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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the location. For other uses, see Avalon (disambiguation).

First Seen: Isle of Glass


A unique, micro-pocket dimension dependent on physical locations on Earth for stability, Avalon's a bit like that space between the countertop and the stove: it only exists because there are two solid points on either side of it, and God only knows what’s down there. It’s nominally a place where dangerous things go/were stored way back in the day (think 6th century England/Europe).

Due to Xorn’s reality squishing, Avalon became unmoored and unstable — one side was still anchored in reality by its portal in England (at Glastonbury Tor), but the other linked to nothing and nowhere.

That changed in February 2019, when Janet Lyton found the key and opened it in the middle of nowhere Westchester to escape pursuit. While there, she accidentally released Modred, who gutted her and ran out the other side, into England. The magic and science people managed to move the Westchester portal to the eXcal headquarters, where it's essentially shoved into a closet. It's currently available to all teams for use if they have something dangerous they need to keep contained.

Both portals can be opened from the outside only if the person attempting to do the opening has an actual key (ie: a magical reality tumbler shaped to look like a key) and the proper incantation. Without both of these things, the portal is inaccessible. That said, Avalon isn't the sort of place in which one wants to linger. Everyone who enters it sees/feels/hears something different and thoroughly unsettling. For example: Clint hears footsteps following him but there's no one there when he looks, Matt's super senses go out of control, etc. The only one not affected by it so far is Topaz, possibly due to her psi/magic powers. She, with help from Amanda and Wanda, is currently going through and cataloging all the items.

There's a strict set of rules to follow in Avalon, lest someone bring Topaz' wrath down on them.

The Portal Collapse

All of Topaz's hard work was turned upside down in October 2021 when someone sent the mansion a magical book that turned out to be the real Necronomicon. It caused some chaos around the mansion, then disappeared, destabilizing Avalon in the process. Topaz spent several days trying to rescue what she could from Avalon, eventually recruiting help. The group was attacked by horrific monsters while working, and the fight proved to be the last straw for Avalon; it collapsed, taking the rest of its secrets and Topaz with it. She eventually escaped, and the portal became an unstable Einstein-Rosenberg Bridge just in time for Clint to come back and babysit it.

Creepy Factor

Avalon, due to its ancient magic, has an affect on people that freaks them out and makes them not want to linger. So far those affects include:

Clint - Sees things out of the corner of his eyes

Matt - Hears things with no source

Namor - Unsettled by the atmosphere

Topaz - Immune


Isle of Glass

Monster Mash

The Color of Horror


Introduced by: Cai (and hijacked by Sam who saw it as an opportunity for some fun with her own character)