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Maya Lincoln-Lopez, in an attempt to build bridges, apologised for upsetting people with her inflammatory journal posts. Unfortunately, her resolution to improve didn't last long, as just over two weeks later, she was in another online brawl with Tandy Bowen. Maya was also surprised when, having asked Sebastian Druid out, he responded by asking her why he should even consider it given how she treated people. Meanwhile, Korvus Rook'shir left the mansion to return to India and seek out his family.

Hank McCoy and Reed Richards bonded over an unexpected topic - their mutual lack of dating skills - and resolved to study the phenomenon and improve. Reed took the first step with an anonymous flower delivery and a science puzzle to Susan Storm, to which she responded with her own scientific code message. Garrison Kane, finding out about [the lead singer of the Tragically HIp having inoperable brain cancer, took out his anger and frustration on the Danger Room in an epic session with the regular safety settings off, which garnered attention from those with access to the video footage. Later, Adrienne Frost tried to comfort her beaten and battered boyfriend.

Miles Morales and Bobby Drake, gave Rahne Sinclair, Amara Aquilla and Monica Rambeau a tour of the city, but the outing was interrupted by three men in animal-themed mech suits attacking the CEO of OsCorp. Spider-Miles sprang into action, but discovered his classmates weren't inclined to sit back and let him do all the work, the teens working together to stop the attack before the SHIELD agents came. Later, having made their exit to avoid arrest, Miles revealed his secret identity as Spider-Man to them, with Bobby considerably upset that his roomie hadn't trusted him earlier and Nica angry at having been treated as a child by her classmate. Miles also announced his alter-ego on the journals, resulting in various reactions, from supportive to concerned.

After Miles informed the X-Men of the incident, they decided to watch Norman Osborn in case Rhino, Beetle and Vulture tried again. Rhino and Beetle did, this time at a gala reception, and the X-Men (and Miles) were there to fight back, protecting Osborn and the guests. This time, however, things went awry when they followed the mechas back to their base, to discover several giant purple robots on the scene, requiring the team to fight both mechas and robots and then make a hasty exit. Due to his skill and cooperation with the team, Miles was promoted to the X-Men.

At the end of the month, having gotten in contact with Maya's grandfather, Amanda Sefton and a reluctant Topaz went on a road trip, returning with a talisman that would help protect Maya against her susceptibility towards possession.


May 1 - Bobbi mentions an NSFW song about the First of May. Miles and Bobby have an awkward roommate encounter in the way that only teenage boys can.

May 2 - Kyle wants to know what the Met Gala is and why it’s all over social media; Darcy is excited about Alison’s light-up dress at the ceremony.

May 3 - Miles outlines his killer AP exam schedule; later he posts a .gif of R2D2 to sum up how he feels after the physics exam.

May 4 - Bobbi asks a “rhetorical” question about coffee stains and shirts and a trip to the mall.

May 5 - Maya apologises to anyone she might have hurt with her journal posts. Darcy is amused by a YouTube video. Jean teaches Quentin nail polish and avoids his advances. Alison asks about who designs the Generation X uniforms, as she has leftover glowing material.

May 6 - Jubilee brings home a scary-looking ceramic statue and gives Stephen Ideas. Maya posts a You Tube video.

May 7 - Jean gives Haller cupcakes for his birthday. Darcy gives Doug a potted chili pepper plant for his. Laurie gives Doug a special birthday treat. Hope A. and Ty go suit shopping.

May 8 -

May 9 - Cecilia emails Haller to wish him a belated happy birthday and to ask him to lunch. Hope A. visits Julian and gives him a much needed kick in the butt.

May 10 - Clint texts Natasha a picture. Endangered Species: Various press releases are made about OsCorp’s newest drug getting FDA approval; Tweets are made reacting to the new OsCorp drug; Cecilia makes a journal entry speculating about the creation of the new OsCorp drug.

May 11 - Reed and Hank have a manly chat about their relationships and sex lives... or lack thereof. Jessica makes an FML post, as the kids say.

May 12 - Miles texts Bobby, Rahne, Nica, and Amara looking to celebrate school being almost over this Saturday with a trip into the city. Looking for Bas, Maya comes across Stephen and offers him a unique opportunity. Megan texts Topaz to ask if she ever studied Welsh in England. Quentin is out of his element looking to score at a punk rock concert, but a twist of fate helps him accomplish his goals. Reed delivers flowers to Sue with a cryptic note attached. Doug emails Emma about Hope A.’s interest in the Hellfire Club.

May 13 - Maya posts a link to an article about how deaf people don’t need new communication tools, everyone else does. Sue posts an equally cryptic message to her journal for whomever left her the flowers. Warren discovers Miles in a compromising position and offers him some useful but asked for advice. Warren makes a journal entry musing about his recent interesting-in-you’re-probably-on-some-kind-of-a-list-now way search results.

May 14 - At the local drive in theater Molly and Rogue eat a lot of food. Bad pickup lines, public lewdness, and shoes make for a perfect Saturday for Clarice. Meggan makes a journal entry saying goodbye to everyone on behalf of Korvus. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry about the American coverage of Eurovision. Endangered Species: Miles and Bobby show Rahne, Nica, and Amara around Manhattan, but their trip is stopped short; Mecha-suited Rhino, Beetle, and Vulture arrive, and Spider-Man and Generation X come to the rescue; Spider-Man takes the Rhino one on one; Nica and Bobby battle the Vulture; Rahne and Amara stop the Beetle; The battle is won, but Generation X is not happy to learn who their secret ally actually is; Miles apologises to Nica and Bobby for keeping his superhero life a secret. Logan makes a journal entry about being glad he doesn’t travel often with the new TSA stuff.

