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Abner Jenkins
Portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg
Known Aliases: The Beetle
Affiliations: Doctor Octopus
Socked By: Ben
Introduction: Endangered Species

You're not going to underestimate me again, you mutie freaks!

Former engineer and industrial thief, Abner Jenkins' wish to be a supervillain has been fulfilled with the aid of Doctor Octopus.


Name: Abner Jenkins

Aliases: The Beetle

Affiliation: Doctor Octopus

First appearance: May 14, 2016

Family: U/K


A former engineer at Roxxon Corporation, then Hammer Industries, then Stark Industries. He stole tech from all employers to design a mecha suit for himself so he could earn (ill-gotten as it may be) fame and fortune as a costumed supervillain. Jenkins made the poor decision of trying to steal from Biotech, too, and was caught by Doctor Octopus. But rather than fire (or, more likely, kill) Abner, Doc Ock recruited him as the third of his test pilots for his plot against Norman Osborn.


The Beetle suit is partly of Jenkins’s design and substantially modified by Octavius. It is durable, can lift up to 1 ton, can fly up to 80 mph, and can discharge tremendous bursts of electricity, many times stronger than Miles’s venom-blast.


Endangered Species


PB: Donnie Wahlberg

Socked by: Ben