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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the NPC. For other uses, see Zemo (disambiguation).

Baron Heinrich Zemo
Portrayed by TBD
Known Aliases: Baron Zemo
Affiliations: Self
Socked By: Chris
Introduction: Operation: Wonderwall

He is mine. You cannot have him, nor can you keep me from him. It will be as I will it, for I am Baron Zemo!

Relic of World War II and the Nazis, Zemo now how his own plans for the demise of Captain America.


Name: Baron Heinrich Zemo



First appearance: July 28, 2015

Family: Unknown


The 12th man to hold title to a small barony in Bavaria dating back to the 1500s, Doktor Heinrich Zemo was a brilliant scientist second only to the Red Skull in the Nazi science establishment during World War II. He created a number of weapons for the Axis forces, but his own proposed super soldier program, codenamed MASTER MAN, was passed over in favor of the Skull’s pursuit of Abraham Erskine’s formula that ultimately created Captain America. Frustration with this snub led Zemo to become more reckless in his experimentation, which resulted in a combination of success and failure - he discovered a way to retard the aging process, but a lab accident caused the chemicals he was using to bond the protective mask he was wearing directly to his face. The already sadistic Nazi was driven insane and thought to have vanished in the aftermath.

In reality, Zemo managed to escape the fall of the Third Reich and spent significant time recovering in South America as something of a hermit. He continued to live in relative obscurity and solitude until he received the news that Captain America, long thought to have died in a plane crash stopping the Red Skull’s mad plans, had been revived. He came out of retirement and made his way to New York, obsessed with the idea of tearing down the symbol that Steve Rogers represents. With the creation of the Avengers, Zemo’s attachment to symbolism and Nietzschean concepts of duality have led him to begin the creation of a villainous team to crush them - the Masters of Evil.

Zemo surfaced in July 2015, during his attempt to abduct Hollywood stuntman, Simon Williams for the purposes of experimentation. Despite the interference of X-Force, he and ally The Enchantress succeeded, and Zemo disappeared with his 'prize', the comatose body of the man he called "Wonder Man".

In April 2016, he retrieved Paul Norbert Ebersol's body after a failed plan in Alaska, and reincarnated in him in a robot body as Fixer. In May 2018, he helped Thaddeus Ross escape custody (and radiation poisoning) after a failed attempt to bring down the Hulk by providing him with a mysterious serum. In April 2021 he had Fixer invade the mansion in an effort to steal its tech during A Fistful of Nanites, and was less than thrilled with his complete failure.


As a result of his experimentation, Zemo has slowed his own aging process, physically resembling a man in his forties rather than his true age of nearly a century. This does not convey any other superhuman ability or benefit like a healing factor. He is a skilled swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant, and a scientific genius.

Even though the Zemo barony was dissolved by the Allies after WW2, Heinrich still wears a signet ring and carries an ancestral blade belonging to the line of barons.


Operation: Wonderwall

Are We Ourselves

Set Fire to the Rain

A Fistful of Nanites



Socked by: Chris

This version of Baron Zemo was introduced to Phase 2 by Twiller.