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Otto Octavius
Portrayed by Alfred Molina
Known Aliases: Doctor Octopus
Socked By: Ben
Introduction: Patent Pending

Now, watch me trap a spider in a web of my own!

A terrible accident transformed brilliant scientist and physician Otto Octavius into the monstrous Doctor Octopus!


Name: Otto Gunther Octavius

Aliases: Doctor Octopus

Affiliation: formerly OsCorp

First appearance: July 17, 2015

Family:Torbert Octavius (father, deceased), Mary Lavinia Octavius (mother, deceased)


Phase 2

A physician and mechanical engineer at OsCorp, Otto Octavius dedicated his career to the development of robotic prostheses that could directly interface with the bearer's nervous system. This includes prosthetic replacements for people with amputations as well as extra artificial limbs for industrial or military use. In the summer of 2013, Otto was ready to begin testing his favorite new invention, a harness to which were attached four tentacle-like limbs, which could be used for heavy lifting and sensitive tactile manipulation. (And, should the military wish to obtain this tech, they could also be adapted with weapons.) However, OsCorp dragged their feet for the filing of the IDE application because the board expressed concerns regarding the safety of the interface.

So Otto, like most mad scientists, then decided to personally demonstrate the device. Everything seemed to be going okay until a complicated example of dexterity overloaded the circuits and knocked him unconscious. He was immediately taken to a hospital but the surgeons determined that they were unable to remove the harness; the implants had integrated into his spinal cord so deeply that any attempt to disconnect it would likely kill him. There also seemed to be substantial trauma to his nervous system, and the doctors warned of serious potential psychological effects.

Otto did not take this news well when he woke up. He nearly killed his doctor and nurse with the mechanical arms (thereby proving their suspicion) and was only stopped by security. Otto fled the hospital and disappeared for a while. He reappeared in the fall and attacked the OsCorp facility in Manhattan. He claimed that he'd been sabotaged so he was going to make Norman Osborn and the board pay. While Osborn and some of the board made it out safely, Otto managed to round up some of them along with several other employees, including intern Gwen Stacy. Before he could harm them, though, Spider-Man swung in to save the day. They battled and Otto ultimately ran away after Spider-Man broke his jaw with a super-strong punch.

Otto fled to the sewer lab that his colleague Curt Connors had built and bided his time there until he could get his revenge. Further work on his mechanical arms increased their grip strength and added hidden weapons, but also demanded a stronger power source than what he'd originally designed. So Otto made his second super-villainous appearance in May of 2014 to break into the Roxxon Industries lab and steal materials needed to design better batteries. This once again led him into conflict with Spider-Man and it's possible that he would have triumphed this time had it not been for the sudden appearance of a second Spider-Man. The combined might of the 2 Spiders together sent Otto running again, although he had most of what he came for. He is currently on the lam.


Doctor Octopus's tentacles.


Phase 2

Patent Pending

Endangered Species


PB: Alfred Molina

Socked by: Ben