Monster Mash

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Monster Mash
Dates run: October 29-31, 2021
Run By: Tink, written by Dex
Read the logs: Monster Mash

I.. don't think Kevin would prank us with a book that could actually possess someone. Maybe lightly singe, as a lesson to not be nosy about things you don't understand.

It's Halloween at the mansion, which means ANYTHING can happen. And this time is no exception.


Mummy: Angelo Espinosa, Gabriel Cohuelo, Jubilation Lee, Jean Grey, Marie-Ange Colbert

Werewolves: Alani Ryan, Alison Blaire, America Chavez, Artie Maddicks, Kyle Gibney

Zombies: Arthur Centino, Maya Lincoln-Lopez, Meggan Szardos, Molly Hayes, Monica Rambeau

Frankenstein: Bobby Drake, Darcy Lewis, Doug Ramsey, Kurt Sefton, Matt Murdock

Vampires: Amanda Sefton, Alex Summers, Betsy Braddock, Emma Frost, Namor, Theresa Cassidy

Pub Crawl: Felicia Hardy, Kevin Sydney, Topaz, Wanda Maximoff



October 29-31, 2021

Plot Summary

During the standard X-Force information run in NYC, Darcy is given a wrapped parcel by a skittish informant who says the item is "dangerous." Darcy takes it to Topaz, where they find out the book is supposedly a copy of the Necronomicon, and magical on top of that. Unknown to them, Satana has laced the book with a magic curse, meant to subject the residents to their darkest fears. Unfortunately for her the book makes its way to the mansion during Halloween, and the curse ends up latching on to the fears and spooks of the season instead.

Mummy: Jubilee and Gabriel awaken after Marie-Ange accidentally releases the curse on the tomb of Seti the First. She is rewarded by Gabriel plucking an eye out, before he and Jubilee turn their sights to their reincarnated love, Jean. Angelo manages to set Gabriel on fire and together with Marie-Ange fight Jubilee long enough for Jean to read her back to the underworld.

Zombie: Molly fruitlessly tries to keep zombies Maya and Nica contained, but the efforts of Coach Arthur and classmate Meggan mean they're soon overrun by the zombie hoard. Arthur sacrifices himself to the hoard, and as Meggan plaintively asks Molly for "brains?" the group is pulled out of the alternate reality.

Werewolves: Mr. Gibney runs the school parkour club, and on the side turns his students into werewolves. Artie, Alison, and Alani learn this first hand, and America takes exception to it.

Frankenstein: Dr. Darcy Lewistein has a reputation for her techno-organic prosthetics, and a rumbling worry among the local village is that they extend to creations as well. She brings her first creation, Douglock, to life with the assistance of her house companion Kurt, but the moment of triumph is ruined when local inspector Matt Murdock and his apprentice Bobby show up with the proper paperwork to thoroughly examine her property.

Vampires: Namor and Emma end up as wampires.. sorry, vampires thirsting for the life's blood of willing visitor Amandaline, confused and reluctant visitors Theresa and Xandros, and noted vampire slayer, Elizabeth. In the end, the pleasures of the flesh win out over ending the vampires, with the reasoning that everyone occasionally donating to the cause means nobody has to die... and Wictor.. sorry, Namor's abs and Emmaline's well... everything are worth giving up a little blood for.

As the "monsters" in the various scenarios are defeated, the Necronomicon gets ever closer to yeeting itself into its next location.

Meanwhile, Topaz has decided she is absolutely not dealing with any Halloween shenanigans, and she, Felicia, Wanda, and Kevin make their way to the pub for a good night out. The ladies get pleasantly tipsy, and Topaz and Wanda arrive home just in time for the backlash of the Necronomicon tearing a hole in Avalon to knock them into a rude hangover.

As the days pass, Topaz realizes Avalon is destabilizing and starts taking steps to secure the magical items stashed inside it.

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Plotrunner: Tink

This plot was part of a game refresh, in which a new role for eXcalibur was created. It was written by Dex and was Tink's first time as plot runner with Frito assisting.