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May was fairly quiet, at least until the end of the month. There was the annual Eurovision party and journal thread, plus April Parker announcing she too had graduated.

X-Factor Investigations took on what they thought was a typical missing persons case - a mother hired them to find her lost mutant son - but turned into something more with the discovery that the boy and other mutant teens had been abducted by members of the Maggia and were about to be shipped off somewhere. X-Factor and Callisto rescued them, and having discovered they were painted with magical sigils that blocked their powers, passed the information onto X-Force.


May 1 - Clint announces a Tremors marathon as Molly needs educating. Arthur emails Terry with the stats for the community center event.

May 2 - Darcy shares her contact image for Topaz, which is a Final Fantasy summon of the same name. Molly reflects that there were some very large worms in Tremors.

May 3 - Gabriel emails Terry to congratulate her on the success of the District X event.

May 4 - Jean recognizes Star Wars day aka May the Fourth.

May 5 - Kyle shares an article that reveals that the Brontës drank corpse water. Lorna realizes she hasn't had coffee.

May 6 -

May 7 - Terry texts Kyle to ask if he'd like some stew. Doug announces that he's remembered his birthday two years in a row.

May 8

May 9 - April posts that it's her finals week and requests caffeine. Matt meets with Artie to discuss the emergency plans for eXcalibur members, in case of a wormhole mishap.

May 10 - Matt announces that for his birthday, he's bought a motorcycle "for" his brother. Clint texts Wanda to ask if she's in the US. After seeing her post, Clint leaves April a package to get through finals and celebrate afterwards.

May 11 - Maya and Pyotr meet in the mansion's gym and nothing explodes. Clint posts an update to eXcalibur about tech and wormhole duties. Felicia shares an instagram story noting that people can buy their own damn flowers. Matt shares an image reminding people to mind their written communication, for legal reasons. Clarice posts an embroidery that she’ll be hanging on her door. Following meeting Maya, Pyotr texts April to ask what “Starfleet” is. Kyle shares a knock knock joke one of his students told him.

May 12 - Alani shares her post-graduation expectations.

May 13 -

May 14 - Emma is recommended to a new cosmetologist and asks that the mansion residents not speak of it again. Jean-Phillipe posts that he and his cousin will be hosting a viewing party for the Eurovision grand final. Marie-Ange announces that France scoring higher than Germany is a win for her.

May 15 - Sooraya texts Alani to ask what she got her mom for Mother's Day.

May 16 - Terry texts Darcy about sex hair and lunch plans.

May 17 - Clint asks Kyle if he's good at logic things.

May 18 - Alani and Clarice hit District X for a shopping trip.

May 19 - Sue wishes Hope A. a happy birthday. Alani invites Clint and Matt to her graduation.

May 20 - April celebrates her graduation. Fourteen posts about hockey, and later texts Marie-Ange in amusement about the reactions.

May 21 -

May 22 - Foggy and Matt take the afternoon to relax with some pot brownies and Alani joins them as she returns to the mansion.

May 23 -

May 24 - Matt sends Alani a card and gift for her graduation.

May 25 - Pyotr emails April pondering a puppy.

May 26 - Alani posts a picture of her graduation outfit.

May 27 - Clan Akkaba - Case File: Inception: The mother of a missing mutant hires X-Factor to help find him.

May 28 - Clan Akkaba - Case File: Inception: Sue and Hope A. discuss ways to find the missing mutant.

May 29 - Clan Akkaba - Case File: Inception: Alex meets with Callisto, and finds out the Morlocks are also missing a few kids; Arthur posts an update about the case. April meets Pyotr's new dog, Boris.

May 30 - Clan Akkaba - Case File: Inception: X-Factor (with Callisto) track the missing teens to a warehouse and rescue them; Quentin posts an update on the missing teen investigation and alerts X-Force to the mystical sigils on the recovered kids that seem to be blocking their powers.

May 31 - Clan Akkaba - Operation: Ascent: Amanda posts a message to X-Force about Quire’s information, and a new investigation with Maggia links.


Clan Akkaba - Case File: Inception

Clan Akkaba - Operation: Ascent

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