May 15 - Miles makes a journal entry announcing that he is Spider-Man. Clarice makes a journal entry about her new shoes that you cannot borrow. Alison texts Miles about introducing him to a certain horny guy she knows. Cecilia texts Scott asking whether he knew about Miles being Spider-Man.

May 16 - Jessica posts about how she’s eaten so much candy she feels like a pinata. Garrison gets Adrienne to slow down enough for dinner and she tries to play a prank on him.

May 17 - Laurie posts to let people know she’s taking part in a marathon and wonders if anyone wants to join her. Maya posts about a bison calf that was rescued only to be euthanized and asks to be left alone in the gym while she works out some stress. Endangered Species: A press release from OsCorp speaks about their plans to hold a charity auction for the National Ataxia Foundation.

May 18 - Gabriel leaves a goldfish outside Namor’s suite with no card or explanation. Jessica posts about how a friend of hers has been ignoring her and receives some solid advice from Maya. Jubilee wonders why there is a fish outside Namor’s room.

May 19 - Maya asks if anyone wants to go into the city for a poetry jam, and plans are hatched. Gabriel leaves a 10 gallon fish tank full of Goldfish crackers outside Namor’s suite. Jubilee posts and image of Nicholas Cage with a burger for a body, there are mixed reactions.

May 20 - Marie-Ange wanders in on Warren in the sun room and decides he’s going to be her next model, Warren is very much okay with this. A sleepless Maya encounters a handless Julian trying to make coffee and is a jerk, but it ends in hot chocolate.

May 21 - Maya gets into an argument with Tandy about a court case she’d linked on the journals between the Navajo and Urban Outfitters; later, Jennie encounters a still-angry Maya and gets her to punch out her feelings. Laurie asks Doug, Wade and Marie-Ange to take her dancing. Gabriel leaves a trail of goldfish, both real and crackers, leading to a prom-posal for Namor. Namor texts Gabriel not too amused by the balloons and threatening the lives of the goldfish. Maya posts a link asking people at the mansion to educate themselves. Endangered Species: The X-Men sneak into the OsCorp Gala in case of another attack; their fears are confirmed when Vulture and the Beetle attack, but are quickly driven off; the X-Men track the bad guys to their base where they find Rhino waiting alongside three Sentinels; the X-Men split up to take on the erstwhile party crashers; Firestar and Spider-Man deal with the Sentinel while Cyclops faces off against the Rhino; Rogue and Wolverine face off against Beetle and a Sentinel, the result a toppled Sentinel and a squashed Beetle; Marvel Girl and Blink face off against the Vulture and his robotic friend, thanks quick thinking they are able to short out the Sentinel and strip the Vulture of his tech; although the X-Men are victorious, they have to beat an ignoble retreat when the Sentinels activate their self destruct system. Arthur, Bobbi, Jessica, and Warren go out for a few beverages after work in celebration of Bobbi's birthday earlier that week, and they commandeer the jukebox and put on whatever they want.

May 22 - Topaz texts Maya asking her if she feels that she needs to get out more often too. Endangered Species:Doctor Octopus has to placate his displeased benefactors.

May 23 - Sue and Jean-Paul go for dim sum and talk about their love lives.

May 24 - Clint texts Natasha and Kyle about Garrison going wild in the Danger Room. Scott texts Cecilia about postponing their workout because of this. Darcy sees people going down there to watch and asks what is going on. Logan finally explains the reason when he mentions a Canadian singer is dying of brain cancer. Rogue berates Clint in a text and posts about people having different grieving styles. Wanda organizes a night at Harry’s, while Doug plots with Laurie and Marie-Ange for something to cheer Wade up. Quentin comes to berate Xavin for thinking too loudly, but it actually ends up a pleasant conversation about Xavin's abilities. Fourteen texts Jubilee about a spare E-string. Maya tries to ask Bas out on a date, and Bas takes the opportunity to question her about her statements on the journals. Maya texts Wade about camping out in the woods. Endangered Species: Miles writes a mission report on the event at OsCorp. Shattered by bad news (and the Danger Room), Garrison opens up to Adrienne, who tries to comfort him.

May 25 -Wade texts Amanda the address of where Maya’s grandfather is living. Maya texts her friends about being in the woods for a few days. Maya posts about wanting to be a poet.

May 26 - Garrison posts to ask if his Danger Room vid is still a viral thing within the mansion. Gabriel posts about Fleet Week.

May 27 - Jubilee posts a poem. Amanda decides she needs company on her way to meet Maya's grandfather and drags Topaz along for the ride.

May 28 - Hope A. posts about something on Facebook that frustrates her. Amanda and Topaz meet with Maya's grandfather and talk about the possession issues; afterwards, Topaz and Amanda check into a motel on the way home and talk about recent events before getting food.

May 29 -

May 30 - Topaz and Amanda return from meeting Maya's grandfather, and Topaz brings Maya her "gift."

May 31 - Stephen and Clea have lunch and talk about girls and cooties. Rahne posts about wanting a pool party for her birthday.


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