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Aleksei Sytsevich
Portrayed by Nikita Koloff
Known Aliases: The Rhino
Affiliations: Doctor Octopus
Socked By: Cai
Introduction: Endangered Species

"Is not my job to 'stay down.'"

A former Russian hitman, the Rhino as he is now known as is an enforcer for Doctor Octopus.


Name: Aleksei Sytsevich

Aliases: Rhino

Affiliation: Doctor Octopus

First appearance: May 14, 2016

Family: U/K


An enforcer/hitman for the Russian mob in New York City. When Doctor Octopus went underground in 2014 following his defeat at the hands of the two Spider-Men, he regularly relied on the mob to procure research materials for him in exchange for weapons (An arrangement he has seemingly taken to Bolivar Trask and William Stryker now.) Doc Ock recently recruited Sytsevich to test out a new suit of battle armor that he’s created. Along with Vulture and Beetle, Rhino was driven off by Generation X when he attacked Norman Osborn at Doctor Octopus' instruction, and was later defeated by Firestar, Cyclops and Miles Morales at the group's hide-out.


The Robotism Heuristic Intelligence Navigable Operative, or RHINO, suit is capable to lifting several tons and is resistant to gunfire. Like the Vulture’s wings, the horn on Rhino’s helmet can cleave through most materials.


Endangered Species


PB: Nikita Koloff

Socked by: Cai