Simon Williams

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Simon Williams
Portrayed by Nathan Fillion
Known Aliases: Wonder Man
Affiliations: Heinrich Zemo
Socked By: Walks
Introduction: Operation: Wonderwall

A Hollywood stuntman of particular interest to Baron Zemo, Williams is currently missing, believed dead, but in reality is the latest subject of Zemo's experiments in human enhancement.


Name: Simon Williams

Aliases: Wonder Man

Occupation: Stuntman

First appearance: July 27, 2015

Family: Sanford Williams (father - deceased), Eric Williams (brother)


The son of industrialist Sanford Williams, Simon and his younger brother Eric were heirs to an industrial fortune built on the family company, Williams Innovations. Simon didn't much want to spend all his days in the boardroom, though, so he decided to pursue a career in Hollywood instead. He started off as a stuntman before working his way into some minor roles. He was on the verge of breaking out in his first major role when tragedy struck. Stark Industries, under the guidance of Obadiah Stane, acquired Williams Innovations in a hostile takeover, leaving Sanford with almost nothing to his name. Several months later, Sanford died of a heart attack, and Simon lays the blame for his father’s death squarely on Tony Stark.

Following an altercation with Stark at a movie premiere, Simon was arrested and jailed, and, unbeknownst to him, experimented on with ionic energy by Baron Zemo Unable to contact any of his usual people, he finally got through to old flame Wanda Maximoff, with whom he had recently rekindled things. This led to X-Force becoming involved when The Enchantress was spotted at his bail hearing, and during several very confusing days of timeloops caused by the Enchantress' magic, she and her new ally, Zemo were able to abscond with Simon's comatose body. Simon is believed dead, and is at the mercy of Zemo's experiments in human enhancement.


As the result of Zemo’s process during his prison stay, Simon becomes empowered by ionic energy. This renders him functionally immortal. During Operation: Wonderwall he demonstrated slightly enhanced durability as well. He was leaking trace amounts of ionic energy, which enabled him to be tracked while with X-Force, but that was corrected by Zemo in his later experiments.


Operation: Wonderwall


PB: Nathan Fillion

Socked by: Walks