Operation: Wonderwall

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Dates run: July 28-31, 2015
Run By: Twiller
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Today was gonna be the day, but they'll never throw it back to you...

A call for help from an old fling of Wanda's results in a time loop for X-Force.


Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Jubilation Lee, Wade Wilson, Gabriel Cohuelo, Artie Maddicks, Wanda Maximoff, Felicia Hardy, Emma Frost

Simon Williams

The Enchantress, Baron Heinrich Zemo


July 28-31, 2015

Plot Summary

It all started with a call, innocently enough, from Simon Williams. Felicia took the call and forwarded it to Wanda, and Simon asked her to come to his bail hearing after being arrested the night before for assaulting Tony Stark. Marie-Ange accompanied her, and they saw the Enchantress at the hearing. Alarmed by this, they gathered a team at a safehouse and brought Williams there, but the debriefing was interrupted by Zemo.

Then it started with a phone call again. This time it was Jubilee who took the call for Wanda from Simon Williams, and Doug who goes to the bail hearing where they see the Enchantress. Rinse, lather, repeat.

On the third Tuesday, Wade answers the phone and Emma goes to the bail hearing with Wanda, who is definitely sure that this has happened before. When the battle in interrupted this time it goes differently, resulting in the apparent death of Simon Williams. X-Force manages to escape, while Zemo and Amara escape with Simon Williams' comatose body in order to continue their experiments on him (experiments which began when he was put in jail and dosed with ionic energy).

The time loop, as it turns out, was caused by the Enchantress' double-sized serving of magic interacting poorly with Wanda's flavour of chaos, with a soup·çon of Felicia's luck.

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Plotrunner: Twiller

Poster and PB art for Simon Williams by Mackinzie.

Wonderwall-poster.jpg Click on the image for the full-sized version.

The cutlines for all the plot logs are lyrics from, of course, Wonderwall by Oasis