The Dulcet Sound of My Voice

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The Dulcet Sound of My Voice
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Dates run: September 15-24, 2016
Run By: Eva
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"Damn. Anti-mutant laws? Active use of mutant abilities to commit a crime makes an automatic felony? X-gene a pre-existing condition for health insurance? And educational institutions obligated to make sure mutants cannot take unfair advantage of financial aid? Are you kidding me?"

When CJ Ward contacts Hope Abbott about having seen Garrulous and Scanner in Richmond, Virginia, she travels there to stop their dangerous political machinations.


Hope Abbott, Doug Ramsey, Darcy Lewis, Emma Frost, Susan Storm, Reed Richards, Hank McCoy

CJ Ward, Cara Montgomery, Ian Archer

Scanner, Garrulous


September 15-24, 2016

Plot Summary

Hope receives a message from CJ that she has seen Garrulous and Scanner around in Richmond, the capital of the state of Virginia during some of her duties. After seeing them coming from the office of a senator of the Virginia General Assembly, she tried to find out what they were doing there. This didn’t work, but when she started researching events surrounding mutants in Virginia, she and a mutant friend named Cara figured that some voices had shifted in the direction of anti-mutant laws. Even worse, some of these laws were currently in committee and would go to a vote in the Assembly if it got enough support. Hope and CJ also realize that if these laws do pass, other states might follow suit with similar anti mutant laws and it might even spread to the national level.

Hope takes this news to Doug and a decision made to go to Virginia to try and stop them. As a way to undo the damage without anymore knowing Darcy is coming along. Doug also gets in contact with Emma to discuss the situation, so she can provide assistance from the sidelines. Darcy accepts their request to help out as well. Next day they arrive in Washington and meet up with Cara and CJ and the day after they head to Richmond. After a lot of research they identify two groups who are targeted: politicians and strong lobbyists as a first group and more minor, but well placed staff members as a second group.

Hope (in her astral form) observes a meeting between Scanner, Garrulous and Delegate Hooper whom they attempt to influence. Preparations for two traps are set. Hope goes to buy a gag at the sex shop, while at the mansion Sue, Reed and Hank create a Faraday cage to contain Scanner. Hope engages Scanner in an astral chase to keep her distracted, while Darcy and Doug find Scanner’s body and put her inside the Faraday cage. Later that evening Garrulous is met by Darcy and a drug is slipped in his drink. Darcy contacts Clint to arrange for them to be handed over to SHIELD.

With Garrulous and Scanner out of the way, the damage they did needs to be undone. Darcy will use her abilities to influence them to undo the idea's that Garrulous forced upon the powerful players, while Doug and Hope manufacture evidence of an investigation by the Attorney's General Office to split apart the group of staffers. Finally the sponsors of the bill need to be dealt with. One is out of town and Emma is contacted to oversee him being dealt with. They figure out Delegate Taylor, the other sponsor of the bill, likes to pick up mutant male streetwalkers. Doug poses as one and has an encounter with him that is filmed. Evidence of this is leaked to the media.

Ian arrives and Hope, Cara, Ian and CJ agree to form an network to keep an eye on mutant affairs. After their evening together, Ian, CJ and Hope end up in bed and sleep together.

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The laws in the bill are:

- The active use of mutant abilities to commit a crime makes an automatic felony, even if normally classified as a misdemeanor or an infraction. Traffic violations are excluded from this.

- Possession of the X-gene will become pre-existing conditions health insurers can continue to exclude from their coverage if they choose to do so.

- Educational institutions will have the obligation to make sure that no mutant can take an unfair advantage of their financial aid with the burden of proof on the mutant.


Plotrunner: Eva