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April Parker
Portrayed by Lucy Hale
Codename: Mayhem
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: June 3, 1995
Journal: xp_mayhem
Player: Tink

That way we could be like, Spider-Girl RED and Spider-Girl BLUE.

Having been blasted into a different part of the multi-verse by the world's best-timed wormhole, April is trying to figure out what to do when there's no way home.


Character Journal: xp_mayhem

Real Name: April Marisol Parker

Codename: Mayhem

Aliases: May Parker

First Appearance: December 30, 2021

Date of Birth: June 3, 1995

Place of Birth: Castle Osborne, Switzerland (and eventually moved to OsCorp in New York).

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Peter and Mary Jane Parker (parents), May Parker (genetic template/twin sister), Benjy Parker (younger brother)

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Columbia

Relationship Status: dating Forge (long-distance since his departure from the mansion).

Occupation: Engineer

Team Affiliation: X-Men


The Hybrid

On another Earth in a universe similar but not identical to our own, the Norman Osborn that would become the Green Goblin cloned May Parker, the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker, and dumped one of the pair into a stasis chamber, intending to experiment on her as part of his bid to become an immortal Goblin creature. And experiment he did, splicing the clone’s DNA with a bit of symbiote DNA until she was a functional model with the strengths and weaknesses of both. After his death, Goblin cultists found her, implanting memories every so often so that she "experienced" growing up through May's eyes as if they were her own.

A few years later, Harry’s son, Normie, found the stasis chamber in a secret lab of OsCorp Chemical. He got in touch with Peter Parker, inviting him to the labs, and showed the unimpressed man to the stasis chamber while explaining that his grandfather’s notes had claimed the specimen in the chamber to be the original May Parker. An attempt at analyzing the stasis fluid had it exploding in their faces, and as they scrambled to decontaminate the chamber was left slightly ajar, black tendrils slowly oozing out until April was crouching in the shadows. Her symbiote instincts helped her navigate the shadows of OsCorp until she was in Norman’s lab, rifling through his papers to find his notes about her. She was overtaken by Peter Parker, and after a brief struggle they were sitting and talking about where April would go. A talk with the Parker family and some paperwork, and she was figuring out her place in the Parker household. She decided to call herself April, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the possibility that she was the original.

Joining the Parkers

Homeschool records were created, and April tested into senior year, joining her “cousin” May. The year was fairly uneventful--April took to doing her set of household chores while using her powers, and when May found out she joined in. The two could often be found stuck to the ceiling while they cleaned, laughing and turning the dull work into tiny competitions. April took a few years off after graduation to figure out what she wanted to do, learning how to maintain the Vespa she’d purchased with a combination of graduation and work money. She eventually realized she loved doing things with her hands, and looked into careers that would let her do that. She finally settled on the pre-engineering program at Queens College, and once she finished it transferred to Columbia for their mechanical engineering program. She and May teamed up on a few occasions, most notably pushing back the Hobgoblin and Black Tarantula. Mostly they stuck to patrols without a lot of overlap so they weren't stepping on the other's toes. It helped that they could cover more of the city that way too, and seeing two Spiders--one red, one blue--became a pretty common sight for people in Queens.

A New Dimension

Towards the end of the year, April and May teamed up after the Goblin Queen attacked and kidnapped their father. Her rage at Peter being taken caused April to manifest her full symbiote form for the first time, and there were a tricky few moments before she and May were able to work together to Save Dad. They were successful in this and managed to apprehend the Goblin Queen as well. As she was taken to prison and May and Peter were leaving for the hospital, April slipped to the back of the warehouse to try and gain her human form. A portal sprung up in front of her, and ended up saving her life moments later after a bomb the Goblin Queen had planted detonated. The force of the explosion pushed her through the portal, and after a seemingly endless amount of time spinning, she was dropped from the portal in the chapel at Xavier's. Alarms went off, and shortly after she met Maya, Doug, and Wanda. They attempted to communicate, but when April mistook a charades gesture for an attack move, they ended up with a short fight on their hands as she tried to escape. Wanda was able to interrupt the threads holding her full symbiote form in place, leaving April unconscious and human once again.

