Foundation for Genetic Harmony

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Foundation for Genetic Harmony
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Sarah, Amy, Suki, Gabe, Azazel, Goose, Shieldo, Shielda
Affiliations: Rudolph von Habsburg
Socked By: Various
Introduction: Higher Than Hope

'Good luck and remember to keep our kind safe... to keep our kind strong...'

A front for Archduke Rudolph von Habsburg's organization that aims to create a world where mutants rule, the Foundation for Genetic Harmony's mission statement states that it is simply trying to create a world where mutants are able to "assist" humans in areas such as politics, sociology, and philosophy.

First Appearance

September 2014

Current Members

Amy Wright
Known as Eyespy. See her individual page for more details.

PB: Julia Goldani Telles, socked by Sam

Sarah Ryall
Known as Scanner. See her individual page for more details.

PB: Allison Mack, socked by Michael

Suki Sato
Known as Mimic. Born in Atlanta, Suki has one older brother and her parents own a small, but successful tech company. Both children were stimulated to achieve their own dreams and when Suki wanted to start a small business of her own when she was 14, her parents fully encouraged her. Having been fascinated with computers since a young age, she started with writing small apps for friends and family, but through word of mouth her business grew quickly. During her junior year she won the Young Business Award of a local organisation and she founded a Young Entrepreneurs club at school. This all collapsed at the start of her senior year, when accusations rose that her parents business had ties with the Chinese mob. She eagerly jumped at the chance to get away from it, accepting The Archduke’s invitation for a business related internship. Her power is "mimicry" - the ability to perfectly imitate anyone's voice, as well as mannerisms and handwriting.

PB: Dyana Liu, socked by Zoila

Gabriel 'Gabe' Forrest
Known as Garrulous. Gabe is an only child from Alabama. Since middle school he has been active in student government and he was class president for several years. Gabe got into trouble when he used his abilities to talk down a boy who hurting his girlfriend. The boy, being the nephew of the principal, got Gabe thrown out of school on account of him ‘mind controlling him’. To deal with this and the reaction of his social group, he turned towards alcohol to escape now and then. Caught quickly by his parents though, they together decided getting away from the situation would be a good thing. Gabe selected the internship as his favorite option. Together with CJ, he is involved in a political internship. His power is hypersuasion - the ability to convince anyone to do whatever he wants if he talks to them long enough. It's not something he can completely control.

PB: Ryan Pinkston, socked by Walks

Real name unknown. His origin is mostly unknown. The only clear clues are his Russian/ Eastern European accent and a handful of myths about a demon who strikes and kills the entire family. It is assumed The Archduke met him on his travels and offered him a stable home where he could still practice his favorite craft. Icy polite and almost aristocratic, he views himself not as The Archduke’s man, but a equal doing his business partner a favor. When the X-Men raided The Archduke's castle, he tried to get away, unwilling to face off against the powerful adversaries, showing that his loyalties don't run that deep. He has teleporting abilities and hand-to-hand combat skills, assisted by a short sword and a sharp tail on which he impales his victims.

PB: Jason Flemyng

Golden Goose
The son of an Italian mob enforcer, Goose because familiar with violence and the various ways to hurt people from a fairly young age and found he had a certain talent for this. Unfortunately, his manifestation at age 19 ended this and he ended up moving from low paying job to low paying job, never settling down, till he met The Archduke and joined him. Goose is the one who provides much with untraceable funds for The Archduke’s operations. Though not the smartest man, this and his cruel edge makes him the perfect man to frighten and discipline the troops and the teens he has taken. Following the X-Men's raid and rescue, he was captured and turned over to the authorities and is currently in custody. He has the ability to lay golden eggs.

PB: Max Thieriot

Shieldo and Shielda
Nothing much is know about these Asian twins. It is rumored that The Archduke saved them from a terrible fate and because of that they are very loyal. They were possible the first teens he took in and educated in his philosophy. They are quiet and withdrawn and generally only speak with each other. Their duty is to shield the castle day and night and they are very devoted to this duty. They were captured and turned over to the authorities along with Goose and are currently in custody. Both have the ability to cloak people and things from psi’s. This takes the form of a kind of dome. A psi outside the dome would find that it shows up as a form of white noise, while a psi in the dome would find his range was halted.

PB: Tammy and Victor Jih, socked by Mon (Shielda) and Rei (Shieldo)

Former Members

CJ Ward
Formerly known as Profiler. CJ is an only child from Connecticut. She wanted to be be a lawyer since middle school and she was knew it was important to make a good grades. She was known to be studious, but mostly was noticed because she was involved in the debate team, mock trial team and Model United Nations. However, after the revelation of her mutant abilities, she was kicked out of various competitions because of claims she used her talent to win. Being basically socially exiled from her social world at home, she finds a new one online and she eagerly accepts the groups invitation for a politically oriented internship. When the X-Men raided the castle, she surrendered along with Ian, disenchanted by the life The Archduke was offering them. Her power is called "perception," allowing her to read facial expressions and body language and figure out the bearer's thoughts and feelings. She cannot use it on herself and strong emotions cloud her ability.

PB: Elise Gatien, socked by Ryan

Ian Archer
Formerly known as Forward. Ian is from California and has one younger brother. They and their father are fanatical players of war games like Risk and Axes and Allies. He also started studying martial arts when he was six years old and still practices Wushu. Ian was suspended from his high school after getting into a fight with a bully who was harassing his friend. It was during that fight when he possibly first became aware of his preflex ability, as he was able to 'see' and counter the bully's every punch. At home, his parents lectured him on not fighting, even to defend his friends. This causes him to protest, stating that that is who he is. His internship is military and defense oriented. He surrendered along with Ian during the X-Men raid. His power is called "preflex." He can detect and react to events a split second before they happen. Combined with his martial arts training, this makes Ian an excellent fighter who's almost impossible to surprise.

PB: Drew van Acker


On the surface, the FGH appears to be entirely innocent - they're a group of European mutants on an online forum that discuss mutant related politics, sociology and philosophy. Much of the conversation is about how mutation can impact local and regional politics, industry and peacekeeping. While it is mostly neutral in terms of political leaning, there is a subtle undertone that the reason mutants have a duty towards humans is due to their 'advanced' nature and relative gifts.

However Hope Abbott, after being introduced and pulled in by Amy Wright, discovered that there was something much darker going on beneath the surface. The Foundation was just a front to recruit mutants for the Archduke's army, with the aim of creating a "perfect" world where mutants ruled. Following raids by X-Force and the X-Men, the Archduke disappeared, taking his army with him, and the Foundation seems to have gone defunct.


Higher Than Hope


Socked by: Sam, Michael, Walks, AJ, Dex, Rei, Mon, Emerson, Zoila

In Phase 2 this organisation is known as GenetiX United