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Portrayed by Sydney Lemmon
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Self
Socked By: Erin
Introduction: Morningstar

This body comes with....complications we must tend to. It will be done. Patience. But first, we must obliterate them all.

An ancient succubus who preys on the young and beautiful, Satana was trapped in Limbo after messing with the wrong mutant playboy and is slowly rebuilding her empire.


Name: Satana

Aliases: "The Devil's Daughter"

Affiliation: Self

First appearance: November 18, 2018

Family: Unknown


Satana calls herself the daughter of Satan and for all intents, could be. She is a succubus of remarkable strength as well as a powerful sorceress. While she has lived thousands of years, her presence in the mortal world happens in cycles, living and scheming for decades, even centuries, and when destroyed, pushed back to the demon realm for hundreds of years before being reborn on Earth and forced to rebuild her power. Fortunately, her powers are significantly limited on Earth compared to her home.

Her current time on Earth ended abruptly when she targeted Warren Worthington as her next victim. A rescue mission resulted in Satana and "Death", the demon possessing Warren, being sent to the demon dimension of Limbo, where it took some time for her to recoup and return. Three years later, she re-appeared in disguise as a courier, tricking Darcy Lewis into accepting a magically-boobytrapped book and setting off the events of Monster Mash.


As a succubus, Satana is capable of draining magical energy and lifeforce from people. She is particularly alluring to those attracted to women and the use of sex dramatically increases the amount of energy she can draw. She can use this to break people's wills, turning them into thralls to do her bidding. She can also innately sense their emotional ties and manipulate them to corrupt or harm others her victim is close to. Destroying lives needlessly is an ever interesting, ever delicious game for her. Most of her spells involve summoning, curses and control, although when in her 'battle appearance', her teeth and nails grow to impressive lengths, she spawns a spiked tail made of energy and is capable of psychokinesis.



Monster Mash


PB: Sydney Lemmon

Socked by: Erin

Sydney Lemmon was chosen as the PB for Satana after news was released of the actress being cast in the role in Hulu's Helstrom series.