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The month began somewhat tempestuously, with the field trip curse showing u p at a District X arts and crafts fair attended by Generation X. The police assaulted an obvious mutant, and Sooraya Qadir was forced to make the difficult decision to leave the situation, something that raised the ire of Quentin Quire. Debate raged on the journal system for several days, and various individuals made attempts to convince Quire to see things their way, with little to no success. The uproar proved the last straw for Topaz, who abruptly left for India. Amanda Sefton and Kurt Sefton both followed up with her, and agreed that she needed the break, however inappropriate the means of getting it. Roxanne Washington also departed, her parents deciding a school in Europe would be safer for her after all.

Several new students were brought to the school - Rahne Sinclair was a straightforward pick up from Muir Island, while runaway Amadeus Cho led the NYPD and Angelica Jones, Gabriel Cohuelo and Arthur Centino on a merry chase before agreeing to come to the mansion. Olympic skier Jean-Paul Beaubier was offered a place to stay after he was blackmailed over his genetic status and his coach revealed to be a potential murderer and Amara Aquilla was pulled out of an active volcano in Brazil.

Gabriel had a busy time of it - as well as assisting with Amadeus, he was also involved in helping a small X-Force team rescue David North from a German supersoldier experiment. After this, Marie-Ange Colbert and Wade Wilson offered Gabriel a place with X-Force, which he accepted.

The Vigilante Club - Miles Morales, Warren Worthington, Matt Murdock and Peter Parker - bit off more than they could chew with an investigation into industrial theft which led to the discovery that Miles' uncle was the notorious Prowler and Warren being suspended from X-Factor for putting a minor in unnecessary danger.

Finally, X-Force had another rescue situation, this time involving the Enchantress, Baron Zemo and an old flame of Wanda Maximoff's, Simon Williams. Things got decidedly weird when they got stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day several times until Williams' apparent sacrifice broke the cycle.


Jul 1 - Adrienne posts a plea for help as Garrison has made her go to Toronto to watch the Sox and the Jays play. Megan lets people know that there is an arts and crafts fair in District X. Bobbi comments on how she’s got Carly Rae Jepsen songs stuck in her head. Sooraya goes to Kevin for help on the background of a project. Alison asks if anyone going to the store can get her some laser pointers, Sue agrees to bring some home from work.

Jul 2 - Kitty asks Jean to spill the details on what happened between her and Warren. Jean meets Kevin for casual dinner and drinks. Kitty and Scott hang out on the roof and fold paper airplanes.

Jul 3 - Laurie asks Jean to meet her in town for brunch to get away from the mansion. Alison sends Sue a text thanking her for the pointers, but things take a turn for the worse when she uses it and her powers to damage the wall. Doug discovers Marie-Ange upset at her tarot collection - and then learns how much the universe being rebuilt has affected her powers, and ripple effects are seen, down to the organizational level.

Jul 4 - Wade commiserates with Gabriel over his inability to get to sleep because of work. Wade wishes the mansion happy Independence Day. Cecilia and Wade spend the afternoon hanging out trying to decide what to do. Tabitha comments on how much she enjoyed 4th of July at the mansion. Jean also posts saying how good the burgers were. Matt texts Clint telling him that he had slept with his best friend again but was feeling bad about lying to him about being a mutant.

Jul 5 - Alison posts to tell people how much doing the laser show last night rocked. Roxy apologises for missing the celebrations at the mansion since her time at the White House with her mother wasn't fun. A group from Xavier’s goes to the Crafts Fair in District X and have a good time, but later they see a mutant being beaten by the police before Sooraya hurries them away. Cecilia encounters Meggan at the bottom of the pool and the two chat.

Jul 6 - Gabriel posts about something. Clarice posts about children. Sooraya emails Angelo about tracking down the mutant who was hurt. Topaz texts Tandy about needing to get out. Tandy texts Adrienne about dinner with her uncle. Quentin posts his opinion about the hate crime he saw and the discussion gets pretty heated. Alison texts Sue about a crisis being averted. Matt and Topaz meet in the city; Topaz doesn't even bother trying to be friendly. Xavin and Tabitha talk about the incident in District X the day before.

Jul 7 - Rogue emails Sooraya and Miles about a new student pick up. Alex Summers finally finds his way back to California. Too bad his fiancee is across the country. Warren has bad luck with computers and pick-up lines. Domino posts about a Jurassic Park drinks menu in her home town. Felicia needs coffee. Adrienne texts Tandy and Garrison about going to her penthouse. Alison decides to take a step back from the journals. Jubilee posts a video. Doug contacts Laurie, Wade and Marie-Ange about this Quentin Quire. Garrison posts about what can be done about the hate crime, while Quentin continues to make his opinion clear. Clint calls Clarice to ask for a favor. With Clarice's agreement, Clint goes to see if Namor would be amenable to a change of scenery.

