, bringing them back to The Archduke. Following the X-Men's raid on The Archduke's castle, she escaped with the Archduke and what remained of their organization.

Phase 2

In September 2016 she worked with Garrulous to get various anti-mutant laws passed, before being stopped by Hope and her friends. She was handed over to SHIELD.


Scanner's primary ability is to assume an electro-transitional state, effectively becoming a living hologram. In this energy form, Scanner is has a range of a few hundred kilometers, is intangible, and normally undetectable to human senses. She communicates with others psionically in this state, and can become transparently visible to others at will.

She also has a secondary power, being able to sense the unique presence of mutant bio-rhythms, detecting them from at least a few hundred feet away. She can only detect mutants and get a vague idea what their powers are. She is unable to sense humans.


Phase 1

Tropic of Capricorn

Higher Than Hope

Phase 2

The Dulcet Sound of My Voice


Socked by: Michael

PB: Allison Mack