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Bobbi and Warren, during their business trip to Japan, found themselves dealing with the Morning After a night of celebration. Tandy Bowen announced her return and Tabitha Smith posted about how thrilled she was to be sharing a suite with Alison Blaire. Sooraya Qadir continued her search for a faith that would fulfill her needs, attending a Unitarian Universalist gathering with Rogue as moral support.

Sharon Friedlander organised an advanced first aid course for Generation X, with Warren volunteering Alex Summers and Lorna Dane from X-Factor as well. Clinton Barton continued his plan for a new team, approaching Julian Keller about potentially joining. Then an accident with an unusual package (an Asgardian artifact resulted in Clint and Matt Murdock going berserk in the library and Topaz, Kyle Gibney and Everett Thomas combining their efforts to prevent further damage and secure the staff causing the issues.

During a stake out, Jubilation Lee got to the bottom of why Amanda Sefton had been avoiding her and Amanda's issues with loss post M-Day were aired.

Finally, mysterious Acts of Pumpkin occurred during the days before Halloween, confusing and amusing all involved.


Oct 1 - Warren posts, complaining that his phone and laptop have been hacked and his name changed. Sooraya and Cecilia volunteer together at a local food bank.

Oct 2 - Gabriel expresses his love for baseball.

Oct 3 - Topaz texts Amanda about her cat eating her homework.

Oct 4 - Molly crowdsources Halloween costume ideas. Wade sounds the taco alarm. Bobbi and Warren prep for a business meeting in Japan, then celebrate after.

Oct 5 - Tabitha posts her joy over rooming with Alison. Bobbi and Warren deal with the morning after. Natasha checks on Clint. Gabriel apologizes to Wade for his birthday shenanigans.

Oct 6 -

Oct 7 -

Oct 8 -

Oct 9 - Rogue and Sooraya go to a Unitarian Universalist gathering. Gabriel and Angel enjoy some time on the water. Sharon emails Warren about training X-Factor in advanced first aid. She also asks Garrison and Scott for a training-related Danger Room scenario. Warren "volunteers" Lorna and Alex for the training. Matt posts about his music taste.

Oct 10 - Clint and Julian chat about arrowheads and Julian’s possible future in a new team. Quentin and Warren have a discussion about their lives as mutants.

Oct 11 - Artie shares a video featuring contemporary visionary art and architecture. Cecilia and Laurie decide to play catch up over dinner and drinks.

Oct 12 -

Oct 13 - Sooraya emails Angelo asking for contacts in Algeria when she suspects something amiss.

Oct 14 - Tandy announces that she’s back. Clea sends a text to Steve about Halloween.

Oct 15 - Clint makes a post asking about everyone’s Halloween plans. Maya and Quentin have another less than friendly encounter despite her efforts to try to get him to understand her. Staff of Five: Matt and Clint receive a mysterious package via a USPS delivery man. Matt, Clint, Topaz, Ev and Kyle get a bit more than they bargained for after opening the mysterious package in the library. Topaz announces that the library is closed for maintenance and puts a ban on magic and magical-related items. Kyle makes a post explaining the chaos in the library. Rogue checks in on Topaz to make sure she’s alright; Topaz drops by Amanda’s suite while she’s examining the staff and Amanda expresses her grumpiness at Clint. Reed expresses his disappointment that the library’s been shut down.

Oct 16 - Jean-Paul sends Topaz a text to let her know that the library’s been fixed. Maya makes a post commenting about the incident at the library and her own anger issues. Clint sends an email to Matt, Topaz, Ev and Kyle regarding the staff that had been delivered to them.

Oct 17 - Clea leaves Topaz a package of biscuits. Angelo finds Topaz in the rec room and they discover a mutual enjoyment of Welcome to Night Vale. Quentin asks Gabriel via text if he wants to come to the tattoo parlour.

Oct 18

Oct 19 - Sharon posts an update on the First Aid courses she’s running. Laurie reflects on how easy it is to fall into a research hole while reading about the Salem Witch Trials.

Oct 20

Oct 21

Oct 22 Lorna expresses her distaste of Halloween-related prank jobs at X-Factor. Bobbi gives Hope a lesson in observing a suspect while driving.

Oct 23 Bobbi posts about Halloween candy being evil and that she’ll have to put in extra Danger Room time to work off the calories. Maya has another horse riding lesson with Sooraya.

Oct 24 Jubilee challenges all comers to “Ruler of the Lake (™)”.

Oct 25 - Laurie makes a journal entry questioning what she just saw on The Walking Dead. Amanda texts Wanda, Kurt, and Meggan about Operation Bloody Orange. Ev and Sooraya train together, Sooraya showing what she’s learned and Ev making a mistake. While on a stakeout, Jubilee finally has the chance to ask Amanda what’s on her mind. Gabriel ponders what to do for a Halloween costume when what he ordered doesn’t arrive.

Oct 26 -

Oct 27 - Jean writes an open letter to the drunk girl that puked on her, and also scored some free cheesecake. Kevin takes Jean out for her birthday, and discussions about life choices are had.

Oct 28 - Nica, Topaz, Clint, Rogue, Cecilia, Molly, Alex, and Maya all make journal entries about mysterious pumpkins that appeared out of nowhere.

Oct 29 - Darcy, Kyle, Quentin, and Angel also make journal entries about mysterious pumpkins that appeared out of nowhere. Laurie posts a picture of what she’s going to do to all those pumpkins.

Oct 30 - Bobbi posts a picture of her new favorite shirt. Marie-Ange makes a journal entry asking wtf is up with these pumpkins? Laurie emails Wade about a pumpkin trebuchet.

Oct 31 - Clea posts cackling that something lives. Nica lets everyone know that Oswald the Pumpkin now has vampire fangs and dribbles of blood leaking from his mouth. Miles suggests that people gather for a horror movie party, but to leave their pumpkins behind. Topaz posts a story about how she told a guy on campus that she’s dressed as a witch for Halloween. Garrison organizes a pumpkin drive, donating the pumpkins which had gathered around the mansion to a local bakery for the nearby shelters. Billy posts a picture encouraging the mansion folk to get their act together and not be outdone by NASA's Halloween decorations. While everyone else is trick or treating, Reed and Sue have a chance encounter in the Stormtech labs when he gives her a ring of malleable metal.



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