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John Allerdyce left the mansion to work more full time with X-Corps projects. Following their annual Eurovision party, Marie-Ange Colbert finally told her cousin Jean-Phillipe Colbert about the change in her relationship with Amanda Sefton, which he heartily supported. Theresa Cassidy learned about the other dimension from her boyfriend Kyle Gibney after overhearing a conversation. And Maya Lincoln-Lopez reminded everyone that she no longer had her cochlear implants, and wound up discussing the difficulties of being disabled with Matt Murdock.


May 1 -

May 2 -

May 3 -

May 4 - Alison posts about someone doing a mashup of Wellerman and Ievan Polka. Doug posts a May the Fourth be with you meme.

May 5 -

May 6 - Marie-Ange posts about the Top 10 Art Heists and how she has seen it from many people and is infuriated about them. She also mentions that she would say had she had anything to do with it. Terry overhears something strange and goes to talk to Kyle about multiple universes and doppelgangers.

May 7 - Sooraya posts about John Allerdyce leaving the mansion, due to a workload that disallows side trips and mentions that any correspondence could be sent through her or Angelo. Doug posts about his birthday and notes that he actually remembered this year.

May 8 - Marie-Ange texts Jubilee about sneaking a delivery into Doug's server room. Topaz asks Doug about weird internet things.

May 9 -

May 10 - Maya posts an image meme from Star Trek: Discovery about the type of characters each crew member was; much discussion is had, and a more accessible version made for Matt.

May 11 - Darcy posts a question from Twitter, asking if on a date with a person which book would make you leave immediately

May 12 - Alison posts a question about whether anyone knows the best Japanese food place in New York City, wanting to get some umeboshi onigiri and needing someone to hook her up.

May 13 -

May 14 -

May 15 -

May 16 - Garrison declares he has no interest in anything except the Stanley Cup playoffs. Matt posts a religious joke.

May 17 - Clarice asks Monday why it returns so quickly. Maya reminds everyone that she doesn’t have her cochlear implants and needs people to face her so she can read lips.

May 18 - Molly is playing the Resident Evil video games and asks people for their favourite zombie property.

May 19 -

May 20 -

May 21 - Jean hosts an afternoon tea in honour of International Tea Day. Jean-Phillipe announces his and Marie-Ange’s yearly Eurovision party and journal thread. Clarice enjoys the new crop top trend since it means she doesn’t have to wear a bra.

May 22 - Terry delivers an Irish-themed protest cake to the Eurovision party since Ireland is not involved. Following the completion of their party, Marie-Ange finally gets around to updating Jean-Phillipe about her life.

May 23 -

May 24 -

May 25 -

May 26 -

May 27 -

May 28 -

May 29 - Allison mourns the death of BJ Thomas.

May 30 - Jubilee posts a language meme.

May 31 - Doug is amused by a Reddit user who has ‘discovered’ mocha. Darcy shares a Dune pun of dad-like proportions. Maya and Matt discuss Maya's lack of cochlear implants and their respective disabilities.



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