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Warren Worthington continued his descent into dissipation, dropping his responsibilities as X-Factor boss, forgetting to pay Miles Morales' school fees (and then acting unconcerned when a panicked Miles contacted him), ditching best friend Felicia Hardy and standing up girlfriend Barbara Morse. His friends were concerned, but could think of no reason for the change other than "Warren being a dick more than usual".

Angelica Jones left the mansion, returning to Seattle to assist her mother, who had become the target of death threats due to her pro-mutant work. Best friend Sooraya Qadir drove with her to say goodbye and make a road trip of the event. Rogue announced that she had been hired as school counsellor at Bayville Charter High and Jean-Paul Beaubier asked for assistance in searching for the mutant art model from his class who vanished.

Mutant activist Alani Ryan arrived at the mansion, seeking a safe place to go to college and protect her own family who were also receiving threats. Betsy Braddock, another newcomer, also arrived from Muir Island, where she had been receiving treatment. The P1 members of X-Force discussed the new arrival, in light of their former teammate's history. Topaz began therapy with Gus Grim and Doug Ramsey hired Phoebe Stepford as his personal assistant, finding his blood curse wasn't abating.

Sharon Friedlander continued her researches into the Qunbala issue and discovered everyone associated with the program had disappeared. And Laurie Collins created an uproar among the various teams with her high-handed approach to announcing physicals for all team members.


Sep 1 - Angel emails her friends, Scott, and the professor about her mother receiving death threats, and her plans to return to Seattle. Hope and Sue meet at another gala and discuss their personal styles of playing the ‘game’.

Sep 2 -

Sep 3 - Tandy offers tickets to Fashion Week to whoever wants them.

Sep 4 - Hope emails those who helped her acquire her first piece of real estate to thank them. Sharon emails her friend about Qunbula and discovers everyone who may have been part of the same program has vanished; Sharon goes to Harry’s to drink away her anger and runs into Garrison.

Sep 5

Sep 6 - Morningstar: Miles emails Warren in a panic because his school fees haven’t been paid. Angel lets everyone know she’s heading back to Seattle to protect her mother and that Sooraya is driving with her for company; Sooraya and Angel embark on their last road trip. Doug takes Topaz for her first appointment with Dr Grim and they talk about Marie-Ange in the car.

Sep 7 -

Sep 8 - Rogue goes out and loses her phone and wallet, and Julian comes to the rescue.

Sep 9 -

Sep 10 - Morningstar: Miles texts Warren about his tuition not being paid, and gets a surprising response; Warren makes a journal post to X-Factor Investigations, announcing his decision to give each member a week to be the boss; Warren's bad day gets worse when he intentionally ditches Felicia. Clea makes a journal entry about accidentally dropping and breaking her phone.

Sep 11 - Laurie makes a post to all the X-teams reminding about their monthly medical check-up. Jubilee makes a post to X-Force asking if anyone is willing to take her physical for her. Morningstar: Miles texts Sue to ask if she knows what’s up with Warren lately; Day 1 of Alex being boss at XFI, where Sue thinks his rules are common sense and Warren ignores them all.

Sep 12 - Maya makes a journal post about the awesome shot of the moon she made the previous evening. Laurie makes a post to medical staff only expressing her exasperation re: the monthly physicals. Rahne makes a journal post about whether Americans really have that difficult time understanding Merida in the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer. Laurie makes a journal entry about getting a cupcake with a candle in it for her birthday from the emergency department. Rogue makes a journal entry announcing she’s the new guidance counsellor at Bayville.

Sep 13 - Maya makes a journal entry to share an interesting image she found online. Professor X emails Scott about Alani and her coming to the mansion in short order. Phoebe emails Doug to set up a meeting. Morningstar: Warren texts Bobbi to apologize once again.

Sep 14 - Miles texts Bobby to see what he’s up to tonight.

Sep 15 -

Sep 16 - Clea makes a journal post inviting one and all to help celebrate her birthday. Alani makes an introductory post to her journal.

Sep 17 - Topaz leaves Clea a T-shirt as a birthday present. Jean leaves Quentin an Omega symbol necklace and a dozen cupcakes as a birthday present. Jean-Paul posts about one of his art classes where a visible mutant is acting as an art model.

Sep 18 - Amanda leaves Clea a birthday package containing treats for both Clea and Cata. Doug offers Phoebe a job as his assistant while he was recovering.

Sep 19 - Maya posts about how hard therapy is, and Xavin snaps back at her. Quentin sends Jean a thank you for his present. Alani and Sooraya meet in the kitchen and talk about why Alani has come to the mansion.

Sep 20 - Maya posts a cartoon to her journal. Lorna asks if she and Alex can make going to Ireland an annual retreat.

Sep 21 -

Sep 22 -

Sep 23 - Bobby texts Miles excited to tell him about a new discovery he found, a burger that uses grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun.

Sep 24 - Angel drops Sooraya off at the airport, and the two exchange their goodbyes. Hope gets to be boss at XFI for a week and lays down her rules.

Sep 25 - Maya texts Stephen and Clea about issues with Xavin.

Sep 26

Sep 27 - Topaz apologizes to Clea and Stephen for getting kidnapped. Morningstar: Warren emails Bobbi about celebrating their anniversary.

Sep 28 - Professor Xavier emails Scott about a new resident named Betsy Braddock. Angelo runs into Alani in the kitchen and they talk about the Mutant Underground.

Sep 29 - Betsy arrives at the mansion and Topaz gives her a tour. Topaz texts Amanda to alert her about Betsy’s arrival who in turn alerts some of the other of X-Force.

Sep 30 - Betsy introduces herself on her journal. Bobby posts about ice hockey clubs. Jean-Paul texts Amanda about finding someone.



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