Jul 8 - Rogue texts Logan about heading to Muir that day. Rogue, Sooraya, Jean and Miles travel to Muir Island to pick up Rahne Sinclair. Later on, she meets her suite mates Illyana and Xavin. Laurie posts a very open introduction online on her journal. Megan emails Sooraya about the events at the fair. Warren asks Gabriel to do him a favor, then treats Gabriel like dirt. So Gabriel has some fun at Warren's expense.

Jul 9 - Topaz leaves and leaves behind notes for various people. Amanda is upset about this. Xavin and Warren meet in the gym, which doesn't go so well. Jubilee emails Kurt about having dinner somewhere. Patent Pending: The NYT publishes an article about a biotech theft; Warren discusses the biotech theft with Matt, who offers a solution; Warren then contacts XFI.

Jul 10 - Molly texts Wade about needing a distraction. Amanda and Kurt track down Topaz and talk to her. Clint and Quentin come across one another while running and they have a conversation that doesn't end in pure vitriol. Patent Pending: Sue emails Warren about her finding out other companies have been hit by industrial theft as well. Having been tutored by Doug for a couple of weeks now, Doug decides to throw a few tests Hope A.’s way.

Jul 11 - Clarice posts about Magic Mike. Arthur posts about dangerous selfies. Jungbrunnen: Wade alerts Marie-Ange and Doug that David North has gone missing; CCTV footage reveals he has been abducted by Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter; plans are made and Gabriel is recruited to help.

Jul 12 - Roxy posts about leaving and going to school in Europe. Laurie texts Doug about date night. Tabitha posts about being bored. New York's finest have picked up a runaway shoplifter, and it's a pretty routine night. But the boy is more than he seems, and things are about to get a little ...out of hand; Clint texts Matt about the events with Amadeus. Jungbrunnen: Marie-Ange, Artie and Gabriel ambush Kraven in Berlin and have him take them to where North is being kept and then set up surveillance; Wanda, Doug and Wade infiltrate the facility and find North, but he’s in bad shape; the surveillance team put a tracker on Kraven and let him loose before going in to help North; the team discovers the people holding North were testing a super soldierserum on him and manage to sedate him long enough to get him back to the mansion for treatment; several individuals provide blood transfusions; Wade and Wanda agree to field transfusions to replenish David's blood after a hurried check with Laurie to make sure their blood types are compatible; Clarice 'ports in, taking North, Wade, and Wanda directly to the medlab before going back for the rest of the team, and Cecilia works to stabilize North, but winds up calling in Felicia for another transfusion, just to be on the safe side.

Jul 13 - Scott gives Jean advice on car shopping. Amadeus Cho sends Angel, Gabriel, and Arthur on a chase through NYC; they finally nail him down and convince him to come to Xavier's. Gabriel complains about Amadeus macing him and asks Clarice for an eye exam. Quentin meets his new roommate (Amadeus) and is severely unimpressed. Jungbrunnen: Wade updates the rest of X-Force on North’s condition and what happened to him; Wade, Marie-Ange, Doug, and Emma meet to discuss North's potential mental state as well as the few loose ends allowed to blow in the wind until they tangle themselves up.

Jul 14 - Patent Pending: Miles texts Peter about a job Warren has for them. Jean meets Hope A. in astral form. Laurie texts Wade to check on him following the mission to save North.

Jul 15 - Patent Pending: Angel, Daredevil, and the Spider-Men (Peter and Miles) go after the thief stealing from Worthington Industries; the Prowler takes out the vigilantes easily, and they regroup to assess the situation; Jean is called in to help with injuries, and is attacked by Crossfire - Warren tries to save her, and both are nearly killed; Jean is shocked to find the group of vigilantes includes a teenager, and the men aren't happy about her criticism; Jean gets Cecilia to patch her up, and Cecilia isn't overly impressed.

Jul 16 - Patent Pending: Miles goes to visit his Uncle Aaron, and is shocked to discover that Aaron is the Prowler; Warren gets an earful from Adrienne about his extracurricular activities; Miles confronts his uncle, and it turns into a fight. Sooraya posts asking for donations and volunteers to get school supplies for District X. Alison posts wondering about a good place to watch fireflies.

Jul 17 - Laurie posts about fascinating medical science. Patent Pending: The Spider-Men go back to Aaron Morales' place, only to discover he's gone; the Prowler and the Tinkerer meet, and the Tinkerer comes off a little worse for it; Bolivar Trask and William Stryker regroup after their Biotech plan fails; Jean emails Wade about finding more information on William Cross.

Jul 18 - Wade texts Marie-Ange about a possible lead on William Cross. Jean texts Kitty bored and complaining about being stuck in the mansion. Amanda posts to update everyone on Topaz's whereabouts. Different Breed: Jean-Paul Beaubier is pulled aside after practice by a man intent on blackmailing him; Jean-Paul lets his coach know what happened. Miles and Scott discuss the incident with Miles' uncle.

