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Patent Pending
Dates run: July 8, 2015 - July 17, 2015
Run By: Ben
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I know your secret, and you know mine. And now we can work together.

A number of suspicious break-ins across Worthington Industries causes the NYC vigilantes to take action.


Matt Murdock, Miles Morales, Warren Worthington, Jean Grey

Susan Storm, Adrienne Frost, Jessica Jones, Lorna Dane

Peter Parker

The Prowler, The Tinkerer, Crossfire, Bolivar Trask, William Stryker, Doctor Octopus


July 8, 2015 - July 17, 2015

Plot Summary

The night before Worthington Industries is set to publicly announce the federal approval of a new aerosol scanner, the prototype is stolen from WI facilities in San Diego. Warren Worthington, understandably enraged at the theft and the hit to WI stocks, hires X-Factor Investigations to look into the theft. He and Matt Murdock secretly provide XFI with whatever materials they can squirrel away from the official investigation.

XFI discovers two other devices in development have also gone missing: an intelligent navigation system for aircraft (Baltimore, MD) and a high-quality drone camera (Atlanta, GA). Once is unfortunate, twice is a coincidence, but three times is a conspiracy. And it doesn't stop there. The Biotech subsidiary is also planning to announce a new type of mutant power inhibitor for exclusive use (or so they claim) by law enforcement and military. With three major devices already gone just before their public reveals, Warren comes to the obvious conclusion that the fourth will suffer the same fate, so he decides to do something about it himself.

He recruits his vigilante buddies Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Matt to stake out the Biotech facility the night before its public reveal. As predicted, a thief appears and absconds with the device. The thief displays remarkable agility and seems to carry a vast arsenal of weapons and distractions that let him evade Warren, and then the Spider-Men. Matt is the last encounter, and he recognizes the thief as the Prowler. After a short but intense and bloody fight, Prowler gets away with the inhibitor, and leaves Matt a mess.

Warren instructs Miles to take Matt to his apartment while Peter goes off to try to find Prowler. Warren calls Jean Grey, who's coming off her shift at Claremont, and asks her to go to Matt's place to help him out so Matt can avoid an awkward trip to the hospital. Warren heads her way to ensure she arrives safely.

While she's on her way, Jean is attacked by a cybernetically enhanced hitman who calls himself Crossfire. Warren swoops in to help. Crossfire gives the two of them a beating and has them on the ropes, which prompts Jean to mind-blast him. While in his head, she discovers that executives at Biotech had identified her as the data thief from January. Crossfire's computer brain activates when Jean disconnects, and launches a distraction that allows the cyborg to escape.

Warren and Jean head over to Matt's where she patches him up and gives them all what for, for coming up with this plan and involving a teenager.

Things just get worse for Warren. XFI chews him out for going out half-cocked with his nighttime vigilante buddies like this is a game, and WI stock continues to suffer despite Warren Jr's attempts to rein in information and recoup the losses.

Miles is also upset by the loss, so he goes to Harlem to be cheered up with a visit to his uncle Aaron. Aaron, who's recently been on a few trips for work, has some gifts for Miles. Rather than delight him, though, they distress him; gifts from Baltimore, Atlanta, and San Diego, all within the same timeframe that WI was burgled? This suspicion is confirmed when Matt arrives to pick him up; he instantly recognizes Aaron as Prowler but doesn't let on until they've left.

Miles convinces Matt to return and get the truth out of Aaron. Although he hopes that this can all be handled verbally, he asks Matt and Peter to stand by just in case things go south. And they quickly do. Aaron offers Miles the opportunity to join him because they'd make an excellent team, but then attacks when Miles rejects. Peter and Matt quickly join in, but Prowler's overwhelming arsenal and dirty tricks give him the upper hand, and he incapacitates the trio long enough to flee.

There is no sign of Aaron anywhere the nest day; his apartment seemingly emptied overnight. Back at the mansion, Scott scolds Miles for putting himself in such danger, and assigns a whole mess of extra training for Miles, so at the very least if Miles continues to go out when he's in the city, then he'll be much better prepared. And though Scott doesn't outright ban Miles from being Spider-Man on his own time (aware that, if given this ultimatum, Miles would leave the mansion), he does strongly encourage Miles to thoughtfully consider his Spider-activities and how they may affect the safety of the mansion and its residents.

The plot concludes with two epilogues. In the first, Prowler meets the Tinkerer to thank him for his assistance and bid him adieu. Tinkerer offers Prowler a new camera as a parting gift, but Prowler, recognizing it as an attempt to spy on him, rejects it and shoots Tinkerer in the foot.

In the second, Biotech president Bolivar Trask and his partner William Stryker bemoan Crossfire’s loss, but are consoled that Crossfire's cameras recorded much of the encounter. They're interrupted by the violent arrival of Doctor Octopus, who makes Trask and Stryker an offer they cannot refuse.

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Plotrunner: Ben