The Wormhole

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The Wormhole
First Seen: November 4, 2021

This is a fuckin unstable E-R bridge can we get Thor STAT?

Once the pocket dimension Avalon, the Wormhole is watched over by eXcalibur for signs of destablised dimensions needing intervention.


A wormhole is an Einstein–Rosen bridge which is capable of linking disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations. Unlike most naturally or magically occurring wormholes, this one is only stable on the point in our reality, grounded on a rift in the space-time continuum in the basement of the old chapel. Created as the result of a magical explosion interacting with a copy of the Necronomicon, the other end of the wormhole is adrift, continuously attaching and opening at random throughout the multiverse.

Due to the unique nature of the wormhole, a specialized set of equipment has been built by the mansion capable of using the wormhole to map the multiverse as it interacts with various dimensions and detect distortions or anomalies either created by it or exposed to it. Through specific equipment, they have found a way to use the wormhole to transit to these other dimensions and reconcile the distortions and anomalies before they can create long term destabilized threats that could go as far as destroying entire realities. They equipment can also detect and track transitions the other direction, to identify when something has used the wormhole to transition into the current universe and narrow down where they might be found.


Until its appearance, wormholes were the creatures of physics, not direct observation. As a result, they still understand very little about how it operates and the potential consequences of different actions. So far, they've been able to determine the following general rules, although even these basic rules seen to have exceptions. They include:

1. Transitioning into other dimensions causes further distortions, meaning that if a dimension is already compromised, the more transitions made between our dimension and the target dimension, the more additional instability it causes. People by far cause the most distortions, but machines, especially small ones, cause very little.

2. The longer people are displaced from the native dimensions, the most harm it tends to cause, increasing the likelihood of additional distortions and anomalies the longer they try and remain. Several exceptions currently exist including America Chavez and April Parker, but theories are that the nature of Chavez' powers protect her and that due to the nature of April's artificial creation, she might be unique and thus outside of the normal effects. No one can say definitively.

3. The more powerful a creature, artifact or entity that transitions through the wormhole, the more impact it has, creating stronger and more immediate distortions and anomalies.

4. There is no commonality between distortions. Some could destabilize a whole dimension over a matter of days, some over centuries.


The main technology associated with the wormhole is the scanner capabilities. Originally developed as a response to The Danger Room Paradox and further upgraded by VI's computational power, they have the capability to scan tens of thousands of dimensional permutations per minute, translating the raw data into an interactable operating system providing real time results. The scans are capable of identifying and tracking the specific dimensions and approximating the urgency of the distortion or anomaly. It also has reverse capabilities, tracking transitions from the wormhole into our reality, although it cannot effectively pinpoint exactly where an anomaly takes place.

eXcalibur uses a series of tiny monitoring drones created by Molly Hayes to provide intelligence on dimensions prior to interacting with them. The drones are small, fly through a mag-lift system, and provide real time video, audio, and accessible communications feeds back to the monitors in the basement of the chapel.

In order to interact with another dimension, eXcalibur uses a system originally created during the Danger Room Paradox incident. It is worn on the left forearm, and includes an onboard computer, comms, and a recall button that automatically triggers a return from the dimension back to the launch pad in the chapel. The onboard computer uses a specially designed program to immediate seek out satellite or other communication systems to hack and provide communications, data and GPS data to the system, providing them a universal system to use in the field. Obviously, in dimensions that do not have advanced communications, it provides no advantages.


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Introduced by: Dex

Image taken, of course, from Stargate.