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Jean-Paul Beaubier continued to search for the mutant artist's model who had gone missing from his class, enlisting Susan Storm to help. Warren Worthington's "Boss for a Week" program continued, at the end of which he summarily 'failed' everyone and gave them a consolation prize of a hamster each and appointing intern Maya Lincoln-Lopez as their caretaker. It was likely he was stoned at the time.

Topaz continued to rebuild her relationships following her withdrawal of earlier in the year, with success.

Garrison Kane left for Muir Island, where an experimental suit was being used to block Adrienne Frost's hypersensitive powers in an effort to bring her out of her induced coma. The experiment proved successful, with Adrienne able to regain consciousness for the first time in almost a year. Garrison immediately notified Emma Frost and Tandy Bowen of the news.


Oct 1 - Morningstar: Lorna is in charge of XFI, and Alex has some suggestions for her rules; Quentin posts his appreciation for Lorna’s rules in comparison to Hope’s. Topaz and Kurt have a really good heart-to-heart.

Oct 2 - Topaz suggests the Mansion celebrate Diwali this year.

Oct 3 - Clea emails the X-Force team and reminds them that she’s on leave. Jean-Paul texts Sue and asks for help in finding a missing model.

Oct 4 - Hope meets the Mansion’s newest inhabitant: Betsy Braddock. Topaz and Doug talk about things. It leads to Doug trying to celebrate National Vodka Day by having one drink and paying for it.

Oct 5 - Morningstar: Lorna reminds the XFI team of their team-bonding adventure that afternoon.

Oct 6 - Alani investigates the library and after a talk with Topaz becomes the assistant librarian.

Oct 7 - Cecilia is reluctant when Sooraya suggests they go horseback riding, but she tries anyways.

Oct 8 -

Oct 9 - Garrison informs the staff that he'll be away at Muir Island. Morningstar: Lorna and Bobbi discuss the furry edition to Bobbi's week as boss of XFI.

Oct 10 - Betsy posts a journal asking about the difference between jet lag and insomnia.

Oct 11 -

Oct 12 -

Oct 13 - While exploring the grounds, Alani meets Alex and, maybe more importantly, Magnus.

Oct 14 - Jean announces that she'll be away for a bit.

Oct. 15 - Reed posts an article about swimming with sharks. Angelo and John catch up.

Oct. 16 - Morningstar: Sue texts XFI about her week in charge.

Oct. 17 -

Oct. 18 - Miles texts Bobby contemplating costumes for Halloween.

Oct. 19 - Sooraya gives Rogue a ride home from school.

Oct. 20 - Felicia posts from her soon to be private island on her birthday. Topaz texts Hope, Tandy, and Ty begging for help with organizing Diwali.

Oct. 21 - Adrienne wakes up from her year-long coma. Gabriel posts about dressing up as Tom Cruise from Risky Business (its retro in a cool way). Sharon posts about a refresher course for her first aid class. Maya claims innocence for everything.

Oct 22 - Rogue and Jean roller-blade and chat about their lives at the mansion. Morningstar: Warren posts his assessment of X-Factor’s rotating leadership and fails everyone; they get hamsters as a consolation prize. Felicia posts another Instagram pic, this time leaving her birthday island.

Oct 23 -

Oct 24 -

Oct 25 -

Oct 26 - Reed and Sue take a rare opportunity to sleep in together. Garrison emails Emma and Tandy to let them know Adrienne is conscious again and that the dampening suit seems to be working. Morningstar: Maya asks for theoretical advice on caring for the X-Factor hamsters, as she’s been assigned the job. Jubilee posts a YouTube link to the “10 Paradoxes That Will Blow Your Mind”.

Oct 27 -

Oct 28 -

Oct 29 -

Oct 30 - Darcy makes a journal post about her low effort Hallowe’en costume.

Oct 31 - Topaz makes a journal entry about green, warty witches being out of style.



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