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Clan Akkaba
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Dates run: May 27-June 5, 2022
Run By: Rossi, AJ, Tink, Mackinzie and Isaura.
Read the logs: Case File: Inception,

Operation: Ascent,
X-Men Mission: Domination,
Reality 02: Arrival

Just wanted to say the inter-teamwork on this one was impressive. Thanks to everybody at X-Factor, X-Force, and the X-Men for nailing the situation down and keeping it there.

All four active teams get involved in a case involving missing mutant children, a magical cult and a disposed royal from another dimension.


May 27 - June 5, 2022

Part 1 - Case File: Inception


Susan Storm, Hope Abbott, Alex Summers, Callisto, Arthur Centino, Quentin Quire

Sandy Lopez, Miguel Lopez

Plot Summary

A mother comes into the X-Factor Investigations office, worried about her obviously-mutant son who has gone missing. The team investigates, with Callisto also reporting some disappearances among the younger Morlocks, and find links to the Maggia. They wind up raiding a warehouse on the docks, where they find several mutant children, including their missing child, Miguel. While Alex and Callisto took on the Maggia guards, Sue and Hope A. freed the kids, only to discover they were all covered with blue magical-looking sigils and without their powers. Magic being beyond their capabilities, X-Factor turned the case over to X-Force.

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Case File: Inception

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Part 2: Operation: Ascent


Amanda Sefton, Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Kevin Sydney, Darcy Lewis, Natasha Romanoff

Plot Summary

Amanda, Doug and Marie-Ange set themselves to study the sigils and to find their origin while Kevin, Darcy and Natasha took on the Maggia connection. Between them they were able to determine the sigils were part of a ritual to use the energy of the mutants in a summoning spell and that the Maggia were taking mutant teens and shipping them to North Africa for a group called Clan Akkaba.

As their initial surveys indicated the base in North Africa wasn't heavily manned, the six of them flew over to take care of the situation. However, they realised Clan Akkaba was much larger than anticipated and called in reinforcements in the form of the X-Men.

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Part 3: X-Men Mission: Domination


Blink, Colossus, Dominion, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Psylocke, Spectrum, Wolverine

Clan Akkaba, Genesis/King Evan of Terra

Plot Summary

Arriving at the compound, Blink and Psylocke performed joint reconnaissance to determine how many and where their foes where, with Psylocke sharing the map telepathically with the team. Dominion and Phoenix - using the code name for the first time - hit the assorted mutants and mercenaries on the outside while Colossus and Nightcrawler literally dropped into the ritual taking place and took out the magicians there. Once the ritual had been halted, Blink, Psylocke and Spectrum freed the twelve hostages - or batteries - while dealing with one remaining magician who insisted on popping up again. The ritual had succeeded, however, with an unconscious, richly dressed, young man found in the centre of the summoning circle. The X-Men took him and the other mutants back with them and sharing the mission report to the teams comms. eXcalibur revealed that at the time of the summoning, the wormhole had shown a massive anomaly on another dimension.

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Part 4: Reality 02: Arrival


Alani Ryan, Clinton Barton, Matt Murdock, Molly Hayes, Meggan Szardos, Namor

Genesis/King Evan of Terra

Plot Summary

The young man found in the circle was known as Genesis of Terra - or, as he preferred, Evan. He was a disposed ruler who was believed dead by his people and who had been held captive by his regent. Upon finding himself on another world, he adapted readily, helped by that other monarch-in-exile, Namor. After some testing and scanning with drones, eXcalibur determined the anomalous dimension was Terra, Evan's homeworld, and returned him there with a team. One group - Alani, Matt and Meggan - made contact with the rebellion in a bar, after a bar fight which left Alani unconscious and needing an evacuation. The other group - Molly and Namor - waited with Evan at the castle. A group of guards provided a distraction for Namor, while Molly and Evan approached the kitchens to try and make contact with potential allies there. They were successful, until the alarm was raised and they fled back to Namor. Fortunately their reinforcements arrived and when Evan was able to prove he was the true King, a full attack on the castle was planned. However, just at that point, Clint recalled the team and they had to leave Evan and his people to reclaim his throne on their own.

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Trivia and Meta


The North Africa mission was the first time Jean used the Phoenix codename, switching from Marvel Girl.

This was the second official mission for eXcalibur, and Namor's first with the team.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Subrunners: AJ (Case File: Inception); Tink (Operation: Ascent); Mackinzie (X-Men Mission: Dominion) and Isaura (Reality 02: Arrival)

Dex wrote the plot and posted it to the general list as an example of inter-connected team plots, and offered it for others to run. Rossi took up the gauntlet and got help from AJ, Tink, Mack and Isa.