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Dates run: August 7 - November 18, 2018
Run By: Zoila
Read the logs: Morningstar

That's the one! Powerful. That's what I need -- someone powerful to remove... this. I'll give you whatever you want. I mean, geez -- what's 5 minutes? A lame orgasm? I can live without that.

His encounter with a demon in Limbo has Consequences for Warren Worthington.


Warren Worthington, Barbara Morse, Felicia Hardy, Kevin Sydney, Gabriel Cohuelo, Miles Morales, Susan Storm, Lorna Dane

Warren Worthington II, Mr Jip, Satana


August 7 - November 18, 2018

Plot Summary

In the months after his unexpected trip to Limbo (location), Warren's behaviour became increasingly selfish and careless of others, such as forgetting to pay Miles' college fees as agreed, being especially crass in his comments and an increasing reliance on drugs. No-one really understood what was going on, including Warren himself, but eventually his behaviour became too outrageous to ignore - he abandoned Bobbi in Japan during a romantic getaway for another sexual escapade; he was fired from X-Factor after getting into a fight with Lorna Dane about her choice of husbands and finally his father fired and disowned him after a drug-fuelled rampage through New York's night clubs.

Depressed and ostracised by all of his friends and believing he had no other alternatives, Warren set to looking for help in the seedy underbelly of New York's magical community. This was where Kevin, at Felicia's request and ending his self-imposed exile, caught up with him. In the course of trying to sway Warren from his course, Kevin revealed his knowledge of Mr. Jip, an infamous character known for his deal-making; Warren demanded Kevin take him to Jip and finding himself boxed in, Kevin reluctantly agreed on the condition Warren let him come too to keep an eye on him.

Mr. Jip, in exchange for five minutes of Warren's life, gave them a magical compass to lead them to Satana, a dark legend among magical circles. Arriving at her location, Warren and Kevin were almost immediately overpowered - Warren taken for the demon inside him, Kevin discarded after Satana sucked his life energy out of him, rendering him into the old man he would have been without his powers. Dumped and left for dead, Kevin managed to contact Gabriel and ask for help, which Gabe and Miles, after months of silence, reluctantly provided. Once Kevin was safe and had recovered himself, he enlisted Warren's friends - Miles, Felicia, Bobbi and Sue - to rescue him from Satana. Another visit to Mr. Jip by Gabe and Kevin, with accompanying violence and threats, secured the portion of Warren's life that had been bartered, and then an attack was made on Satana's mansion. Inside, she was conducting a ritual to trade Warren's soul and using his body as a home for a demon of Limbo calling itself Death. Miles, Bobbi and Gabriel battled Satana, creating a distraction for Sue and Kevin to release Warren.

The battle went against the mansionites, however, and the ritual was completed - the demon Death began moving into this dimension. But at the last moment Kevin revealed he had switched places with Warren, using the portion of life recovered from Jip to convince Satana he was Warren. Kevin set off the explosives he had laid at the base of the ritual portal during the confusion and the demon, along with Satana, was sucked back into Limbo.

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After this, Warren went to rehab and was eventually able to reconcile with his father, moving to Switzerland with Bobbi to run a branch of Worthington Enterprises there.


Plotrunner: Zoila

This plot was run by Zoila in collaboration with Dex's plotting.