Settling Into the X-Mansion

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Usually brown

Other Features: May’s body is malleable due to her spliced symbiote DNA. She can change her basic form by elongating her torso and limbs slightly, create simple blunt weapons and tools with her hands (such as mallets, hammers, or bats), and sometimes manifest tendrils along her body that are mostly directed by her subconscious. She’s also able to change her appearance and contort her body in ways that are physically impossible for standard humans (such as fitting into impossibly small places), but needs more practice to get these abilities consistent and able to pull on command. When her symbiote “skin” comes to the front, she turns blue with black swirls, large white eyes, a giant mouth of sharp teeth, and sharp claws, with tendrils mixed into her hair. With training, she'll be able to pull Mayhem (the symbiote form) forward consciously, create clothing, and change her appearance at will.


April has the standard powers of most Spider-fam types, with some enhancements courtesy of her X-gene and symbiote DNA.


  • Strength: Currently she can lift approx. 2 tons, but her upwards max is roughly 5-6 with training (dependent on other factors, like distance, time, and whether or not she's moving while lifting).
  • Speed and Agility: She has excellent hand-eye coordination and sense of gravity while on the move. Speed-wise, she’s on par with some of the world’s best long-distance runners, and above average at sprinting. Since she produces fewer fatigue toxins while exerting herself, she’s able to go longer without visibly tiring.
  • Durability: With the exception of intense heat and sound, she takes damage better than the average human. She doesn’t bruise as easily, her bones are sturdier, and she’s not as prone to illness. Malleability from her symbiote DNA allows her to shift, flex, and firm her skin around more vulnerable areas to minimize damage as long as she's got the time to react.
  • Reflexes/Equilibrium: April has an excellent innate proprioception and can generally twist her body to land in a position that minimizes damage to herself, and that proprioception is enhanced by her X-gene. As a result, she can balance on almost any object as long as it’s at least wide enough to get the heel of her foot centered on it.
  • Static Cling: Like her father and sister, April can form temporary molecular bonds with another object in order to cling to walls or other solid surfaces via her hands (and feet, if they're in "mayhem" shoes or bare). She can extend that "stickiness" to keeping people (right now 2-3, upwards max of 5-6 until her concentration breaks, maybe 15-20 minutes) in place, but she's got to concentrate to keep those abilities working. Repelling is just... reversing that stickiness. It helps her jump higher/launch off surfaces, and encourages a sort of... boomerang or frisbee motion with objects? Mostly small ones for now, up to roughly an average adult human (~150-200 lbs). The smaller the object, the better it repels--a human will get pushed back a few feet, a football will actually go 30-40 yds. With practice, she might be able to push slightly stronger or larger humans, but at peak it'll probably not be much farther than a few steps past arm's reach.
  • Danger Sense: Ye olde "Spidey-Sense"! It's a low level psi talent that reads dangerous intent from people, and an extra awareness of minute changes that help her notice dangers in the environment. She's got it fairly honed in dangerous situations, and it generally has a range of about 30 yds.

Symbiote DNA:

  • Camouflage capability: Currently has control over her ability to slip into the shadows, with further training can learn to create clothing and change her appearance.
  • Constituent-matter generation: She can create organic webbing as long as her hands are in the Mayhem form, and tendrils of her form can appear along her body. Right now, the tendrils are mostly under control but will subconsciously manifest if she is startled.
  • Constituent-matter manipulation: Currently has control to give herself claws, turn her hands into blunt weapons (like mallets and hammers), and manipulate her size slightly to squeeze into smaller than average spaces. With training, the combination of blending into shadows and size manipulation will let her slip into or out of anything she can wiggle her head and shoulders through, much like a cat.
  • Healing factor/adapted invulnerability: She heals about twice as fast as a baseline human, and her malleability allows her to firm up more vulnerable areas so that damage is less serious.

X-gene: Her X-gene enhances her strength, durability, healing factor, and proprioception.


  • Intense Heat and Sound
  • A strong enough EM pulse can knock her out of her Mayhem form or disrupt her organic webbing.
  • She needs energy to create constituent matter, so if she's hungry or exhausted she can't produce webbing organically.


Web-shooters. Back-up fluid in small, hard to destroy canisters. Noise-filtering earplugs. A foldable motorbike made for her by Forge.


April loves dogs and currently shares one with Illyana Rasputin after Pyotr's departure.

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Player: Tink

E-mail: TinkEmail.PNG

Player Icon Base: Lucy Hale

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Tink apped Mayhem because she thought her powerset was nifty, even toned down to fit into the game. ;)