Jul 19 - Jubilee posts a video of cool magic tricks. Amadeus posts to introduce himself. Miles talks to Warren about the disaster of the Biotech job.

Jul 20 - Marie-Ange and Wade approach Gabriel about joining X-Force. Miles confesses to Gabriel that he's Spider-Man, and Gabriel pretends to be surprised to avoid destroying the universe.

Jul 21 - Sue goes to see how Warren is doing after he was suspended from XFI. Tandy brings Quentin to her Uncle’s church where they run into Adrienne, who helps Tandy explain to Quentin there are other ways of fighting. Laurie and Clint have coffee in the city.

Jul 22 - Hope A. emails Wade about their lesson for tomorrow and how she won’t be able to make it due to work. Felicia posts another instantgram photo about her shoot. Amanda posts the topic for the next Magical 101 class - Magical Dimensions; Amanda emails Megan about Magic class and how it is just them two until Topaz gets back. Jean leaves pens for Angelo. Wade texts Marie-Ange that he left Hope A. a box of locks and told her to pick them. Amanda says happy birthday to Angelo.

Jul 23 - Marie-Ange explains to X-Force how she extended a job to Gabriel Cohuelo. Kyle reflects that a presidential candidate is a sentient dried apricot.

Jul 24 - Jubilee posts that there is a Movie Night for tomorrow. John goes to find Amanda after she failed to meet up with him an hour prior. Alison posts that someone let slip that she isn’t in Florida and that her manager is freaking out and that she will be in Florida to make some appearances. Different Breed: Jean-Paul discovers Phillippe Leblanc’s fate. His former guardian, Raymonde, is unimpressed by the way he is handling things and decides to assist.

Jul 25 - Adrienne and Garrison spend time running errands before their date night, it is revealed that Adrienne is actually working on an XFI case which Garrison realizes and ends up help solving it. Clint posts about a new SyFy original, Lavalantula. Different Breed: Jean-Paul and Raymonde go to meet Maurice where things do not go as Jean-Paul anticipated; Jean-Paul wakes up in the hospital and Raymond informs him that he will be making some arrangements.

Jul 26 - Laurie texts Kyle that he needs to come to Clint's room with more alcohol. Different Breed: Jean-Paul meets the contact Raymonde reached through his various associates and agrees to go the “sanctuary” Angelo promises. Scott, Matt and Warren discuss the trio's vigilantism, Miles being underage and how they could have handled everything better, with mixed results.

Jul 27 - Namor’s demand that someone explain Cheetos to him results in a junk food and alcohol party. Operation: Wonderwall: The media reports on an altercation between actor Simon Williams and Tony Stark at a movie premiere; a drunken Rogue posts about the Williams/Stark incident.

Jul 28 - Laurie goes for drinks with Kevin and discovers very little about him, despite her questions. Amanda provides hangover treatment for the junk food partiers. Rogue texts Clint to let him know they should probably relocate to someone’s room. Operation: Wonderwall: Felicia, standing in as the receptionist, forwards a call to Wanda from Simon Williams; Wanda asks Marie-Ange to come with her to the bail hearing and Marie-Ange lets the team know; Marie-Ange and Wanda attend Williams’ bail hearing and spot a familiar face - the Enchantress; a small team gathers at the safehouse where Wanda and Marie-Ange have taken Williams, but their debriefing is interrupted by Baron Zemo. World on Fire: In response to a lead from his X-Corps contacts, Angelo takes Scott and Angelica to Columbia to rescue a newly-manifested young teen floating in an active volcano. Artie has lunch with Haller and they talk about fathers.

Jul 29 - Operation: Wonderwall: Cecilia texts Wade, asking him to pick up dog food, but gets his “away at work” message; Clint texts Gabriel, but doesn’t get a reply; Tuesday again, but this time it’s Jubilee answering Williams’ call and Doug going with Wanda to the bail hearing feeling that something is definitely Wrong. Alison posts from Miami, where she is doing a final appearance. Bobby has junk food cravings and Ty takes a group out to eat. Tandy posts the Fall Fashion Week schedule and announces that she has tickets for those interested.

Jul 30 - Angelo posts to xp_teams letting people know about the new arrivals - Jean-Paul Beaubier and Amara Aquilla. Operation: Wonderwall: Tuesday happens again, with Wade answering the phone and Emma attending the bail hearing and Wanda is sure she’s done this before; this time the battle goes differently and the loop is broken, but at a cost. X-Force escapes, but Zemo and Amora are still alive...

Jul 31 - John and Angelo catch up and exchange notes on how they’re doing. Clint asks Billy to entertain him, resulting in a Monopoly challenge; Clint invites Namor to play and Billy does the same. Operation: Wonderwall: Gabriel lets Clint know he wasn’t answering his phone because he was stuck in a time loop; Doug lets Laurie know he, Marie-Ange and Wade were stuck in a timeloop and that they lost someone.



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